Once Again, (Color)Blind Shall See!

As we concluded last Monday, occasionally “repeating” somewhat similar illusions shouldn’t be a problem (at least this is what the majority has decided). In practice, the only similarity between today’s animated gif and previous submissions of this type lyes in the way they work. I remember like it was yesterday when John Shadowski first introduced us to this effect. The post was titled “Black and White seen in Color“, and was published almost 5 years ago. For those of you who forgot how these work, wait for the central red dot to appear and then concentrate on it. After some time black and white photo shall appear, which you will then be able to see in full color!

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    1. Not awesome it is timed…. i had me and my sister try it out and she stared at it for awhile and told me when it was black and white and then i turn around and it is not in color but in black and white and it whould change at the same time for us LAME LAME LAME LAME LAME

  1. Cool…no complaints if you have a few more like those. I only recently found this sight, so it’s all new to me :)

  2. It seems cool, but it’s not. It is justa really slow gif that changes automatically every five seconds or so. Nothing is really happening

    1. Actually it is only two images. The first is a “negative” of only the colors of the beach scene….a sort of blurry image. the second is a black and white version of a sharp version of the beach scene. When you stare at the first one, the image is temporarily burned into your retina. Your brain reverses the color, so that when the black and white image appears it is colorized by your brain.

      A similar thing happens when someone take s a flash photo of you. That dark flaoting spot that stays in your vision for a while is the reverse color of the yellowish-white flash.

    1. People like u REALLY irratate me. Try this. do as it says, but stare at dot as long as u can wen its black and white. count the seconds its in colour.
      Now, stare at dot but wen it goes to black and white, look somewhere else on the illusion. The colour disappears faster. How could it automatically know wen u move ur eyes???

  3. that is so cool, but am i the only one that thought it seemed like the red dot was actually getting smaller?

  4. what’s interesting is that when you shift your eyes around the B&W photo, it loses its color — until you stare at the center again, and the color after-image “lines up.” (Does that make any sense??)

  5. I have to ask… does this sort of illusion actually trick color blind eyes into seeing proper colors? I would think not, but the title seems to imply that it does.

    1. @Rod Hnatiuk
      It dosent, the color image burns temp into your retina or somthing, and then when the black a white image shows, its in color.

    2. My version of explanation.
      1. After staring, colours burn into eyes retina
      2. b&w image comes, but the colours have burnt our retinas and changed to their oppisites, such as black to white and purple to yellow, creating the full and correct colour affect
      3. be amazed then blink and watch sadly as it goes back to b&w

  6. It does not ever change to full color for me.It goes to black and white and then to partial color again.It is still really really amazing though.Really cool.

  7. Didnt show colour for me it was black and white with the sand background a very washed out sand colour and the sky a washed outgrey as soon as you look around the background looses what little colour it had.

  8. Sad, when I blinked it went back to Black n White. Cool effect though. I always liked these but never saw an animated one before.

  9. lol the reason you see the black and white in “full color” is because you were focused on the other picture which had the corresponding complementary colors to the ones you would see on a normal beach. complemetary colors are green to red, yellow to purple, blue to orange, and mixes in between. For example, if you focus on a blue peice of paper for a while and take it away u will see an orange square in its place.

  10. It Is timed. i had two people try it at diffrent times and when the second person turned a round to look it was already Blackand white

    1. You don’t look away at any point. Just stare at the red dot on the coloured picture the whole time it’s up and keep staring in the same spot when the b&w pops up. I hope that helps.

  11. I have seen a bunch of optical illusions in books, but I think this is amazing. I’d love to teach students how to make this. It does quite literally reference the idea that those who are blind, now shall see. So cool. Thanks for the post!

    1. Umm… 99999B is 33.2% red, 33.2% green, and 33.6% blue. Given lossy compression (and the fact that we’re less perceptive to blue values) I’d say that that’s pretty close to gray.

  12. We studied this in physics.. it’s the saturation of certain type of cone receptors in our eyes that makes us balance it with the complementary ones once we look at something different, which creates this interesting effect =]

  13. this is a fake, it is a gif file. i.e an animation, if you take a screenshot of the first image, no matter how long you stare at it it wont change. what you’re seeing is just two images flicking between one and the other.

    1. Did you read the description?
      Of course, it’s a GIF. The illusion is that even though the black and white picture doesn’t have color, when you stare at the colored picture long enough, the black and white picture seems to be in full color.


  14. Try covering one eye while you are looking at he saturated picture and uncover it when the non colour one comes on. One eye will see colour and the other one will see black and white.

  15. I love this type of thing. I also rather like the type of illusion where you find a picture in amongst what looks like random dots of many colours.
    However, I cannot believe how really stupid people can be regarding things like this. Where have they been all their lives. Yu can prove something like this for yourelf easily enough. Stare at a coloured page for a while then transfer your eyes to a blank wall or sheet of paper. The after-image shows up as a picture with the opposing colours on the colour wheel on the blank wall.
    This illusion is the same principal, except the creator has used the opposing colors of the beach scene and then shows the black and white photo a few seconds after you get a chance to concentrate on it. The opposing colours colour the black and white shot for a few seconds until you either blink or move your eyes.
    This is called after-image and a very real phenomenon.
    Get some education people.

  16. oh ma gawwwd thats crazy.. just stare at the red dot and wait till the grey pic comes on then u can see itin full colour

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