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By on February 19, 2010, with 1,174 Comments

New Room to Escape FromWhat I bring you today, has very little to do with optical illusions. Still, in order to solve this puzzle, you have to apply your puzzle-solving experience, as well as use your brain extensively. Those of you who follow our website from day one, will remember the original “Escape The Crimson Room” puzzle. I was amazed how well you guys accepted these kind of posts! More important, you did extremely good job solving it!

To be sincere, I played this for half an hour, but then I got stuck with some colorful cubes. You’ll know what I’m talking about when you get your hands dirty. I can give you some tips, but wouldn’t want to ruin this puzzle for others. So the only thing I’m gonna say, is look behind the suitcase and don’t overlook the corners ;) Hope we can solve this one together using our combined powers! If you show some interest towards these kind of posts, I’ll make sure to bring more in the future!


1,174 Responses
  1. Heather says:

    I do like these challenges, but…How do you use the inventory that you pick up…

  2. Adi says:

    So i have a key and a test tube, there is a crack in the floor, a compartment that won’t open and a password that I can’t crack.

    What’s next???

  3. Erin says:

    Use your key to get into davinci

  4. Vurdlak says:

    if you have a key, use it to open the compartment ;)

  5. Vurdlak says:

    I have 13 items, but can’t open those two digital-color locks :( can I use the wires?

  6. Hugh says:

    whats the code to open the davinci safe?

  7. Billy says:

    I got lost after opening the davinci thing

  8. Vurdlak says:

    what I also noticed, is that:

    a) those 4 colored letters are always different in the suitcase sticker

    b) that “good luck” note maybe has something to do with letters on a numpad or smthng? how to open those two color locks??

  9. Paul says:

    I got the safe open, and I have moved the chair. The wrench fits in the bolt holes, but I am not sure what it means.

    Any thoughts?

  10. Hugh says:

    what do u do after opening the safe and davinci compartment? What do u do w/ the laser?

  11. Brent says:

    Hey Guys.. I know that you have to put the gold bar on the floor to lift the board up. What do I do after that? Is there an item under there?

  12. Vurdlak says:

    be sure to use the Swiss-knife often, and don’t forget to set it right

  13. Sarah says:

    what do u do with the 7 color changing squares?? and the white sound maker?

  14. Hugh says:

    I jsut realized u can click the swiss army knife to use the tools. The knife takes apart the electric socket

  15. BerinHardt says:

    I get bored after teking out the chair, because I couldn’t open the loose section of the floor…

  16. Gary says:

    Nothing works for me. Worthless as some of the last ones have been.

  17. Erin says:

    How do you crack the colours?
    What are the two buttons?
    How do I read the note in the tube?

  18. Heather says:

    For the floor board use the gold block to prop it open and then use the swiss army knife to cut the string and then lift the board out

  19. Heather says:

    use the swiss army knife to cut the string on the board… then lift the board out

  20. Blackwolf says:

    So..i have the key and i am clicking all over the Davinci picture..nothing is happening. Where does the key work?

  21. Heather says:

    to read the note in the test tube…use the swiss army knife and corkscrew the note out:)

  22. Sarah says:

    how do you get he gold block??

  23. Heather says:

    Very interesting and mind boggling room to escape from…I enjoyed solving it! :)

  24. Vurdlak says:

    hehe GOT THE MAGNET! high tones!

  25. csmith says:

    where do you get the swiss knife???

  26. Facebook User says:

    This doesn’t make any sense! Getting bored of it quick! I got the Key, the vial the gold, and the Note, but spent 10 minutes trying to figure out how to use them. I don’t like puzzles that are so difficult, that I get bored so quick! Keep it! Not interested!

  27. Brandon says:

    Got the noise maker, 13 items… Someone mentioned a magnet… AHHH I’m lost!

  28. Sarah says:

    what do you do with the white sound machine?

  29. Vurdlak says:

    play with the sound machine until you open it

  30. Sam says:

    im wondering what the color combo is for the safe to get what i assume is the key to the brief case… can someone help me?

  31. Maher Salam says:

    You say open the davinci locker with the laser… but I have a paper that says: “XX = 57″ but it doesn’t work!

  32. Michael says:

    Will somebody please start answering the questions that are posted, instead of just saying that you solved it or how far you got?

    There are some basic questions on here that haven’t been answered, such as:

    How do you use the inventory that you pick up…


    what do u do with the 7 color changing squares?? and the white sound maker?

    These people deserve an answer please.

  33. Hugh says:

    any1 discover how to open the sound machine?
    and what do u do w/ the thing that u get from the under the floorboard?

  34. when you get the batteries (the second type, Duracel, not the little ones for the laser) you play a bit forensics

  35. Korahn says:

    Kinda sucks when you’re colourblind

  36. Michael says:

    Apparently some can’t see the inventory at the bottom of their flash screen. I google searched “Sagrario’s Room Escape” and found both the original game and some walkthroughs.

    Hope this helps all of you.

  37. ozgur says:

    how do you open the compartment on the right hand side?

  38. Bill says:

    i messed with the sound device but still cant get it open. Also, what do you do with the blacklight?

  39. Katie says:

    yah how do you use the things that you pick up?

  40. Sisyphos says:

    Omg. XD
    I really got the right color-lock.

    But the second sucks hard óO
    I’m not a musician and i’m not sure about the keyboard óo

  41. cser says:

    Ok… I can’t get into the 2nd panel to get the gold bar to use it as a weight on the floor board… nor can I unscrew the chair, open the safe or figure out the clour code :( I feel dumb today :P

  42. Sam says:

    what is the colored dice for?

  43. Flora says:

    How do you open the Davinci safe ? Does the note in the vial has something to do with it ?

  44. Jeff says:

    I had a pretty hard time even using a walk though.. good luck for anyone going solo, i doubt you finish it..

  45. Melissa says:

    Here’s something to keep in mind that it took me a great deal of thrashing to figure out; inventory items are not to scale! Hopefully that’ll be helpful when trying to figure out how inventory items can interact.

  46. Mg says:

    So I have that blue light thing and on some places you see somehting with the blue light…
    I found
    GO = c3
    OD = a4
    LU = a4
    CK = c3
    and some piano on the left blue colored box code thing
    So what do I do now?

  47. Paul says:

    I finally made it out! This was a great puzzle, althought there were moments I wanted to throw something!

  48. Luciano says:

    Opened the safe and moved the chair, but then? Do I have to do something with the holes left in the ground from the screws?

  49. Phil says:

    Great challenge! Took a while, but a great sense of accomplishment when I finally got out of the room!

  50. Anna says:

    This was fun! I got out of the room, y favorite part was getting the key out of the second panel.. Very smart making it like the dots on a dice.

    Third hidden panel had me confuzzled forawhile. TO me logically the panel should be ABCD at the top and 1234 going down. But its not. Its ABCD at the top and 4321 going down. Hope you guys have fun!

  51. dazed says:

    how do u use the test tube

  52. tacos says:

    poo poo this sucks looks like im stuck in the room forever what even happens when you get out

  53. Sisyphos says:

    I’m wondering…there are 3 keys needed… 2 of them are locked in with the color-codes… but the third?

  54. tacos says:

    im so scared help

  55. Barb says:

    You lost me. Can’t do a thing. What do you have for us dummies?

  56. Annie says:

    Can someone please help? I am not sure how to open the safe! Or unscrew the bolts on the bottom of the chair. Thanks!!

  57. Dave says:

    The white sound maker is actually a safe. You need you have to set the sliders in the right position to “eject” the contents of the safe.

  58. Tom says:

    Feeling exceptionally stupid. HELP! Got the vial, 2 magnets (? or are they watch batteries), and note. Can’t get key. Hint please!

  59. GGov says:

    Apparently the codes have something to with musical chords, but I haven’t figured them out yet. Be sure to use the UV light everywhere and on everything you have.

  60. elJack says:

    I got the safe combination, but I dunno know how to open the safe…

  61. LR says:

    Cant seem to go beyond opening the Vinci painting … cannot open the safe in there. I have 9 objects. How do we get the gold bar ?

  62. Darryl says:

    I got the key behind the case, and it looks like it should work to open the case, but it doesn’t.
    How do you open the testtube to get the note?

  63. Peter Weller says:

    why not have a separate puzzle site? i want to see illusions

  64. Maher Salam says:

    WOW, after 2 hours I manged to finish it! Nice game.

  65. gOrger says:

    How do I open the safe behind the davinci, and the safe inside the briefcase? ;X

  66. Tony says:

    Where is this magnet? I’ve tried cutting and prying on the speaker for the sound box (speakers have magnets, right?), but no combination of the knife works on it. I need this magnet!

