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By on April 8, 2006, with 80 Comments

First time I saw this picture I was shocked, and didn’t spot the illusion the very first second. After you study this photo a little longer, you’ll see the catch – [via].

Nuns Illusion

Nuns Illusion


80 Responses
  1. hjk says:

    I dont get it

  2. Farted says:

    That’s funny!!!!!!!!!

  3. RokOn says:

    omg im so impressd!! so funny!

  4. eumorphapandorus says:

    lol.nice one.

  5. Stephanie says:

    haha . . this is for those who dont get it . . its a chair !!

  6. None of your business says:

    u can c their legs tho — the real 1s.

  7. me says:

    this pic sucks

  8. Hai says:

    naughty naughty nuns….

  9. cheche says:

    cool but the legs arent hehehehe

  10. Angel eyes says:

    that’s wrong , Hai is funny

  11. kristen says:

    W0000000T BAD GIRLS

  12. MMM says:

    That’s really funny!
    when i saw the picture i thought that the sisters had sexy legs!

  13. edd says:

    baaad girls

  14. David says:

    New York, NY !

  15. Remle says:

    I understnd it all fun and games, but why are they sitting at a bar ?

  16. person 1 says:

    That’s great!

  17. Pandas says:

    haha. that’s awesome. jeez, that’s freaky too

  18. meeow says:

    yeah, Why are they sitting at a bar?

  19. Anonymous says:

    whose the idiot that kept puttin in “cool site. thank-you”? Good pic!!

  20. dillon says:

    maybe it was some anonymous ‘pain in the ass’!

  21. Tori says:

    I saw it right off, its stubid but a little funny. It’s something my friends and I would do. (It would still be kind of funny, us being 13 and all)

  22. <3 luv vy says:

    that is so awesome

  23. loser says:


  24. katelyn says:

    ha! im so stupid i was like “what the heck??” man im totally stupid if i didnt realize their on chairs!!!!

  25. ILOVEHORSES!! says:

    Thay aren’t sitting at a bar it is a smoothie shack duh stupid peeps and it is sad cuz you guys are like 20+ and I am 13 DUH!!!!

  26. Anonymous says:

    This is STUPID!!! How is it an illusion? You can tell right away its a chair!!

  27. Aria says:

    hahahhahaaa!!!!! i love this pic!!

  28. Anonymous says:

    wow, so thats a chair..

  29. Anonymous says:

    How immature, guys. It’s a bar, there are alcoholic drinks in there, so don’t say “DUH!!!”. Second, it’s a cute picture, it fooled me momentarily. If you don’t like, run your own optical illusions site.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Lol thats cool i saw one of the nuns faces in the first pic and no affence to her but her face was a bit to old for those legs so i thought that they were standing infront of them lol but it turns out they were sitting on stools lol awesome illusion :) keep them comming :)

  31. Anonymous says:

    I saw it straight up that they were sitting on stools!! lol i am not meaning to brag but yeah… the nun 3rd from the left u can see her feet clearly :P

    so she kinda ruined it lol but still it is an awesome illusion!! :)

    keep em commin :P

  32. Anonymous says:

    u can see their real legs. i saw it in 2 seconds.

  33. tiger says:

    y r the chairs hanging in mid air?

  34. CareBear says:

    I always knew these ladies were hiding something under their habits–a sense of humor.

  35. Anonymous says:

    This one is pretty good! At first glance you’re like “What the hell”? I like it!

  36. Anonymous says:

    Oh man that was scary at first… but HILARIOUS in the end!

  37. Anonymous says:

    NaUgHtY NuNs ArEN’t We? :)

  38. Michelle says:


  39. Anonymous says:


  40. Belliann says:

    Legs are fake, lol

  41. Anna says:

    Its simple how they did it. They are wearing strange tights and very weird skirts

  42. y^2 says:

    hahaha nuns have a sense of humor to sit on leggy chairs

  43. unknown says:

    Wow if it’s real then those are bad nuns

  44. asaad says:

    i thought it is true i never gess it

  45. Me, Myself, and iPod says:

    I didn’t get it at first but [after 5 seconds] I get it!

  46. Clint Pee says:

    Nuns at a bar getting drunk lol

  47. garmin says:

    hot nuns? ah not is just chairs :P

  48. Annonymous says:

    Just because they’re nuns doesn’t mean they don’t know what humor is.

  49. vvvv says:

    lol its the stools(chairs) that have legs on da bak its not the nuns legs that was sooooooo funny

  50. alfieflowers says:

    ha ha ha. that is so funny- i love it! :) :)
    :) !!!

  51. Carlos says:

    hahaha it took a lol out of me :P nice one!!

  52. pinkblossom says:

    lmaooo…cool….it took me a while also ..hahaha !…

  53. els says:

    okay is it me? or do you guys also see that the woman on the left doesn’t have normal legs? i can’t spot her real legs!

  54. Nigel Otto says:

    HA, virgins 4 life

  55. charles says:

    hehehe it´s so funny. Good optical illusion.

  56. juan carlos says:

    ….muy bueno…ja,ja,ja.

  57. Cherry Blossom says:

    Haha. That is a very good one!

  58. nico says:

    you need to “study the picture” to see the “illusion”? Jeez, you must be blind!

  59. Max says:

    nice chairs you got there!…………………..Can i have one?

  60. Ferret says:

    hahahahah lol

  61. Shabir Ahmed says:

    nice chairs got there!

  62. kyle says:

    I get the illution. what it is is they r sitting on chairs. the legs r fake

  63. cheeze says:


  64. Julie says:

    Got it immediately. The more questionable thing here is what are nuns doing at a bar?

  65. meri says:

    this pic is extremely funny LOL

  66. jerry says:

    Hahahahahahaha……………………………….It’s really funny.

  67. tamia says:

    Awesome illusion. If anyone dosent get here is what the pic is: the ladies r sitting on the stools cuz u can theyre legs. But as you look at the chairs are acutaly half of the stool!

  68. Bridget says:

    I’d love to see men sitting on those seats!! Sexy legs!!

  69. awseomeness says:

    if only it showed their junk! (as in their vaginas), because that would be totally awesome! just like me!

  70. Vava says:

    LOL & ROFL I got it immediately and it was a fun pic tnx!!!

  71. bubba says:

    The 2nd nun from the left is wearing a thong…look close :P

  72. scarlett says:

    That is so funny and creative!

  73. cool froggy says:

    Naughty Nuns! ;) cool illusions..there chairss

  74. SKOLROK says:

    Wow, nice legs girls! XD

  75. KAI SHO BRAND says:

    Yup, I definitely see it.

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