No One’s Naked in Here!

Almost at the same time, Jeff and Cory both stumbled across this funny optical illusion, and decided to share with us. At first, it seems as if the brunette in the back is wearing no clothes at all! But on a second look, you realize that only her left arm is visible, while front girl’s arm gives us an illusion of nakedness. Check out more funny illusions of the same type, filled under the #sexy tag. Don’t worry, all of the material we post on this site is safe for all ages!

51 Replies to “No One’s Naked in Here!”

  1. That took me way longer than it should have to realize she wasnt actually naked.

    I mean, the guy behind her has the appropriate face for it haha.

  2. this might be the best optical illusion ive ever seen. Not because its dirty. but because it is so unlikely that womans arm would appear to look like a partially covered breast, groin, and full mid section with a girl that happens to be just in the right place. It looks as if she is purposely covering up her boob. I love it, this was so unlikely and yet so funny. I wonder how long it took for the original picture taker to notice what had happened, if at all.

  3. The movie space mutiny has a scene where one person looks nude simply because her hair covers her skimpy clothing. (I don’t recommend watching space mutiny though, it sucks)

  4. OMG it’s the girl’s arm at first it really looked like she was naked but then I relized it was the other girl’s arm but I would’ve been really happy if she was naked but too bad she isn’t.:(

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