  67. Dave says:

    is the combination for the safe some where in the game? can someone give me a hint?

  68. Deixit says:

    How do i open the safe inside Da Vinci, i know t the laser has the comb. & 49=XX but it doesn’t work for me

  69. plopper says:

    just finished it is a lot of fun u definately need a note pad. and try using all the tools on each other

  70. sylvie says:

    i managed to get 5 items but can’t open the two codes in the wall panels…i have a round key but can’t open anything with it…what am i to do now?

  71. Facebook User says:

    Awesome!! I just needed one little nudge for the panel on the left… in retrospect I should have gotten that one. Doh!

  72. Sisyphos says:

    It was really this simple…
    Now, where’s the third key?! O.o

  73. Moon says:

    Yay!! managed to finish it finally :P

  74. joe B says:

    I’m assuming the numbers from the light are the safe code, but when I turn the knob nothing happens, does xx not equal 20 or am I doing it wrong?

  75. joe B says:

    lol, never mind I just opened the vile

  76. Facebook User says:

    Finally…. DONE!!!! But too complicated maan… neon light is the key to everything…

  77. TESTER says:

    Hi, I<m stuck…
    got 2 out of 3 batteries for the laser pointer, got the notes from the chair and the one in the tube, no idea what the XX = is for, got the UV scanner but wont light up (missing power cord to connect to outlet?), cannot get keys from either color code, (one is related to the cube somehow) and of course, safe wont open, and missing 3 keys to open the box in the suitcase.
    whats the next step plz?

  78. Sisyphos says:

    Got it.
    Nice one! =D

  79. Richard says:


    @ Darryl, look carefully at the Davinci painting and you’ll find where to use the first key.

    @LR it’s in the second wall cubby hole covered by a sliding door. You’ll need to open the door. Look everywhere for instructions.

    Now, where is that second battery? Color codes?

  80. Wouter says:

    A very nice game. After 2 minutes I solved him. Very easy but fun.

  81. Rick says:

    So I’m stuck at trying to open the color core key holder and opening the right side opening next to it… argh…. I got AA batteries but nothing to use them with??

  82. Anonymous says:

    How do you get the UV light to work?

  83. conans_boy says:


  84. buncan says:

    i unscrewed the chair how do i get the color coded key and the other panel open?? and that corner how do i keep the wood up??

  85. bob64 says:

    How do you turn on the flashlight? is it the YV thing?

  86. Jake Canner says:

    I’m a big room escape fan, and this had me stumped for a while!

    Gotta love how the door opened outwards in the end. Wrench in door handle hole, and push. Not even locked!!

  87. rage says:

    use the gold bar to keep the plank open and use the swiss knife to cut the string. then open the plank and take out the black light.

  88. rage says:

    to open the picture use the key from behind the briefcase on the bottom left side of the picture.

  89. rage says:

    to make the UV light work unscrew the chair and use the magnet on the wrench to pull out the batteries from the holes on the floor.

  90. rage says:

    the last laser battery is inside the socket. to get to it use the swiss knife.

  91. flo & patti says:

    got it!

  92. Jenny says:

    How do I open the right white panel on the wall (the one with the gold bar inside)? I press the button but nothing happens, and I’ve tried all the tools on it.

  93. Robin says:

    Why am I seeing things posted on todays date but this am these things had tonights time on them Now where can I find some more hints because I could sure use the help This puzzle is awesome but it is driving me bonkers Thanx

  94. Robin says:

    It is not 10:51 pm when I posted this it is was 2:51 pm

  95. Rick says:

    Finally Did It! Damn that was tough! anyone saying it was easy is full of S…omething… I had to look up one thing because I don’t know enough about keyboards and music!

  96. KiaBia says:

    When I put the wrench in the holes nothing happens… there are no magnets

  97. Nizati says:

    No idea about the gold bar. the key to the Davinchi safe is actually the lazer pointer…. which takes multiple watch batteries to turn on. T_T i’m trapped on the squares and the pretty lights. I don’t’ geeet iiiiiit.

  98. bob64 says:

    Where’s the magnet?

  99. Jorge says:

    wich combination of colours is for the first compartimment?

  100. Audrius says:

    Yeah, this is great. Left room in 1 hour, half of which I spent looking for a magnet :)

  101. Kron says:

    Grrrr, I’m really *not* an idiot, so what gives!?!? I need these hints, so people please keep giving them!!!

  102. Helper says:

    This is a gameplay hint.

    To use items together click the ‘i’ in the bottom right of the items thumbnail then click the center of the other and you can use them together.

    Also some items change if you click them in the up-close mode

  103. tacos says:

    HA we beat it what now???!~!

  104. Sam says:


  105. .B.C. says:

    That was amazing! I lost track of how long ive been playing, but that was the best room escape ive ever played. Very clever!

  106. Matt says:

    I Win!!!!!!

  107. vintagegirl says:

    i opened the davinci and got a 2nd key… now what?

  108. Travisty says:

    Got 17 objects but havent figured out the floor board or the colored buttons.

  109. Darryl says:

    I used the key from behind the briefcase all over the davinci picture, but nothing happend. I can find no place to use it. I can use the gold brick tho, so I know my inventory is working.

  110. Nizati says:

    *whimpers* I have opened da vinchi safe, I hav movedthe chair asside, I have light (thanks for that corner hint =.=)….. by the sounds if it, i need magnet…. any place i should focus on for that one? @.@ pls help?

  111. Eva says:

    Oh Come on, people…where the hell do i find the magnet?!?!?! I’ve clicked everything over a hundred times *sigh*

  112. kedrigan says:

    simple question and feeling stupid asking ; ; how do i see tools and what i’ve picked up? mouse buttons dont open any menus

  113. Dan says:

    How can I unlock the colour code? Please help!!!

  114. kedrigan says:

    nvm just a plugin in failure of something then :( at least i found this puzzel in another place and i see the inventory bar at the bottom there so i’ll have a crack at it there ^^

  115. Fem says:

    What is the fun of this? I’ve clicked on everything in sight, but I am baffled. Magnets? gold bars? tools? codes? laser light? Swiss knfe?
    I can open a slide and reveal some cool colour changing knobs, flip a plank and let it fall again, and I found some kind of button on the Davinci picture that disappeared when I clicked on it. There must be something more to have everyone so excited.
    What am I missing?

  116. Facebook User says:

    How the hell do i open the first slider (7 colours puzzle) ive tride 50 combinations still got 199 left lol.. i know that the square means something but i already tested using the square combination but nothing happens

  117. Steve-O says:

    Need some help… can’t figure out the color code on the left. Any sugestions?

  118. Aly says:

    Ok, yes I solved it… no, I didn’t like it… I want my illusions back!

  119. travia says:

    how do u do the safe i got the numbers just cant open it

  120. Lynn says:

    I am surprised more people aren’t complaining about the white noise maker. It seems SO random. Like what is it even supposed to sound like and where was there even a clue to what it should sound like? I just don’t get it!

  121. RS says:

    Okay, I have eleven objects, but can’t seem to figure out how to open the right panel.

    A hint, please?

  122. Daniel says:

    where do you get the uv light?

  123. RS says:

    Nevermind! I was too impatient. Funny how an extra second could have saved me half an hour!

  124. Paul says:

    Ok. I pulled the bunny from the hat in the safe, now what?

  125. Fenner45 says:

    I got UV light and bat’s got all clues i think except CK= I’m stumped on piano keys at left cuby and dnn’t know what to do with dice #’s

  126. Agustin says:

    man can someone give a clue of how to open the sound maker pleeease

  127. HighLevel says:

    I know the combination of safe… but it doesn´t open! Help!

  128. petting a dragon says:

    for all those like me
    don’t read if you don’t want to
    the Swiss army knife opens up to different blades
    i know that for some of you that may seem obvious but it took me awhile to figure out

  129. Elizabeth says:

    to open the DaVinci safe you need the laser, it shows the code

    How do I unlock the colored lights????? and how do I open the wall panel on the left??????

  130. Jake Karpinski says:

    Beat it, not hard. Tip: in the hidden compartment, from the upper left to the upper right is ABCD, from the lower left to the upper left it’s 1234.

  131. jalan says:

    whats the code for the safe

  132. James Cummins says:

    i think you’re just stuck and want someone brighter to solve it for you ;) Joking :)

    is this a new one? I’m sure i’ve done other crimson rooms?

