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By on October 16, 2011, with 57 Comments

There was this cow… everybody knew she was special, but no one could say why. She wasn’t particularly good at math, she didn’t produce world’s best milk, she didn’t have any connection with world’s most famous chocolate brand to push her in showbiz, yet even in her early days she showed great talent for optical illusions! This was the category she truly conquered. Even further, she brought great joy to everyone she met. Can you see why she is so special? If you have no clue whatsoever, you may want to check her distant relative first – obviously the talent runs in her family!

Optical Illusion Cow


57 Responses
  1. John says:

    The black spots on her face are shaped like 2 faces. :D

  2. LOLCAT says:

    hahaha fuuny illusion!

  3. Richard says:

    I guess she also invented the “crossed eyes”

  4. unknown says:

    2 faces

  5. Jeanie says:

    Very cool illusion.

  6. Barb says:

    That is sooooooooooo special
    makes you smile!

  7. Ms No Name says:

    Yes the eyes are funny but i think the real illusion is the fact that there are to faces on its head in the shape of black spots

  8. Mark says:

    She has two human faces in her face

  9. Care Bear says:

    Lovely wall-eyed young bovine. She’s so blessed to have a face full of people.

  10. Me says:

    At first I thought it was the other cow body to the right…nice one!

  11. Ben says:

    The next descendant in line is the cow with the world on its shoulders:


  12. Rev. Dave says:

    It took a good look but i did see the old “is it a vase or is it two faces bit!!!!!”

  13. Eric says:

    enh… doesn’t line up that well – didnt even notice the ‘illusion’ till it was pointed out
    - should be the other way round

  14. Saidin says:

    Apart from the two human faces on her face, it also appears a little as if she has a gigantic head sticking out and turning from a tiny body….
    Cute pic, thanks for the post.

  15. Slammer says:

    That’s pretty cool.

  16. knetpol says:

    i can see a boy and a girl fasing each other …

  17. knetpol says:

    *FACING i mean

  18. sunnyflower says:

    oh..wow..subhanallah..this is great

  19. Pxie Dust says:

    Very cute, pretty easy, but supa funny

  20. debolina mukherjee says:

    there was no need for the price tag

  21. Johann says:

    Muy Buena Ilusion…! lo maximo XD

  22. Daniel says:

    2 Human Faces on her Face

  23. what??? says:

    2 people faces in her face
    saw them right away

  24. NeeL says:

    First I thought it was the small body big head thing. but while reading your story, I noticed the illusion you probably meant.

  25. Pete says:

    Cool but I think it may well be fake.
    Would be nice to think it could happen though.
    Pictures from a few different angles may well convince me.
    It’s a lot more believable than the distant relative link in the post.

  26. Jean says:

    I don’t get it

  27. This guy says:


  28. Sergio says:

    OMG it took me a while, but then I saw it. Couldn’t it be Photoshoped?

  29. GreenMaster says:

    That’s awesome. It’s cool when nature “draws” a known optical illusion. But that kinda follows the infinite monkey thing… with an infinite number of cows with an infinite number of designs eventually you will get every B/W simple drawing ever made.

  30. Phatty says:

    No, not at all, it is because the black on it’s face forms the vase illusion

  31. SDER says:

    LOL. Awesome, simply awesome. Thanks!

  32. Devta says:

    Hint : Face the illusion

  33. sunnyflower says:


  34. Andrewpoky says:

    the cow has such a funny derp…!! lols

  35. jennyq8 says:

    Unique skin/cowhide it posses.. the black parts on the face appears to be two humans facing each other ;)

  36. Anonymus says:

    1. The horse is NOT the relative of the cow, and I did not see the illusion there. ( 1 flaw haha )
    2. nice illusion!

  37. Manohar Borancha says:

    such type of cow would have been respected and used to get POOJA

  38. Arny says:

    cmon, I dont buy it; it’s a photoshopped fake…

  39. Mark says:

    Definitely Photoshopped. I saved the photo to my computer & opened it in Photoshop so I could inspect it closer. The cows hair in the man’s nose is almost at a 90 degree angle to the white hair which wouldn’t happen normally. Also I found a repeating pattern in the mans nose & the side of the cows face where it was cloned. This wasn’t a random pattern by Mother Nature. Just someone having fun.

  40. Alex says:

    don’t think it’s photoshopped, think it was done for real with ink – the black looks a little different

  41. Rath says:

    If you look carefully, the centre of her head is a vase while the sides of her head are 2 faces staring at each other.

    My photo

  42. B. says:

    I’m just wondering why SHE has horns…….

  43. Anita says:

    cos female cows can have horns. the thing, from this photo, that tells you she is female is that she is in a field with other cows… bulls tend to be kept apart once they are weaned.

  44. Suor de Sapo says:

    “2 in 1″ optical illusion…;-) Bravo!

  45. HAN says:


  46. Yammie Chenlity says:

    You people are so blind, you fail to see fat Elvis singing to Princes Di, on the cow to the right in the background.

  47. owen says:

    represents vase and face illusion.

  48. alexia says:

    I love cows and now I love them twice as home. Its soo cute!

  49. Savanna says:

    There is an optical illusion on the cows face

  50. Nico says:

    She also has a little white face in profile under her left horn.

  51. adiba says:

    i think so i know the answer

    the thing is she dosent have a tail did anybody notice?? :/

  52. carugoman says:

    after checking out the other animals in that photo…there are no udders; so no cows present? Also no errs or fries(male genitalia.) Therefore those are oxen, i.e. steer.

  53. Noel Kennedy says:

    I wonder if that is where ‘two faced cow’ comes from?

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