New Transparent Desktop Illusions

Looks like transparent stuff never gets old! From transparent desktops, see-through billboards, newspapers, mugs, invisible cloaks… all the way to transparent Palms, PSPs, magazines, “invisible bodies” – we had them all. Probably under influence of all these various illusions Pachanka TheGreat and Richard Howard decided to share two of their creations. I really like both of them, except the first one has little better effect (due to perfect contrast), the second one is also awesome but too dark in the background to work properly. I used this post more as a reminder for all of you about our first illusion articles. Check the blue links in this text and they will bring you to few of the most successful transparent illusion posts from recent months. Dozen more can be found in our transparent category. Enjoy!

28 Replies to “New Transparent Desktop Illusions”

  1. Hey what is up i like it how could they do that is that like a camra and then its put as the wallpaper or somthing???But cool

  2. I like the first on more, since a dog is much more difficult to hold/keep still compaared to the monitor on teh bottom. Nevertheless, you’re quite right, these never get old!

  3. Tricky! The 2nd picture looks like a legit use of video feeds and displays, while the 1st looks like a photoshopped Windows desktop superimposed over the dog.

  4. y u so stupid ??? u no want illusion u want HOT POCKET!!!!!

    but… cool illusion
    i think the first one would b prety hard to do

  5. Guys… it’s a chroma key. They photographed 2 pics, with the laptop with a particular color, then overlayed it in Photoshop. Then, Photoshop was commanded to remove all of a particular color, and only that color. Thus, the screen areas that have that color disappear, and it looks transparent.

  6. the first one looks more real. the sacond one is ok, only if the backgrounds were the same color. but i like it haha i wanna try this now =]]

  7. number 9’s probably right, its chroma key. anyone with patience can do it, it looks good tho!

  8. The first one is a clever Photoshop. Shadows tell the whole story.

    The second, while far from perfect, should be commended for the effort in actually creating the effect.

  9. First one is clearly shopped.

    What would be fun is using a webcam on a laptop facing behind the screen, setting that as your background and aligning it so it looks transparent wherever you go.

  10. not trying to be mean, but its way more simple than you think it is…
    its just that they took the plate/cover off the back of the laptop/monitor


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