  133. Sarah Smith says:

    I can’t unscrew the chair or crack the davinci safe. :(

  134. seth says:

    okay i got the numbers for the safe and i know how to put them in but it still wont open. How does one open the safe?

  135. Trish says:

    Ok, the piano keyboard thing was kindda hard to figura out! But my brother and I got around it!!!
    Great Puzzle, btw!!!!

  136. Katie says:

    Man this is awesome! I’m stuck on the color code though…

  137. Katie says:

    I’m guessing it has to do with the colored dice and the letter/color code in the briefcase. Am I close?

  138. Jessica says:

    How do I open the right panel???? Ive been trying to open it for an hour! and I got the instructions!! Its not working :(

  139. Amber says:

    Keep them coming…. This was fun.

  140. Nizati says:

    GAH!!!!! DX I got button puzzle #2 and #3… but i can’t figure out the first one for the life of me!!! the key stares at me… so close.. yet so far. I know it has to do with keynotes… but… x.x;;; i can’t figure out how..

  141. Brandon says:

    ok so i got the blue light to work and when you open the letter that says good luck there is something, what does it mean? and where do you find all of the letters in the socket i found ck in the davinci painting i found lu and in the floorboards i found od but where do i find go? and also how do i get 5 6 7 8 to un scratch in the note?

  142. Brandon says:

    and one last thing do i use the bolts again or something?

  143. seth says:

    can someone tell me the order of the color lock. i cant seem to get it

  144. Ron says:

    Have it just about complete but I cant seem to figure out the keyboard notes and colors on the last key. Seems like Im missing 3 notes or colors. any slight hints

  145. Scott Ely says:

    How do I get the magnet? Unlock the color cubes? Dang, this is tough!

  146. MEE says:

    how so u open the davinci pikture

  147. MEE says:

    How do u open the davinci safe????HELPPP ME PLZ

  148. jestaboy says:

    I can’t work out how to use the items I’ve found. When I click on them they disappear and I assume I am supposed to use them to open things etc but I can’t see them anywhere once I’ve clicked on them. Please help.

  149. Lynne says:

    I’m so confused! I’ve unlocked the safe, and I have the tape recorder (apparently another safe of sorts) but I can’t unlock it.

    I can’t get the color codes, either.


  150. I opened the safe, moved the chair, can’t understand the musical device.

  151. hfrje says:

    What the heck! How do you keep the floor board open! And where is the third battery. I knifed the outlet but nothing… I’m so tired of NOTHING!

  152. Adele says:

    So where is this magnet? And I’m stuck with the white tone box…I get that the sliders have to be in the correct position, but I’m having a hard time figuring out where the right position is…(Is it so that the box will only make high pitch tones? If so, I’ve gotten it to the point where I have all but one of them doing that and no matter where I move the last slider, it doesn’t change to the correct pitch…)

  153. Facebook User says:

    Stick to illusions, please.

  154. Anony Mouse says:

    Ok I’ve got 2 keys for the black box, I can see the 3rd, but have no clue on what musical notes open the lock. Help!!!

  155. Katharyne Darm says:

    god im so lost, i have some key that goes to i dont know what, empty vial, the gold bar i used on the floor board, swiss army knife, laser pointer with only 2 batteries, color cube, good luck note, hint for 2nd panel, note with xx=5 and uv light that doesnt work… nothing is making since

  156. Romus says:

    Wow, excellent. Every moment I almost got frustrated enough to look for spoilers, I just walked away for a couple minutes, and when I came back I’d find something else. Very nice. Took awhile, but it felt good to beat it.

    Though I do agree that technically this is more of a puzzle than an illusion. ;)

  157. seth says:

    could someone please tell me how to unlock the color coded safe?

  158. mike says:

    the 3rd key is ticking me off!!! i tried all buttons on, tried the blocked out ones off all other buttons on, the other buttons on the known ones off….. using the :) to rearrange the letters and numbers same things and still nothing!!!!!!!!! help plz!

  159. Detective Kitty says:

    oh and Robin…There’s a thing called Time Zones…

  160. Lilly says:

    How the hell do you open the colour code and the panel beside it i tried everything why the hell dont it work and i got the wrench that unscrews the chair i unscrewed it and i started clicking on the wholesthe wrench went in but didnt do anything is it suppose to like im lost

  161. Katrina Vassallo says:

    what is the color code?

  162. Lloyd says:

    these cubes are killing me..HELP!!!

  163. Jake Karpinski says:


    Hold the button for 10 seconds

  164. Harpster says:

    I used Firefox on a Mac and could not see anything that I picked up. I switched to Safari and had much better results. (still can’t figure out how to get out, but at least I know have a sporting chance…)

  165. Jeremy Adams says:

    Have two light batteries, 2nd one from wall socket. 6 sides to a cube, but 7 colored buttons, Help!

  166. Jane says:

    i cant manage decifer the color codes

  167. arasretep says:


  168. Confused says:

    I still can’t figure out how to get the colored squares to open the box to get the key or how to get the sliders on the recorder to be correct to open the recorder. Please help!! It’s driving me crazy!

  169. Jennifer MacGillivray Maciborsky says:

    I can’t find the magnet…help, what is the color code to the left hand panel?

  170. Jim says:

    Help, how do you Magnetize the wrench? Does anyone know the color com. for the first key door? where do you find it?
    some help!!!
    the XX number is 46 found by using the corkscrew on the knife in the test tube.
    Hold the button for 10 sec. for the second door.

  171. Confused says:

    Ok. I figured out the sliders on the recorder. How do I open the color blocks?????

  172. Jeremy Adams says:

    got third battery, have safe open have music box open, have batteries. completely lost as to the colored buttons and the panel to the right of it.

  173. brian says:

    how do you get the uv light to turn on

  174. Thuxipop says:

    Yeahhh finally i did it ^^ after mmm a couple of hours ^^ yeahhhh

  175. brian says:

    where are these damn magnets everyone is talking about

  176. SD says:

    So I have gotten the batteries, put them in the laser pointer, I have the code, including the XX=11, but when I put the code in it doesn’t work. I am also still completely lost on the color cubed and lock thing. Please Help!

  177. Samantha J Walden says:

    I can’t figure out the Neon lights behind the 1st panel. Can someone give me a clue? Is it a combination of certain colors or something else. I’m stuck!!

  178. phil says:

    im stuck on the 2 locks the color one and the chess one plz some1 help

  179. Wow Finally did it! The Neon is the way to go. Amazing game, best ever.

  180. Futz says:

    Too strange. I got the door handle but i can’t put it in. I don’t seem to get the right angle. Do I have to get closer to the door or do I put it in from the middle of the room?
    But I absolutely love these puzzles!

  181. Futz says:

    Sorry! Found it. You have to be in the right place so that the hole for the handle is at the very top of the frame.

  182. Bobe says:

    Okay I unscrewed the chair, and someone said use the magnet on the wrench to get the batteries out of the holes. How do i do that?

    I stuck the wrench in the holes but nothing is happening.

  183. Beck Ford says:

    Can someone give me a tiny hint as to how im supposed to decode the dice and colour buttons panel. A friend and I have been trying for ages and are totally stuck. Thought the colours on the dice were aligned somehow with the ABCE in the briefcase but that isnt working for us.

    Weve gotten all the tools we can up to this point but need the key in the panel to progress any further. HELPPP please :)

  184. Tommy says:

    How do I open the soundbox? Please help me.

  185. Dan says:

    please can some help! please if you can email me danwj7@hotmail.com. I have got 3 batts, the full safe code but cant open it, the coloured dice? as for the coloured panels im so stumped.

  186. N says:

    ok help im reealllly confuzzedd :S im the same as jenny, how do u open the 2nd panel on the wall, and does the picture have anything to do with it? thanx

  187. MjrPainless says:

    ALL OF THAT AND ITS IN SPANISH!!!!! I dont even get a congrats in my OWN language. I feel jipped!

  188. akki says:

    im stuck totally
    how to open white safe
    how to unscrew the chair (swiss knife doesn’t work on it)
    what is the use of circular metal things

    :-/ plz smone help

  189. Luciano says:

    I did everything but I can’t figure out how to open the two key slots. I found out the left one has something to do with piano notes, but don’t know how. I read all the UV messages GO OD LU CK, but how can I use them?

  190. I read someone says the keyboard to open the right key is ABCD going right and 4321 going down, but the keyboard is only 3×3. How can I use all codes found with uv light in it?

  191. To open the Davinci picture you have to use the key found behind the suitcase, and insert on the left side of the picture, under the laser battery. To open the right panel just keep the botton pressed for 10″. The message saying that is under the chair.

