Not a Woman Body Illusion

Jacek Szyd┼éowski, the guy who sent that awesome Google Earth anomaly, also posted this animation few days ago. Just look at the image on the left, it will change in few seconds and reveal the truth. I couldn’t believe first, that this beautiful figure isn’t representing one fine looking woman. Boy, was I shocked! Hehe, if you open the picture full-size, you will see bigger version of this deceiving evil photo. It almost strange as Droste effect. About illusion of the day widgets and gadgets, Macintosh version is working now (please comment if it’s true), and you can get the new 4.0 version from here.

Windows widget is also fixed, but we are waiting for Yahoo to approve the new version. Should be up in no-time, probably tomorrow. I’ll keep you updated. In the mean time enjoy our archives, and stay tuned for more updates this evening!

39 Replies to “Not a Woman Body Illusion”

  1. That’s pretty cool! I saw the widget on Google and thought, “Why’d they choose that one? It’s not an illusion! but it is… :)

  2. I saw this on Newgrounds, once, except it ended with the guy pointing at you and going ‘You’re gay!’. Detracts from the mystery, that.

  3. haha..this like a practical joke illusion. There is another one where you bend your elbow fully so your hand is touching your shoulder, and the elbow bit looks like a butt. You can take a picture on your phone and its actually quite believable

  4. well its obvious that it isnt a womans body anyways since it OBVIOUSLY doesnt have a belly button

    but the result of it being a guys armpit was funny and unexpected to those who never saw it before


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