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By on November 12, 2010, with 23 Comments

There are bunch of copy-cat illusion blogs out there, that literally cut-and-paste our complete texts and photos. I don’t concern myself ’bout them too much, though. If they only understood I would gladly feature their original posts and link them back, bringing them wider audience if only they were smarter! Anywayz, the rare moments I feel like saying touche! is when I see they’ve added something valuable that we haven’t already featured, and there would be nothing morally wrong just stealing it (in the same manner) from them. But unfortunately, I’m not that kind of guy – that being said, I found this illusion featured on Voilusions, and the impossible nut below was created by a Russian artist Oleg Zhevelev.

At first I thought Oleg did a real-life installment of his impossible nut, but I then I realized he created it using some sort of 3D imaging software. Still very realistic, don’t you think? Have you noticed The Instructions from Hell shown in the back? This one appears truly realistic!

Oleg Zhevelevs Impossible Nut


23 Responses
  1. Z2d4th says:

    The nut is somewhat twisted in real life

  2. Typeaux says:

    It’s a Mobius nut. Actually possible to make such a thing, but it works best only from two viewing angles (opposite sides). A friend of mine makes large Mobius ceramic sculptures similar to these. Definitely trippy…

    • Rxe08 says:

      To Typeaux -

      Really? That sounds interesting. Can you tell me more about your friend’s sculptures and where I could see his or her work?

    • Rene says:

      to Typeux – I would also like info on your friends sculptures, please!!

  3. Annishia says:

    just noticed?
    no offence

  4. Care Bear says:

    I’ve met lots of nuts in my day but never one quite like this.

  5. horse says:

    It reminds me of that thing that you can do with the paper when you twist it round and if you follow one side its never ending. Anyway I love the illusion. Although i can never get my around these ones.

  6. galloots says:

    you can see where the nut cuts on the right side of it at the middle, the colour changes

  7. Gavin says:

    boring, impossible shape illusions are all the same.

  8. SnowBerey says:

    honestly its really easy to create one of those, it is just when you stare at in it plays with your mind making it look really confusing. that bolt would never work

  9. Marcus says:

    2 other illusions except the nut :)

  10. Gregory Padilla says:

    This is one of my favorites!

    A mobius nut, that locks a three-pronged impossible figure into an impossible frame.

    Creative = )

  11. Kimon Frousios says:

    There is a second illusion, besides the impossible nut :)

  12. JoGoFo says:

    That’s NUTS =\

  13. Seanymo says:

    that nut is nuts

  14. Honey says:

    it’s possible ;bb

  15. Dave K says:

    I drew in drafting class in 1970, the diagram shown behind the sculpture. I forget where I copied it from, maybe even Mad Magazine or something. But those items all have actual names. What is shown in the diagram is:
    A Trichometric Indicator Support
    to be connected to a
    Rectabular Excrusion Bracket
    and secured with
    Ambihelical Hex Nuts.

    So THAT is THE answer to the name of the sculpture.

  16. thebrainster says:

    i’d like to see somebody make the magic fork in real life :D

  17. davidliq says:

    This is junk magic,come to spell of magic 4 real spells and magic that tricks ur spetactors or audience or friends ,making rain fall in an unusual time,snowfalls on falls,lightening strokes,freezing someone,melting solids,making a person turn into anydesired animal by the victim or audience.

  18. ferret says:

    I draw these kind of impossible objects just about every day it’s pretty easy and i know how they made this illsions possible ;)

  19. Grace says:

    Oh yes, the illusion of the instructions…

  20. Nathan says:

    It’s probably Photoshopped!

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