  192. Thanos says:

    i still cant get the batteries from the holes on the floor… i guess the wrench isn’t magnetic by itself or i dont know whats wrong.

    help please

  193. anonamous says:

    in what order do u use the coloured cube to unlock the colour puzzle?

  194. LuSio says:

    Where is the magnet? :(

    I have to study for an exam but I have to finish the game first… :(

  195. Fabio says:

    You’ll find the code using the laser pointer and the xx=numbers (use the corkscrew with the wooden cap bottle)

    Help, I put the Wrench in the holes but can’t understand what is this for!!

  196. ivko says:

    Rick says:
    February 19, 2010 at 10:02 pm
    So I’m stuck at trying to open the color core key holder and opening the right side opening next to it… argh…. I got AA batteries but nothing to use them with??

    Where did you these AA batteries??

  197. bobb says:

    i cant get the picture open!! help me

  198. L.R. says:

    So, where the devil is this bloody magnet? Also, these panels with the lights are getting to me.

    [to open the safe you have to go past the second number, like a real combonation lock]

  199. Rosie says:

    Help I can’t unscrew the chair nothing works on it! The coloured keys are making my head hurt.

  200. Cat says:

    How do I figure out the color code?? for the first panel…

  201. Trev says:

    Different people (and servers) are in different time zones Robin.

  202. Virgil says:

    Jenny … Hold the button down for 10 secs!

  203. bobb says:

    i cant get to the second battery help me !!!

  204. Grace says:

    oh my god … i cant get to the gold bar and i haven’t got a clue what the good luck note has to do with it… please can someone help me i think i am going to murder someone if i don’t get out soon

  205. Stephanie says:

    what is the code for the colors?

  206. kel says:

    i got the white part of the socket, whats next? please help!

  207. creepy fred says:

    Took away 3 hours of my life. i finished it i was frustrated and feeling dumb. i was ready to destroy the internet so there would never be another puzzle like this. If you do post another i will be obligated to finnish it however.

  208. mike says:

    ok after a good nights rest, i realized that.. well.. i got the last one open and got the handle. i like these sorts of games

  209. Richard says:

    Also an illusion :) Or perhaps there are diffrent time zones around the world

  210. Facebook User says:

    I have a lot done and I understand the code for the safe but, once I do the code -> 48 right, 58 left, (XX)37 right, 14 left, The safe doesn’t open and I have no clue how to open it. I also have the black light which i have no idea how to use andd… Oh, everybody keeps talking about a wrench and magnets, is that what’s in the safe? Arrrgghhh.. Can somebody PLEASE help me? :D

  211. inga says:

    what happened!? I dont see my items!!!!!

  212. Sarah says:

    OK how do I open the white tone thingy???

  213. inga says:

    The page is loaded, but MY ITEMS DISAPPEARED!

  214. Tathar says:

    How I unscrew the chair??

  215. fatchix says:

    use ur brain and dont be fhet. i just spent half my life figuring this then remembered that google is all knowing.

  216. Vicky says:

    How to solve the 1st colour code pleaseeee…. T.T
    give me just a liiiiitttle bit clue… tried every combination possible. not working

  217. kit kat says:

    i need the code to open to music box thing HELP PLEASE

  218. Jone says:

    I can’t open the second panel. And i tried to open the socket with the knife, but i can only get the frame from it off. Someone please tell me how to open the second panel and get the other battery!!!

  219. J says:

    How do I get the magnet… I’ve tried to open the radio or whatever it is, bus doesn’t work (not with the knife), also I’ve tried to use the radio on the floor but does not work anything at all… what can I do, I have 13 objects and nothing else to do, HELP!!!

  220. Donna says:


  221. Brian says:

    How about some help with the color panel for those of us who are color blind?

  222. Richard says:

    I’ve got the code to the safe but I cannot work out how to do ”0L”. Anyone like to tell me how to operate a safe? I have no experience in safes.

  223. Konoko says:

    I can’t figure out the color combination for that first wall panel. Can anyone help?

  224. J says:

    The reason why we see different time in our comments is because each time we comment, the comment has to be reviewed by moderator, and after that it is published, but that take some time.

  225. JJ says:

    I guess the reason why we see different time in our comments is because each time we comment, the comment has to be reviewed by moderator, and after that it is published, but that take some time.

  226. Robin says:

    Its almost noon on Sat and I am stuck will someone PLEEEAAASSSEEE help me I’m on the left panel I can’t figure out the code or sequence to get the key out and does the tiny button on the top left corner of the case have anything to do with opening it? This is one of many questions I need help with so would someone HELP ME!!!!!!!

  227. HAROLD says:



  228. Lulu says:

    I’ve gotten pretty far on my own, but i just dont know what to do with some of the codes. like 1. a4 and 2. b1 and 3. c4 etc etc etc. i see the piano when i use the UV light on one of the things with the colors, but what does it mean?
    i feel stupid but it took me a while to figure out that i needed to use the swiss knife to open the vial. and the white soundbox i got quickly, you just need to listen to hear the right pattern to unlock it

  229. Price says:

    where r the magnets and wat is the code for the slider safe thing

  230. how do i unscrew the chair

  231. rin says:

    where do I find the swiss knife?

  232. Perry says:

    I stick the wrench in the hole where the chair was screwed down but I don’t get batteries for UV light?

  233. So, I was very frustrated with a certain aspect of this escape game. The tools are a hassle to use. You cannot navigate the room while one is selected and this results in WAY too much clicking. Other than that it was fun… but I caved and googled a walk-through XD I got sick of clicking everything XD

  234. Nunyabusiness says:

    I finally did it! :)

  235. Walker says:

    Hi. Love the game, but I’m stuck. Where the heck do you get the magnet? Is it in the safe that’s inside the briefcase? WHERE IS IT?

  236. cliveawalsh says:

    Stuck with the sliders HELP!!!! The sound box is driving me (and my dog) nuts

  237. nyman says:

    what do i do once i open the brief case and the outlet?

  238. doug says:

    We need help opening the key on the wall with the colour coded buttons! HINTS please

  239. chris says:

    my laser says 2R38LxxR49L & xx is 28. how do i open the safe

  240. Nance says:

    can someone please post the solutions? =(

  241. Ben says:

    Really fun, but can’t figure how to open the left pannel with the color code! Any hint?

  242. James says:

    Hah hah hah! I spent an hour clicking around, wondering how to actually use any of the items I found, when I decided on a whim to switch from Firefox to Internet Explorer. Now I can see the inventory at the bottom of the game window! Wasn’t there when I was using Firefox!

  243. Daniel says:

    i still can’t open the safe. i got the combination from the laser and the xx but i don’t know why it wont open. how do i use the combination correctly??

  244. Freshie says:

    I’m still so confused with this puzzle. Got the chair moved, briefcase open, safe open … Need hints on speaker ‘safe’ code, colored dice, colored buttons, wrench to get magnets… just one clue is enough, I don’t want the answer but some hint.

  245. Facebook User says:

    how do i get the damn floor board to stay up…? im sure theres something there…

  246. Rick Haviland says:

    Stuck with thhe batteries, don’t know where to go from here……but I will not give up, wish me luck!

  247. cliveawalsh says:

    Ok, Green exit sign and Im outa here. Solved

  248. cliveawalsh says:

    Ok Green exit sign and Im outa here. Solved

  249. lisa says:

    This is driving me totally crazy. I’m playing it for hours, but I can’t solve it. How do I get the right combination to open the radio transceiver? And how do I open the panels to get the keys? Please help or I will die of hunger and thirst in this room ;)!!

  250. KATH says:


  251. Sarah says:

    that was a pain even with hints

  252. Sheryl says:

    It can’t be done. There is NO magnet in that wrench. I’ve been at this for two days!!!

  253. Mary says:

    i really need a clue on how to figure out the color codes!!! i found out the one witht the die but now I’m stuck.

    perhaps there was something i missed with the UV light?? it gave me a lot of clues but i can’t make any sense of them. i do kno.w it has something to doo with that note that says GOOD LUCK

  254. David says:

    I’m doing pretty well but am stuck on the safe with the coloured buttons, i assume it is something to do with the coloured cube and the colour coded letters in the briefcase but i still cant get the safe to open. Can anyone help?

  255. Dummy Head says:

    No idea how to get the color code to get the key. And What the hell does xx = 11 mean. I am sure it is another diget for the safe but this is screwed up. I am a dummy…Help???

  256. jon says:

    where do u find the uv light?

