Optical Illusion Mirror

Darryn van der Walt sent in this clip along with his explanation. I believe that I already posted similar video month ago, but today I finally learned how this optical illusion mirror works. It might look like an ordinary mirror to you, but it isn’t. Here is Darryn’s explanation: “The image it creates is consisted of tilting 100s of small reflective squares, that display an image that is seen through a video camera. As the user walks towards the mirror the squares start to tilt creating the moving magnified image”. Hope you like it. If you have a spare minute, be sure to check dozen of more interesting video optical illusions inside the “Videos Category“. Enjoy!

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  1. This “mirror” is actually located on the fourth floor of 721 Broadway in New York and belongs to the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University. I actually work a floor below the floor on which this mirror sits. They have it placed in front of the elevators, so everyone gets a huge kick out of it when they walk by.

    There is a tiny mirror in the middle which catches the respective image and translates it into a series of dpi. These dpi correspond to a series of wooden tiles, which tilt up and down to catch the light emitted from the overhead lighting. These correponding tilts produce the image the camera sees. If you are able to visit, it is quite the machine.

  2. what the hell is the point? Why not have a giant magnifying glass. I mean, i see the technologicl beauty behind the fact that they are wooden and only reflecting light, but come on…

  3. i knew something had to be wrong i thought for a minute nd said oh htey are just cruchin paper or plastic then i see that it a dpl tv which by the are cool i have something simaler to that mirror

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