Norman Parker’s World Of Illusion

What you see here is the gallery of original surrealist oil paintings by the British Artist called Norman Parker. He has some amazing works, and you can see dozens of them if you jump inside this article. First one is the one I liked the best! How many faces can you find, that are hidden between those leaves? I specially liked the way Norman Parker camouflaged them and implemented them in this picture. As you may recall, we had some similar galleries up in the past. If you like surreal illusions, check Paul Parkus, David Dory, Steve Kreuscher, Pieter Brueghel the Elder… and you can find much more inside Escher category.

32 Replies to “Norman Parker’s World Of Illusion”

  1. whaoh…..all funky. me likey! i dont get the ninth one though…….. and salvodar dali the one who put his head in salad. theres a lot of his stuff in the moma(nyc-musuem of modern art0

  2. Coooooooooool!!!! My best were the third and fifteenth ones and i found three faces in the first one. The ninth one is not really an illusion.

  3. What i don’t understand is why in the 17th picture (the one of the clock with the veiw inside) why is there no number 4!?!?!

  4. The faces in the first one are all Winston Churchill. The title is actually ‘A group of leaf beetles paying tribute to Sir Winston’ (the beetles are Cryptocephalus Bilineatus btw).
    The ninth one is illusive in the sense that if you follow the steps up or down you will see that you would be quite likely to take a tumble at some point which is not immediately obvious.
    The missing number 4 on the clock….There is a good reason for it….but you’ll have to wait and see.

  5. i don’t understand the one with the clock, the one with the man sitting, or the last one….. please help?….D:

  6. Omg wth this is so weird (good weird though) lol i dont see how this is an optical illushion lyk they are just art but still this rules!

  7. I remember learning about how to make art similar to the bridge painting in my art class.
    My teacher showed us some AMAZING pictures, like people sitting in ponds made of chalk, painted doorways, and fountains in the middle of parks made of spray paint.

  8. i love the ninth one… if you look at the stairs for a while they look inverted, and poited outwards, that is why the thinker is looking at them, thinking, and the name of it is “no way down”

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