  257. RW says:

    Where do you find the AA batteries?

    Any tips for using the noisemaker?

  258. SleepingSheep says:

    You can open the white sound maker by listening to its sound.

    When you press the PLAY button while you haven’t changed anything, it will make 5 (equal) low-pitched sounds.
    Try to find the right combination by listening to those sounds. Do it like this;
    Start from left to right.

    Change the pitch from the first button, then press play. If the pitch is wrong, it will still make 5 low-pitched ‘beeps’. If you get the pitch correct, the first tone will be higher. After that, don’t change the pitch of the first button and continue with the second. If you get the pitch of the second one right, the sound maker will produce different sounds.

    Continue like this with the next buttons until you get 5 (equal) high-pitched sounds.

    Right then, press the EJECT button and you’ll be able to open that thing. Inside you’ll find a note and an instruction for something important. ;D


    15 items and stuck. Greeaaaat. >_>

  259. Tyago says:

    I got both panels open but I can’t figure out the color combinations to get the keys

  260. Michael says:

    Aargh!! How the hell do you unscrew the chair? This game is driving me nuts!

  261. Aaron says:

    I have the da vinci safe open. moved the chair. the noise maker and the 3 batteries in the laser pointer and the brief case open. how do i get the magnet?

  262. Mike says:

    My time at this type of challenge. Very intriguing and addictive. I haven’t solved it just yet, but thanks to all of you for your comments and hints.

  263. Malia says:

    I need the magnet to use on the socket wrench in the holes where the chair was so that I can retrieve the batteries for the UV light. How do I find it? I have: colored cube, gold brick, sound box, UV light, swiss army knife, ‘Good Luck’ note, Di Vinci code hint note, laser pointer, vial and four bolts.

  264. Jack says:

    I am making really good progress, but the colored cube doesn’t make sense to me. Any hints would be appreciated.

  265. lydia says:

    ahah…. can someone help me please??
    I don’t know how to get the key which opens the colour code. Thanks ^^

  266. dacap says:

    How can me open the rigth panel?

  267. Mike says:

    Pardon me; I meant ‘first time’

  268. Anonymous says:

    Love this sort of game but suck at it lol.
    I played a scary scarlet room game before, not sure if it’s the one mentioned above, will keep going at this game…

  269. urosh says:

    what’s up with that safe, i’ve got the combination but it doesn’t open.

  270. person says:

    when you are opening the safe it will atomacticly turn to the in the direction in the lazer, it will keep turning that way untill you get the number perfectly then once you get the code right it will zoom out thats when you click the handle to the safe and volia its opend

  271. Leon Haidvogl says:

    now i got the laserpointer and it says
    14R38LXXR37L. I suppose L=Left and R=is Right
    According to the paper XX=53 and i’m sure it’s the code for the safe… so i used it but nothing happend. any idea why?

  272. Daniel says:

    how do i open the second panel???

  273. Kidsrock12347 says:

    Is there something you need to open this suitcase or am i just that stupid!!??

    How do u open the stinking suitcase??? please help!!!

  274. Demetri says:

    well, I spent 2 hours solving it..
    so for the guys who cannot do it yet here are some hints:
    to open the safe u need the combination from the laser pen.. just put the numbers it gives u ignoring the letters appart from the XX… just exactly the way you will open a real safe.. lol
    To open the “radio” just adjust the levels so that u only hear the high note.

    if u cant figure it out u could always google:
    sagrario’s room escape guide.

  275. Carla says:

    When you click on the ‘i’ from the penknife, it zooms in. When you click on the knife you can change it into a knife, screwdriver etc. You need it to open the testglass with the little note. On this note you find a hint you need to open the safe.
    I like this game, although it’s not easy to play.

  276. Daniel says:

    WOOT! Managed iT! Some help:

    Safe: XX in the paper= XX in the laser light L=left R=Right so ex: 31L means choose 31 clicking on the left side of the safe

    Board on floor: put gold bar on it, then use knife to cut the string, then get the UV light.

    Left Panel: Resembles a piano, so each button resembles a note: C D E F G A B, and look inside briefcase and look at logo (letter and color)… get it now (letters not in logo are no color)

    Right Panel: Click on the spacebar looking button and record the colors that appear in order, then us UV light on die and figure out waht what numbers each color mean, so then put that on the grid (ex: 5 are the 4 dots and 1 in middle, so put that design in the grid) based on each color


  277. Mia Reilly says:

    I’ve opened the safe and got the code form the UV light but I can’t seem to figure out the color code and the color cube…What’s with all the letters in the code(UV Code) is it for the 2nd panel thingie, I haven’t opened the 2nd panel yet…

  278. Martin says:

    Use the knife and remove the magnet from the speaker in the “noise box”. THen put the magnet and the end of the wrench. Use the wrench in the holes on the floor to remove 4 batteries.

    What to do with those batteries? Someone thalked about a blacklight… Where to find this?

  279. betty says:

    Magnet is inside of the sound machine,use the knife.

  280. Tab says:

    The magnet can be found inside where the electrical socket is. I will leave it to you how to get to it.
    My problem is figuring out the code on, what I hope is, the last safe.
    Major clue reported many many times already is the blacklight. It what blacklights do best.

  281. ☺help!!☺ says:

    O.k I’ve onnly been doing this for about half an hour or somthing and all I have is the tube with a little peice of paper and a folded piece of paper.!! Can somebody anyone please help me.I’ve read alot of the comments and everything is waaaaayy farther that where I am!! Please help me!!

  282. Malia you need to open the sound box, if you press play you listen to 5 low pitch sounds, you want to listen to 5 high pitch sounds, start from the first one, test teach position until you hear one high and 4 low pitch sounds and keep going.

  283. blah blah says:

    plzzzzz help

  284. Jessie says:

    Please someone i am so stuck if anyone could please just give me the full cheats, I’ve been working at this puzzle for ages and i just cant get much out of it please!!!!!!! thanks :)

  285. Gnats bug me says:

    help? please?
    I’ve searched. All I have is a piece of folded paper, the tube with a message inside, two little batteries and a key. Can some genius please come along and grant me one hint?

  286. blah blah says:

    i cant open the second panel but i hafe found the dots on the dice just dont know how to use them :( pleas help :D

  287. Sam says:

    Has any one got past the Magnets a got the batteries and used the UV light but how do i put in the d4 thing in i know they are piano keys but it says d3 too and there is only one key and if i push it 7 times it is back to no color

  288. jr says:

    SHINE THE BLACKLIGHT ON ‘EVERYTHING’, even the items in your tool list! There are lots of hidden clues the the blacklight shows you. You must also be familiar with the keys on a piano for one of the color locks.

  289. a says:

    I’m an escape-the-room fanatic. I love these games and I’ve never seen this one before. Solved the whole thing in under an hour without any help.

  290. Adams Bounty says:

    Flash the UV lights on the cube to read numbers…it should read (at least this is what mine read):
    Yellow = 6
    Red = 4
    Light Blue = 2
    Pink = 5
    Dark Blue = 1
    Green = 3

  291. Melissa says:

    Where do i find this uv light?

  292. Gnats bug me says:

    wow I”m so stupid. nevermind, it’s all good. this is cool!

  293. Bobe says:


    Finally got it.
    To get the magnet, you have to open the music box (keep switching each dial until you get a different toned beep) then use the knife and click on the speaker thing to get the magnet

  294. se says:

    you can use the gold bar to hold the floor board up, but I haven’t figured out how to look inside

  295. migz says:

    yay! after bloody and excruciating 3 hours! and with the help from the radio cuz i dont have sounds

    i got out!

  296. Bobe says:

    HINT FOR Panel on Right.

    On the keypad, draw the dots on the dice

  297. Vipereen says:

    I am stuck at the combo for the light code panel and how to keep the floor board up. Any clues?????

  298. Bobe says:

    Wooo. Took my a while to get the last panel but I looked closely at the GOOD LUCK and I got it. First time I ever solved an Escape the Room game without a walkthrough.

  299. Ethan says:

    WHAT AND THE @$#$?!?!?!?!?!?! i’ve opened everything i can, and this @#$% is $#!@-ing me off!!!

  300. DBALH says:


  301. Mike Miller says:

    Yea. I just found the exit. great game – give me more.

    A few clues for those who are still trapped in the room:

    DaVinci-Tresor: the Numbers from the Laser are NOT the numbers of clicks. if there is 53R turn the wheel in R or L-Direction to the positon 53. etc.

