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By on November 25, 2011, with 15 Comments

When is an open box more than just a piece of cardboard? When it’s part of Krystina Naylor’s fantastic Open Box art installation featured at the Saatchi Gallery in London. Yes, at first glance, these may look like a boring old cardboard boxes that you might use to move your home possessions in, but they are actually completely functionless sculptures designed purely to manipulate the way you observe objects around you.

Open Box Art InstallationsWhen you walk around the “boxes” and view them from another angle, you quickly realize that Krystina Naylor took two uniquely shaped sculptures and then painted them to perfectly match their surrounding locations in the gallery so they appear as boxes when viewed from the right angle.

Open Box Art InstallationsAnd that’s when you realize that these plain cardboard boxes are actually clever works of art that examine the viewer’s perception of the world they live in. And isn’t that what all good art is supposed to accomplish?


15 Responses
  1. Andrewpoky says:

    This Is Amazing!!!!!!!. Holy Keyboard this is clever

  2. Valerie says:

    I love this sort of stuff. It always amazes me that our eyes can be fooled so easily, even though it is cleverly done. It makes you wonder about how clear we actually see anything and how we really look at the world and people around us.

  3. gambitflash says:

    Nice.But I have seen variations of this before.

  4. PromiseMe says:


  5. eee efff geee says:

    cool I like it :D

  6. Moustache1020 says:

    Those’re fantastic; I’d like to view them in person. I always liked perception-challenging stuff like that. They’re fine work and the photographs capture the illusion rather well.

  7. Shinichi888 says:

    Kind of can tell for the first one… But the second one is pretty cool!

  8. gambitflash says:

    Umm.Not very convincing.I can see right through this.You don’t even need the left image to know that this was painted.
    The box when shown in the right image has a white rectangle between the lids

  9. illusion lover says:

    lol nicce one

  10. Fransta says:


  11. person says:

    Its pretty amazing!

  12. anonimo says:


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