Notice The Pointy White Hats in the Back!

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t know this guy. This photo took place during “America Votes” aftermath. Some sources say it was taken on Gov Mitt Romney’s “Homophobia Speech” rally at the statehouse yesterday. Yes, it’s an illusion, but I can’t help but see white pointy hats peeking out from the back row. Do those stupid three-K, white hooded fraternities still exist? I surely hope not! This gives a new meaning on “irony“. You can see another picture inside this post, it’s more detailed photo. For similar illusions check: Pope with horns, Chechen soldier, Bush/Gates illusion… in “Celebrities” section.

Click Here for a RANDOM Optical Illusion

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  1. As anonymous said up above, it looks like the flag is a backdrop curtain and those are slits to allow people through.

    There’s another one just to the right of the podeum… (behind the head of the lady in white.

    In the close up, you can really tell that fabric is folded back to make an entry way for people to walk. We’re just seeing the partly overcast sky in the gap.

    No Photoshop required and no ripped flag either.

  2. The speaker is Mit Romney, governor of Massachusetts. The pointing things are the Massachusetts state flag. He is a republican. Is that why this nasty rumor is being started?

  3. PRETTY MUCH the ripples on the flag to the left are sagging down… and the ripples on the right side are going up.. thats wat i thought this was about…

  4. Triple K does still exist. They had a rally in one of our towns a few years ago, and under “freedom of speech”, they were legally permitted to do so. The cops were on the scene in case of rioting or other mob violence, but there was nothing they could do to stop it.

  5. Notice the ripples in the flag…it is hanging from something to create a backdrop. I agree that they are slits in it, most likely to let people through or because the weight of the flag cannot be hanging there without something pulling away weight from it somewhere.

  6. Whatever it is, it’s still the perfect illusion behind one of this country’s foremost bigots.

    That’s what makes it so funny, anf fitting.

  7. At first I thought the illusion was that the front of his podium is lined up with one of the white strips in the flag, making him look translucent

  8. They are flags. Good illusion though.

    The podium thing is weird too. Like someone said, it makes him look translucent.

  9. You know, the KKK has been illegal for a while now… you don’t think there’s a chance, therefore, that the “hoods” would have been in police custody before the picture was even taken (bear in mind this is a political event; there are bound to be police in the vicinity)?

  10. He was a crappy governer anyways, those are dunce hats, which represents what he is as a governer anyways, i would ttly h8 to see him a president :P

  11. BTW the kkk still exist, in fact in order to join, all you have to do is go online and enlist in their summer camp. Those wierdos are still surviving in huge numbers, it’s only that they don’t commit group murders and such. (KKK can go kill themselves, in my opinion)

  12. This is a simple illusion. It’s two mini versions of the Washington Monument. The point just looks like a hat.

  13. No, it’s not the KKK, no it’s not an illusion…

    It is a common practice (ok, maybe not too common), to put “U” shaped holes a flag to allow the wind to flow through. Otherwise the wind would just catch it and blow it up, down, and all over the place.

    Yes, some people hate seeing that and say it’s unpatriotic, but it’s no more dishonorable than burning a flag in a retirement ceremony when it gets very old… The common ground that they share is that some people do use those actions to disrespect the flag, but in these contexts they clearly serve a function.

  14. i thought it was rips too but the wavy texture lines of the flag doesnt match it it it was ripped the both sides of the point match perfectly

  15. Definitely photoshopped. In the close up you can see some gray lines (the exact same color as the white stripes on the flag) where it didn’t get erased all the way. They aren’t shadowed enough to be anythin 3-D. What freaked me out more is the person’s face directly below the arrow in the close up.

  16. Ummmm……………Well maybe they’re rips in the flag, but if it was lots of people would be offended (I know I’m not, I’m Canadian)

  17. wow that i not an optical illusion! im so proud… NOT! seriously get better ones and at least make them ILLUSIONS my god

  18. /facepalm

    Ok it’s not tears in the flag. The flag is fine. What those are are poles in front of the flag doing two things. One acting as a baricade, and secondly having a smaller “flag” (not the US flag, but either republican or democratic or something like “Pride” “Solidarity” etc) hanging off it.

    If you’ve ever been to a political rally type thing they have them everywhere.

  19. Those are the Mass. state flags. They are on poles(Pikes)and mounted upright. The Mass. state flag is mostly white.

  20. i think there are Four poles if you watch the formation of the other 3.. also you can see it’s a flag but it’s ”dead” ( no wind ”

  21. Those are slits in the flag so wind can pass through…in the middle picture which is enlarges you can see the fields behind. KKK? Yeah Mitt Romney would support the KKK. Morons.

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