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By on March 10, 2011, with 17 Comments

If you are heavyweight Internet user, there is a great chance you already encountered this gallery before. As it seems, from a bending bookcase apartment to a branching bookshelf, what we put our books on has evolved over time. John Leung and Australian architecture firm Clarkehopkinsclark have created the isometric perspective bookshelf with a design that furthers this evolution. Named Bias of Thought, it’s perplexing yet still very practical. One can use the bookshelf for storing books or hang stuff by placing them in the glass-lined shelves. Check out the gallery inside for more photos and a solution! If you’re a member of our Facebook page (like!), you can see the video presentation of this strange -looking bookshelf in action.

Optical Illusion Bookshelf
Optical Illusion Bookshelf
Optical Illusion Bookshelf
Optical Illusion Bookshelf


17 Responses
  1. jorjeea says:

    seen this before :P
    its awesome.
    Also, first comment(again haha)

  2. I have also seen this illusion before, but am still baffuled by it. I look forward to a logical explaination of it. Glad to see jorjeea got to be first, maybe someday I will,HA HA…………….

  3. Care Bear says:

    I need something a little sturdier for all my books.

  4. Slammer says:

    Wow. I’ve been staring at this for like ten minutes and still can’t totally figure out how it works, even with the different angles. AWESOME.

  5. Attle says:

    I want 1

  6. Ryebread says:

    Cool dude! Hey man I absolutely love your website! I go on it every day. Love the art!

  7. ZL123 says:

    Cool! I agree with Slammer.
    It’s AWESOME. I cant imagine how it’s done!

  8. Mr. Anonymous says:

    Looks to me like it is some standard glass bookshelves with only certain edges covered in a black metal edge, plus some extra pieces of the black metal edge glued to the wall.

  9. That is pretty cool. With all the books that I have, I could use an entire wall with shelves like that

  10. Cyphis says:

    I just can’t stop looking at the adds between the illusion and the comments…

  11. Dolphin says:

    I have seen this before.It’s very cool.The first thing I thought when I saw this for the first time was,”If I got that kind of shelf,I’d need a whole lot of them…Although,they are cool.”

    • Dolphin says:

      An explanation of it is that one side has darker glass than the others,and there’s a glass/plastic part on the wall holding it sideways,and the last thing is that the edges have black paint on them.

  12. its really amazing shelf design…. i am totally confused …!!!

  13. emma says:

    im redecorating my room n now that i see this i want these shelves in my room!!!!!

  14. Kalo says:

    where can I buy one?

  15. Lil Miss Efron says:

    this is great!

  16. OneLondonView says:

    how the hell does it even work? xD absolutely baffled.

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