    1. Color-Planel: Translate the Sticker from the Suitcase into Piano-Keys.

    2. Color-Planel: use uv-light at some items.

    3. Color-Planel: tricky.. first you have to locate it. you will need uv-light, the good-luck Note and the note from the music-box to enter the code.

    The message at the end looks to me like spain:
    “Concratulations. You have completed the Exit-game. Thanks for playing.”

  302. rawr says:

    i got the UV light but how do i turn it on???? plz msg me

  303. mer1103 says:


  304. tay says:

    what did i find under in the corner? i got it, just dont know what it is.

  305. jyllsmom says:

    I can’t seem to figure out how to hold the plank down or the colored sequence lock!! Anyone?

  306. Ronald Torres Labardini says:

    i simply can`t manage the panels, i have the three panels opened, but can`t solve it. completely stucked.

  307. vany says:

    please people help me!!!!how do u unscrew the chair???

  308. A says:

    Can’t open the DaVinci safe, got the code and XX, but still won’t open. What do i do?

  309. Th says:

    Damn..! It’s HEAVY..
    I have open the davinci code
    and got the batteries for the blacklight
    But I can’t do anything about the colour combination… Any hints???
    PLEASE help..
    I’ve been working on it for over 2 hours now ;)

  310. Th says:

    The time dosn’t match…?
    The one I wrote before was at 11 pm

  311. Terry Foss says:

    I can’t figure out the color boxes or where to get the third watch battery,or to unscrew the chair… I am going crazy but am now more detrermined than ever to finish this..

  312. Freshie says:

    AAhhh…. help needed, what do I do about the color code in the left panel? I don’t have eny idea how to use the silly cube or briefcase code, and where did you all find the gold brick? Feeling ashamed of myself :-(

  313. jyllsmom says:

    for the color code. did you find the blue light yet? You need that. I can’t figure out the other beside it now!!!

  314. awesomeness says:

    “@awesomness can you help me with … ”

  315. Josh says:

    Wow, i had to use a walkthrough for a few parts, but now that i know how to do it, this is fairly simple

  316. Barb says:

    The magnet is inside the sound box. It is the back of the speaker.

  317. anonymous says:

    OMG I FINALLY FINISHED IT!!!!! BTW, the message at the end means:congratulations. You have successfully comleted game. thanks for playing

  318. Sam says:

    Got it. It took me a while, but well done. A word of advice, don’t overlook anything. Every hint is important. For the color code, you don’t need to punch all colors, the suit case is the key. Good luck.

  319. Barb says:

    Use the black light on everything.

  320. Josephine says:

    Where do you find the third key? I have two for the box in the briefcase but no idea where the last one is. Can someone give me a push in the right direction.

  321. Tracy says:

    I can’t even get the barking suitcase open!

  322. renee says:

    i found a note under the chair but can yall plz tell me some clus i will google dont mAKE ME USE GOOGLE THEN I WILL BE THE MASTER LOL

  323. Preston says:

    I got the key to open the brief case but IDK got to open it? I have clicked all over it but will not open idk what to do, also how do you open that second hidden wall panel?

  324. Howard says:

    Just when I am completely ready to give up something works. this is a great puzzle. I am totally frustrated.

  325. Francine says:

    Need a hint on where to find the magnet…please help!

  326. How do I find the magnet? Need a hint

  327. Corcian says:


    Justo not find the correct “Chess” code… no sense… i do as de words say… but nothign happens… Anyone can help?

    Is the box with the third key… ¡ahhh!


  328. mike says:

    Do not know how to do anything with this puzzle,is there not any instructions on how to use items you find?

  329. Nishtha says:

    Im going crazyyyy. But it is awesome!

  330. a_snail says:


    Left pannel was definitally the hardest one.

    Partial Spoiler: Where I kept doing wrong with those puzzles is that you don’t have to set every button, they are all effectivly pin numbers you enter, so look around to find something that matches the style of the puzzle

    Spoiler: For the left pannel, look for something that involves the piano notes (letters A to G, I had to use Google to get a picture of what keys on the piano refer to which letter/note) and a colours for those letters. Don’t forget, your entering a pin number, any notes you don’t have a colour for should be grey/no colour and there will be a few of them.

  331. The Pianist says:

    |C| |D| |E| |F| |G| |A| |B|
    Hint: keys

  332. Raymond says:

    up to opening the wrench. where can i find such a magnet? almost finished, i think

  333. MIGGY says:

    Ok so good game, just in case anyone needed it, theres a washer you can take from the noise machine , just use the knife on the back of the speaker

  334. Raymond says:

    wat are the AA batteries for???

  335. Apple says:

    Where do I find the magnet? I knowhow to use it because I’ve already opened the white sound maker but I just can’t seem to find the magnet. AND I have no idea how to get the right combination for either of the color panels with the key locked inside.

  336. JoGoFo says:

    I’m as far as finding the hidden panel, and I’ve got the 8 coordinates for the keys to be pressed – but 2 of them are the same. How does that work??

  337. Shawn Tucker says:

    Whew! Passed it. Very fun. Had a little help on some ideas from my partner, but no real hints, and finally got through it. The biggest hint was the tone generator.

  338. David says:

    yay! Cracked it!

  339. samantha says:

    omg i finally got it lol

    that took forever to do

  340. littlecreature says:

    um what is the thing behind to breifcase and how do you use it?

    and what is the colour code thing…


  341. splash says:

    how can i open the da vinci code??

  342. splash says:

    how can i move the chair?

  343. Troy Cobb says:

    I wasted a lot of time before realizing that I needed to zoom in to be able to see the full picture.

  344. Michael says:

    is there any walkthroughs with these? can anyone make a walkthrough? its driving me nuts!

  345. lou says:

    ok. i give up i need a walkthrough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  346. N says:

    pleease vurdlack give us more hints! I have got the 2 magnets, test tube and a strange key but i cant get anything else! Give us more hintssss :SSSS

  347. N says:

    and the times rong coz i sent that last one at 11:45 and this 1 at 11:47

  348. splash says:

    where can i find the magnet and the uv light??

  349. hannah says:

    I have completed it, for those who want help on the speaker you need to move the dials so all the notes are higher pitch, each dial is a note, once you have this the magnet is inside, to get inside you press eject. you need to use some kind of knife to get the magnet from the back of the speaker.

  350. splash says:

    right now i’ve found the megnet in the back of the speaker of the sound maker,but i can’t find the uv light even if i have already got batteries

  351. splash says:

    i’ve just found the magnet on the back of the speaker of the noise maker\and i’ve found the batteries,but i can’t found the UV light; help,please i can’t found it!!! (i don’t Know even what a are gold bar and the bolts for!!)

  352. kes says:

    how do i open the hatch on the right??? need the gold bar!

  353. Camila says:

    Loved it! Please post more escape room games!

  354. Elliot says:

    I dont get it at all havnt done any of it lol

  355. Elliot says:

    dont get how to get the colour code

  356. Harriet says:

    where is the 3rd key, i need this so much, please please please help me!!!!!!

  357. zigstarr74 says:

    cool puzzle…i got stuck on the music box and the light panel…i ended up with the same codes but jus played around and found it….
    this is called sagrarios room there are lots of walkthroughs should YOU need one xxxx lol xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  358. Harriet says:

    i know its irritating but I GOT OUT! yay!
    tip; the last panel is on the wall with the breifcase,UV.

  359. Facebook User says:

    1) Put the gold bar on the floorboard and cut the little string you see with the swiss knife. -Keep in mind that you can change the tool of the knife by clicking on it.
    2) Put the AA batteries in the flashlight
    - if you dont have the last AA battery, use the swiss knife to cut open the socket and try some other tools in the knife to unscrew it. Inside lies the 3rd AA battery
    3) Use the code from the flashlight to open the safe (__right___leftXX( the # for XX is in the test tube, use the cork screw on the swiss knife to get it out.)right___left)~I’m not quite sure how to open the volt though….
    4)Incase you are a little confused, the key you find behind the briefcase is used fot the little..’power sign’ on the side of the da vinci thingy and the key you find inside you use on the briefcase.

  360. Crap says:

    The magnet won’t work on the rachet

  361. Managed most of it but I can’t find the hidden panel for the third key. Anyone give me a pointer?

  362. @ littlecreature Use it on the davinci painting.

  363. Hi plz help, got stuck. Can’t find the other two keys for the box in the briefcase. Can’t open the panel on the rigth side. Note: I could not have solve the color code puzzle without the help of pianist.

