80 Replies to “Nuns Illusion”

  1. I saw it right off, its stubid but a little funny. It’s something my friends and I would do. (It would still be kind of funny, us being 13 and all)

  2. Thay aren’t sitting at a bar it is a smoothie shack duh stupid peeps and it is sad cuz you guys are like 20+ and I am 13 DUH!!!!

  3. How immature, guys. It’s a bar, there are alcoholic drinks in there, so don’t say “DUH!!!”. Second, it’s a cute picture, it fooled me momentarily. If you don’t like, run your own optical illusions site.

  4. Lol thats cool i saw one of the nuns faces in the first pic and no affence to her but her face was a bit to old for those legs so i thought that they were standing infront of them lol but it turns out they were sitting on stools lol awesome illusion :) keep them comming :)

  5. I saw it straight up that they were sitting on stools!! lol i am not meaning to brag but yeah… the nun 3rd from the left u can see her feet clearly :P

    so she kinda ruined it lol but still it is an awesome illusion!! :)

    keep em commin :P

  6. okay is it me? or do you guys also see that the woman on the left doesn’t have normal legs? i can’t spot her real legs!

  7. Awesome illusion. If anyone dosent get here is what the pic is: the ladies r sitting on the stools cuz u can theyre legs. But as you look at the chairs are acutaly half of the stool!

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