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By on March 9, 2011, with 28 Comments

Let me show you something I find quite puzzling. Back in the old days, there were these two optical illusions – one showing illusory triangles, and the other one made you believe there are black dots at the gird intersections, while in fact there weren’t any. I think that the illusion I’m about to show you, works as a combination of both previously mentioned ones. Just look at the simple grid I attached below. Even though it’s consisted of nothing but pile of crosses, yet you can clearly see white circles in the empty space between. How is that? If you try to narrow your vision, by squinting your eyes further observing the picture, the white circles become even more obvious?! Strange, right? Don’t know why, but I find something beautiful in such simple, yet effective illusions. How about you?

Optical Illusion Grid


28 Responses
  1. Johnny Jack Pompolla says:

    I can’t force me to see just circles, instead of that i see the diagonal lines connecting them

  2. Alice says:


  3. anon says:

    Please, don’t ask stupid questions in your posts. It makes you seem unintelligent.

  4. Lee Morgan says:

    When you narrow your vision you see not only the circles which your mind completes from each of the four points, but diagonal bars between the circles.

  5. Care Bear says:

    I see white circles all the time, especially when my blood sugar levels take a nose dive. But your right–it is understated elegance.

  6. plmethvin says:

    Those make squares not circles.

  7. Slammer says:

    I wonder why most of use see circles instead of squares, or diamonds, or something. I’d like to find out if its just random, or if there’s a reason behind it…

  8. I see a grid of squares and circles. Nice optical illusions……….

  9. joseph ts. says:

    This is a wonderful illusion. Very well done!

  10. Jim Anderson says:

    The blank space seems to be diamonds with circles at each point. Now look at it as if it were a stereogram and lots of neat things start happening. Great illusion Vurdlak! Thanks. Bog, JA

  11. Howard says:

    I see circles at first but after reading the comments found I could force myself to see squares as well.

  12. Bill Landy says:

    I initially see white squares too, but after 10 seconds or so they transform to circles.

  13. voigt_meister says:

    I can see circles. I have to force myself to see the squares or diamonds. In either case, the diagonal lines are there. Elegant.

  14. Fred says:

    I see a diagonal white grid with circles at the intersections. It’s an interesting and profound effect.
    It’s like a mental game of connect the dots.

  15. Miky Dallaire says:

    I see squares instead of circles… what does that mean for me??? LMAO

  16. dulce says:

    stupid and sweet is circle and lines ok oraigt

  17. Barbarella says:

    To me it looks like there is a full and complete black-lined grid but it’s underneath a white blobby grid. My brain will actually connect the black lines if I stare at it long enough.

  18. Joelandrew Mallari says:

    white grid(s) with dots in it

  19. lil rayzer says:

    without my eyes I can still see those circles

  20. velan says:

    it would hav some kinda phenomenon

  21. uicho says:


  22. Holy says:

    If you say yourself there are cubes they all change they to cubes :)

  23. Moonshadow says:

    :o I see the circles. xD how i see it: dont focus on the image(just skim over it) you will see them :)

  24. nelgy says:

    cool… what about the poor black crosses and t’s if you focus for a while you dont see squares.

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