  364. can’t find the blacklight, help

  365. catherine says:

    Thanks to daniel for his helpful if not a bit confusing explanation i of the right use of the colour cube i managed it within 2 days


  366. Francesco says:

    yessss I got it!!!
    it took me about an hour and half :)

  367. roxxi says:

    to open the right hatch just hold on to the button until it opens.

  368. Hey Finished! Loved it! @ Enrique look under the floorboard!.

  369. Matheus says:

    how I get the third key?
    i have the notes, d1, d2, d3, a4, b1, c2, b1, b2

    helpe ME PLEASEEEE

  370. glitched says:

    the chess board one is glitched, i got to it, put in the code and nothing. so i look up a walkthrough, i was doing everything right. i start over get the the chess board and again nothing, its because some of the numbers repeat ex i had b3 twice. i am giving up on it, i know that if it wasnt glitched i would have gotten out.

  371. JR says:

    Yeah I looked under the floor board and there’s nothing under there…. why?

  372. Matt says:

    For the love of god, maybe Im just an idiot but what IIISSSS????? the color combination, I cant match numbers or letters to colors, I see the picture inside of the briefcase with AEBC on it but cant get it out or apply it to the cube, it just doesnt seem to make any sense. Anyone?

  373. Adam says:


    Its not a glitch. 2 of mine were the same as well. You have to rearrange the codes using another clue.

  374. hiiiiiiiii says:

    Where’s the swiss knife?

  375. Francesco says:

    glitched, try with the UV, and maybe, GOOD LUCK :-)
    you’re almost there!!

  376. Jone says:

    @awesomness i cant find the batteries for the uv light and i cant open the socket. plus how do u get the safe in the DaVinci painting open?

  377. Jone says:


  378. jake says:

    whats thecube for?

  379. Facebook User says:

    is anyone still helping on this? I cant get the keys out and I cant find a floor board!

  380. Jone says:


  381. JJ says:

    How can I get the key in the left panel… I got stuck whit the piano. plis HELp

  382. splash says:

    i did it!!!

  383. Facebook User says:

    use the knife od the swiss knife to reval the screws. then use the screwdriver of the knife to get the screws out

  384. spam says:

    what do you do with the radio?????

  385. scotto says:

    Okay frustrated people:

    to get the magnet, put the swiss army knife on the blade setting.
    then open the white sound box.
    with the swiss army knife selected, CLICK ON THE CIRCLE PART ON THE INSIDE OF THE SOUND BOX.
    now that you have the magnet, put it on the wrench and stick the wrench in the chair holes to get batteries for the UV light.

  386. Pec says:

    wow! I got it after two hours! great puzzle! post more of this…

  387. Demor says:

    Did it, took some time but got a polite word in Spanish, wich probably said: “gongrats and see you”, or something.

    This is cool.

  388. ordorica says:

    Finished! Oh, this game is so cool!
    BY the way, in the button panel that you discover with the UV light, the order of the buttons is this.
    A B C D

  389. Marvin says:

    where do i get the knife?

  390. hfrje says:

    the floor board is in the right corner of the wall with the brief case. put the gold bar on it to hold it up, then cut the string with the knife. Put the gold bar away and click on the board. BTW what is the color code?

  391. I needs help says:

    Umm… can anyone post a walkthorugh link or something in stuck … I just need the second key, the second panel with 9 buttons and requires the cube I think… :D thx~

  392. luigi says:

    Chess Code. What I have to do with GOOD LUCK????

    12 3 4 12 3 412 3 4 12 3 41234 1 23412

    is it to solve at this way???
    I try it now ca. 2 hours, it’s time to get help.
    Thank you very much.

  393. Wolfrick says:

    What an outstanding creation! This was awesome.
    Frustrating in parts, but that’s part of the overall fun. I had a great time playing this puzzle, and definitely want to see more like this in future.
    I went and played the Crimson Room as a break from the left panel, and enjoyed that one too.
    Good luck to everyone else still working on this one! Keep trying, don’t assume anything, and try things in different ways.

  394. hfrje says:


  395. Vipereen says:

    Okay, I think I have everything except the good luck keypad and the color cube keypad. Any help would be great?????

  396. luigi says:

    Ok, i find now with the UV Light on the Gold bar that GO= b1 and in the safe that CK= c4 and in the ground that OD= d2 and at last in the power socket that LU=b1
    together with the note in the radio it makes 8 codes.
    nevertheless It doesn’t work??????

  397. jorrdantynes says:

    how do i get in the safe??

  398. Common says:

    AWESOME!! Very challenging. More of these games would be awesome.

  399. luigi says:

    yeahhhhhh 3 hours later:-)
    Thats the way!

    now combine it like the note GOOD LUCK.

  400. Shoshona King says:

    Got it! Took about an hour… Post more of these as they come. Thanks for the puzzle.

  401. luigi says:

    Chess panel


    X= check
    O= blank

  402. luigi says:

    Sorry, above is a failure
    now the correct one

    Chess panel


    X= check
    O= blank

  403. luigi says:


  404. (: says:

    yay! completed!!!!

    need help?

    umm, lots of ppl seem to need help with the floorboard. first you need the gold bar to weigh one side down. after, you need the swiss knife…hope this helps.

  405. mitikyry says:

    @awesomeness – Can’t figure out what to do with the speaker tone thing. Tried all high pitches and hit eject and can’t get anything to happpen. Know that magnet on back helps light the UV but can’t figure it out.

    Also have tried color combos for CDEFGAB as suggested for the safe but no luck. No luck on the other pin code either. Have tried combos from the suitcase hint but no luck.

    Can you help?? Please!

  406. Cyd Slater says:

    Beat me
    Got totally lost
    Does it work?

  407. Lindsay says:

    where did this come from originally?

  408. Lilly says:

    what blue light where is that

  409. andres canas says:

    where is the floor board? where is the string?

  410. Ruxii says:

    How do i open the DaVinchi safe thing..i got the numbers but it wont open.. ):

  411. Dean says:

    Help me. Got everything except the cube. Got the numbers but can’t figure out how to use them on the key pad.

  412. awesomeness says:

    along the LEFT side at the bottom is a keyhole, covered by a small battery. Take the battery, and you can fit the silver key inside. Vitruvian Man lifts up to reveal a combination safe and a black key.

  413. Scott Ely says:

    hold button on right hidden panel. it will take a few seconds. use gold inside to prop up floor. use knife to cut the spring inside.

  414. Scott Ely says:

    i do NOT get this chess board. not sure how to unscramble codes.

  415. douglas says:

    thay aint magnets,test tube is like opening a bottle of wine,and key?? i believe da vinci was lower left handed

  416. Greg says:

    Somebody owes me two hours of my life. I was supposed to be working… instead of getting sucked into a game.

  417. Barb Shear says:

    I absolutely LOVED this puzzle. It took me a few hours and several pages of notes, but I made it out, then wished I could do it again! Thanks for this!

  418. Peter Gorham says:

    Thanks to zigstarr74 for the reference to walkthroughs and the puzzle name.

    I don’t have the time nor patience to spend on stuff like this, but I do enjoy working on it with the hints to consult periodically. Very impressive puzzle. With about 2.5 hours and a few looks at the walkthrough, I got out.

    Maybe someday I’ll get retired and than have time to indulge!

    Big congrats to those who persevered and solved this with no hints!!

  419. Zach says:

    What a great puzzle!!

  420. jyllsmom says:

    I am having a terrible time with the chess board! Can anyone give me a hint? I have found 4 codes along with the codes on the note and still can’t do it!!!

  421. Leon Haidvogl says:

    I know what to do with the radio/soundbox-thing
    but how do i handle it? The system seems to be quite illogical

  422. felixnovus says:

    finally. this thing sure takes a lot of time to complete. but a lot of fun as well. I am really looking forwards to see more in future.

    I am going to give a few more hints for those you are becoming desperate xD

    1. Use UV light on every item and every location in the room.

    2. in the da vinci combination lock, R means turn clockwise, L means counter clockwise. till the number is reached. it’s the typical way of opening this kind of locks. Do a research online if still not clear. Might be useful in daily life too .. lol

    3. for opening checker lock, rows are in 1,2,3,4 and columns are in a,b,c,d

    4. for Piano lock, refer to the sticker in the suitcase

    5. for cube lock, six led lights on top of the num pad has a specific sequence in color. refer to that and DRAW!!

