Obviously Hidden Bear Optical Illusion

Is it just me, or has the quality of optical illusions I post to this site, lately gone way up? Maybe it’s only me bragging, but I like last few submissions very much. Anyway, I got my enthusiasm back, started making improvements to the category design, tightened my quality rules – resulting in improvements for you, our loyal fans. I also widened the width of the main page illusion images to match the width of the written text. Have you noticed this? Is it better this way? Would be thrilled if you appreciate all this, and shared your comments. Today’s illusion is a photo of a tree submitted by user called Darryl. The illusion is more than obvious, but still nothing less than an awesome multiple meaning illusion in it’s core.

This is what Darryl wrote: “Hi there, I’ve been using your iGoogle thingy for a good while now and some of the illusions on it have been amazing. Just like stumbleupon, I’ve often found myself on your site just endlessly clicking ‘Next Random Illusion’. Its a lot of fun :D Anyway, I thought its time to submit an ‘illusion’. I’ve had this one for a while and although it may not be much of an illusion i still think its pretty cool. I was in my back garden last summer and I noticed on the fence separating my garden from the neighbors there was a few knots in the wood which in my opinion looked like an animal anyone should recognize, the picture is attached to this email. I hope you enjoy it :D”

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50 Replies to “Obviously Hidden Bear Optical Illusion”

  1. It is really obvious it’s a bear. But it’s …like…so obvious….like…the fence knew….or someting…..

  2. wow! its amazing how real the bear looks

    i do think that what you did to the first category will be very usefull to everyone. all the other subtle changes are nice too. keep it up!

  3. theres no question of where it is but there is the question how did they do it?

    photoshop? or did they actually have to make that

  4. Yes that was fairly obvious. I like the wider pictures, they flow better with the rest of the page.

    I’d be suprised if someone said this illusion isn’t obvious.

  5. *cough cough photoshop cough cough* I highly doubt that was just a piece of wood that just happened to catch the eye. Obviously photoshopped or something.

  6. i think it looks like a koala bear more then a normal bear. and its jsut a coincidence its not photoshoped or made like that. if you want to see a freaky illusion go look at the bodyart illusions in the nature section.

  7. It’s obviously obvious. Having said this, i say it is incredible. But we must admit that it’s not an illusion but simply something which by freak of nature happens to look like something else. But full marks to the submitter who with his sharp eye managed to find this in his garden!

  8. Obvious and easy to spot it may be, but it’s still none the less a great illusion, how can it not be, carved out by Mother Nature herself.


  9. What bear??? Where????

    But seriously, why does everyone assume every picture ever has been photoshopped in some way?

    Things that are naturally occuring such as wood or rocks are entirely random in their growing/formation and as such may appear to us like something else. Whilst it’s unlikely that a perfect replica of the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel will appear on a Giant Redwood, it’s easy to see objects in basic shapes and markings. Like objects in clouds. It is after all just our brain interpreting what we see as being similar to something we already know. And thats the very nature of optical illusions too.

  10. Where is the picture you’re all talking about? I can’t find it among the plethora of links in the text or below…

  11. Hi Darryl,

    Is it possible to contact you regarding your bear optical illusion photograph? I think it’s a wonderful image and I would love to have your permission to use it.

    (‘Cainc’ is a wood knot in Welsh)

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