Optical Illusion Cowboys

I found this picture while searching for some funny t-shirts yesterday. What was cool, is that few hours later I received two emails from people that are in no way connected, suggesting this same cowboy picture to be put up on the site. Their names are Craig Bowser and Adam Cline. It’s amazing how similar minds think together, don’t you think ;) Anyway, what you see below is another Escher inspired illusion, and works in the same way as previous Lisa Simpson’s strange object did. I believe you can even buy this t-shirt on threadless.com where I found it. Believe it or not, you can discover all kind of t-shirt illusions on our site, just browse our archives. So what is so strange with belows picture? Carefully observe both cowboys, exercise your eyes, and share your thoughts! Do they have something in common with this elephant? They have, and it’s more than you can instantly see.

Click Here for a RANDOM Optical Illusion

40 Replies to “Optical Illusion Cowboys”

  1. that’s cool! If you stare at their heads, they look fine! But look at their legs it looks like it’s been cut off from the knee down and placed beside them!

  2. lol

    Pah! I know termites prettier than her! Besides, I happen to know, each guy has one leg and the guy on MY left has a bottom to his rifle. Anonymous for safety.

    BTW, I’m not coming back to this post, so don’t expect replies. (though that doesn’t mean I won’t reply on random)

  3. vurdalk you need a search buton on this site
    Sometimes you know the kname of the the illusion but don’t what category its in a its takes forever to find it
    Try making more categories some of them are crowded and the illusions cdont fit
    and this website has some illusions… i found both websites by googleing illusions:


  4. At first, i thought the illusions was both are the same size. then i looked closer. HAHA! *spoiler warning*

    Look at their legs man, I MEAN JUST LOOK!

  5. I saw another optical illusion.
    Go cross-eyed while looking at their heads. Looks like the one on the left has a racing/astronaut helmet on.


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