Nokia Mask

While browsing the web, I just stumbled upon this optical illusionary Nokia Mask. If you are visual phenomena addict like me, you will get this for sure! I bet these masks come for other types of mobile devices also! It’s just shame I don’t remember the link where I got this image… We would really like it, if one of you internet gurus manages to find the supplier or original shop website, so we can provide rest of our fans with direct link to this accessory. Thanks!

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  1. They are actually called covers, not masks. Search on nokia covers and get a bazillion hits. There are companies that make custom to order covers as well as nokia coming out with printable ‘cover’ sheets.

    1. No they don’t.
      In fact, Nokia mobile phones would certainly last longer than any other mobile phones that exist now.

      I know this for a fact.

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