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By on November 18, 2010, with 51 Comments

Almost at the same time, Jeff and Cory both stumbled across this funny optical illusion, and decided to share with us. At first, it seems as if the brunette in the back is wearing no clothes at all! But on a second look, you realize that only her left arm is visible, while front girl’s arm gives us an illusion of nakedness. Check out more funny illusions of the same type, filled under the #sexy tag. Don’t worry, all of the material we post on this site is safe for all ages!

No Ones Naked in Here!


51 Responses
  1. Ace says:

    hahaha, amazing
    realy funny illusion :)

  2. Lint_Licker says:


  3. Lizzie says:

    I was worried at first, lol, nice

  4. Pinyot says:

    Haha!..Thats funny!

  5. Spi says:

    ehm… I don’t really see her naked^^

  6. Casper says:

    Hahaha, nice one

  7. LOVE-JohnCusack says:

    That took me way longer than it should have to realize she wasnt actually naked.

    I mean, the guy behind her has the appropriate face for it haha.

  8. Lee says:

    who would have thought a flabby arm could be so sexy?

  9. Care Bear says:

    I’m glad no one is naked here. Naked people bore me.

  10. Jake O'Neill says:

    i can see her arms ut her body still looks naked, awesome illusion!

  11. Sboogie! says:

    hahaha!! That was too funny…

  12. pixie-dust says:

    What a hoot, had me in stitches for ages. :)

  13. chris says:

    wow, her arms are really fat

  14. Well I’ll be damned, no nakedness! Could have fooled me………

  15. Alice says:

    Ha, that’s kinda funny! Kinda gross at first though.

  16. Gloria says:

    This was a great one. You really have to look at it to realize that what you’re seeing is the chubby lady’s arms.

  17. Annishia says:

    yaaaaaa no offence whoevers in this pic but girl in the front has some PRETTY FAT ARMS…

  18. Brad says:

    lol @ the flab of the woman’s arm in front being an entire body for the one behind :P

  19. glp says:

    this might be the best optical illusion ive ever seen. Not because its dirty. but because it is so unlikely that womans arm would appear to look like a partially covered breast, groin, and full mid section with a girl that happens to be just in the right place. It looks as if she is purposely covering up her boob. I love it, this was so unlikely and yet so funny. I wonder how long it took for the original picture taker to notice what had happened, if at all.

  20. Rockndudette says:

    Funny illusion, but if your arm looks like that you have a serious wieght problem.

  21. Matt Woods says:

    That’s both funny and sad at the same time lol

  22. tony says:

    Fair does, that is brilliant!!

  23. Matt says:

    You know when your arms look like someones legs you’ve got a bit of a problem…

  24. Woyzeck says:

    The movie space mutiny has a scene where one person looks nude simply because her hair covers her skimpy clothing. (I don’t recommend watching space mutiny though, it sucks)

  25. waldyman says:

    hahhaa!! amazingly funny!! LOL XD

  26. Chris Levy says:

    dis illusion is so armful LOL. Brillant ///(*_*\\\

  27. marco says:

    And there`s a devil behind here (right)

  28. EU says:


  29. Prox says:

    very good illusion!

  30. Palmino says:

    -OMG, a horrible naked girl!
    -No, that’s just a fat’s girl arm.
    -OMG, a horrible fat’s girl arm!

  31. Alex says:

    Looks Like that guy is gonna do her good!

  32. anonymous says:

    not funny at all….

  33. anonymous says:

    not sure how many pairs youve seen but ive never seen a chick with a boob in the middle of her chest

  34. sienna says:

    lmfao =]
    took me a bit to even notice the lady with the curly hair!

  35. Michael says:

    Cool! Would hve fooled me.

  36. ferret says:

    Her mom said: I told you not to go out to those clubs but you go and in this pic your naked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

  37. akemi says:


  38. DetectiveKitty says:

    lol that is immediately what i saw, shows you how dirty minded i am. :)

  39. ekoygoke says:

    good illusions picture

  40. Lillian Ly says:

    Some content on this site is not for minors.

  41. western9000 says:

    very good optical illusion

  42. keira says:

    hahahahaha lol nice one

  43. bobntom says:

    her fat ass arm is covering the girls body behind her. damn shes got some issues. damn fat ppl.

  44. carzy chick says:

    wow it work it took me like a hour to find her arm!!!

  45. Skye Simmons says:

    OMG it’s the girl’s arm at first it really looked like she was naked but then I relized it was the other girl’s arm but I would’ve been really happy if she was naked but too bad she isn’t.:(

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