    By the way, codes in this game are different for each player, which means you cannot just use the codes others found out.

    good luck

  423. Edu says:

    What is a1 d1 b4 c1??? what i have to do whit that???? any help please

  424. DeathRex says:

    Remember, guys. A lot of this stuff aside from the placement of the items is random. So the code you used to get past a certain puzzle, wont work for someone else stuck on that same problem. For instance the Chess Board Puzzle – you are given the first 4 spots use the UV light to find the other 4 but you have to scramble the letters and numbers around based upon the good luck paper. So really. if you want to help people solve the puzzles post how you came to your solution not the solution itself, because otherwise the people are right back where they started.

  425. edoardo says:

    where is the magnet??? please!!!!

  426. edoardo says:

    where is the magnet? please i’m desperate!!

  427. mothertiggy says:

    wow this was hard never done one of these befor started yesterday slept on it and finnally got there yay

  428. nh88 says:

    someone please help! I can’t find the magnet anywhere!!! i think that’s the thing i need next as i can’t use the uv light until i do!


  429. springseaweed says:

    Yattaaaaaaaaa!!!!!! Yatto owattaaaaaa!! Arigato! all of your guys help! This is great game. Subarashii : )

  430. nh88 says:

    don’t worry i had it just didn’t realise it was a magnet :)

  431. nh88 says:

    DONE! OMG that was fun but so tricky! Whoever said they did it in 2 mins – blatently lying! This has taken everyone else hours to do!

  432. x-files says:


    How can I open the radio box, tried to open it with the knife but there wasn’t any respond.

    Is there any spot on the radio for me to open it ??

  433. Jop says:

    Great. I escaped (with a little help)

    Please post more of these games! love them

  434. Facebook User says:

    scotto-thanks for trying to help. But still the white sound box wont open nomatter what tool i do or dont use or where on it I click!

  435. jonn says:

    how do i get the uv light and i cannot figure out the 2 code things…. help please

  436. Anonymous says:

    Free at last! I found the handle and escaped! That was funstrating! (fun + frustrating). Naturally, I cheated. Although, even when cheating in these kinds of games, you still have to work for it! Good luck to everyone who hasn’t escaped yet! To anyone who managed to escape WITHOUT cheating: GOOD JOB!! You must be really smart! Or you play games way too much. Whichever! :D Yay!!

  437. Daniel says:

    how do get the right code for colored buttons???
    and how do i open the right panel???

  438. what is the thing on the keychain?

  439. Franko says:


    For those of you who cant figure out the chess thing: if u found all the letter of GOOD LUCK with UV, write down “good luck” on paper with the found codes beneth them. now shine the UV at the GOOD LUCK paper in game and connect the dots (the lines tell u which letters and numbers to combine) i had this example:

    a3b3 d4a4 which became: a3 a2 b4 d4


    ps. GREAT GAME! really would love more

  440. asdf says:

    i cant open he color lock please help

  441. Kron says:

    If ONE more person says, “Wow, fun and easy! I did that in 10 minutes!” I’m gonna smack ‘em!!!!!!!!

  442. Craig says:

    How do I active the Blacklight?

  443. Steve says:


    Usted ha comletado el juego con exito.

    Gracias por jugar.

    The chessboard one was tricky.

    ***spoiler below, don’t read unless you want clues!!!***
    Here’s some tips:
    The color pad and cube – click through the colors first and note the order. you have to key in the correct positions BEFORE the color LED lights up… not after!

    On the chess board. The good luck codes have to be shuffled. There is a diagram for the shuffling… use the UV light on all the items you have!!

  444. SOCKZZ says:


  445. Samuel says:

    How i can use the UV ? i´m dessesperate

  446. Edu says:

    im stunk whith the cube box, somebody knows wich number have ich button?

  447. jazzysnana says:

    Thanx for the info on the time differences now I know I’m not completely crazy, just partially. I am lovin this but I can’t seem to figure out the hidden panel I found it I just can’t open it. I can’t make sense of the GOOD LUCK note HE-E-E=E=L-L-P!!!!!!! PLEASE

  448. prnflx says:

    where is the chess mat

  449. Kron says:

    Why is there no link to find the answers or more organized hints, etc.????

  450. MissGabriella says:

    PLEASE HELP i am stuck… I need help on the 2 locks that have the key inside. they color cubes.. please if anyone can help out. also I removed the chair from the bolts now WHAT??

  451. jooeeehoeeee says:

    can some one tell me how to open both of the color pads that unlock the 2 keys, i dont understand how to open them

  452. jooeeehoeeee says:

    and can someone tell me what to do on the sound machine?

  453. ashley8u says:

    why cant we just unhinge the door! we have a pocket knife to unhinge it with and a chair to stand on so we can reach the top hinge >.<

  454. insanity says:

    ok, Ive clicked the chair holes at least 100 times, no battery comes out, any help?

  455. EMM says:

    This was great fun! It took about 4 hours and a few hints from others, but fun!! Please post more of these.

  456. Ron says:

    OK… so where is the ANSWER? This is just frustrating… if no answer is forthcoming, then I really don’t like this…

  457. kurby says:

    Why can’t I see an inventory of items when I find them? Each time I find an item it disappears and it is nowhere to be found so I can use it to open/do something. Any suggestions?

  458. rohith says:

    can sm one tell me hw to look behind the suitcase … i got a tube containing a letter … and 2 batteries and a gold bar ,,

  459. luis says:

    WTF!!! ok i got the safe open, unscrewed the chair, moved it but now i dont know what to do with the cube or the nugget of gold!!

  460. trish says:

    cant find another battery for the uv light… am lost about the radio, my friend started this and now i cant stop trying to figure it out.. please please help!! :)

  461. shruti says:

    wow wat a game !!!!
    i’ve throttled my head over this for about 2 hrs……………. n can’t get out !!!!

    BTW can someone tell me where’s d swiss knife ????

  462. samantha says:

    so if your working on the darn sound box like crazy and it’s not working here it is. the first slider needs to be on the second line. the second slider needs to be on the second to the last line. The third slider needs to be on the third line up. The fourth slider needs to be on the last line. The fifth slider needs to be on the second line.

  463. Jessie says:

    Where do you get the music box??????!!!!!!!!! Everybodies talking about the music box but i dont have it!!!! this is driving me absolutely crazy!!!!! I’ve been at this for a day! Help please!

  464. Adriana says:

    Sweet!!! Got out!!

  465. lucifer says:

    for 3 ****ing days!!!
    i made it at last!!!
    nice puzzle!!
    incredible…..i like it much!!
    love it!

  466. Tarma says:

    Im stucked in the cubic color, i opened the suitcase, i got the UV light, i have 2 batteries, some paper, the multiused knife, blabla, but no idea what to do with the cubic and the panels,and i have problems to find out the way to open box behind the picture. How did you remove the chair from door, dude?

  467. Tarma says:

    OK, i resolve the left color panel.

    I got the UV light, but i use it on items and places and it doesnt work, just do nothing, i have to activate it somehow?

  468. Jay Enef says:

    I’m totally stumped.
    -Test tube: can you open or break it?
    -Round key found behind suitcase? Does that open it and how? I click/pick up the key and click that over every part of the suit case but nothing happens.

    Anyone find a walkthrough?

  469. Matt says:

    How do you get past the colored blocks?

  470. Norman Bailey says:

    That was a good puzzle :)

    Tip: Use the UV light everywhere and on every item, it will give you the clues you need!

  471. Tarma says:


    The problems i had:

    Activate UV light: you need to solve the radio puzzle, and get opened the safe. Use the tool from safe to unlocked the chair and move it, there will be holes. Open the radio and with knife scratch the part behind to get a magnet. Put the magnet in the tool and use it in the holes to get batteries for the UV light. Now it works ^^

    Color Cubic: the panel has no numbers, so dont try to use it like a panel number. Once you get the UV light, us it in the color cubic you have from suitcase to check what number is each color. Then go to panel on right and check pressing enter the color led sequency. Now you have to click the number of the color in the same sequency of the leds. the panel is 3×3, you have to “draw” the number in the same way it was one of the cubic sides. That’s all.

    Left panel on wall: you need to get opened the suitcase, and check a note there with four letters with colors. The panel has 7 buttons that change color. if you use UV light you will see that each button has a Piano Key. For who doesnt know, piano key is C D E F G A B (check it in internet), so thats our 7 buttons. Now you only need to color the correct letter you had with the color behind the letter from suitcase.Et voilá!

    I enjoyed it so much, i took me like 5-6 hours with help. For who did this game, the message is: “Felicitaciones. Usted ha completado el juego con éxito. Gracias por jugar.” Im spanish so i translate: Congratulations. You have completed the game succesfull. Thanks for playing. ^^

  472. James Smith says:

    Getting close.. I’ve gotten the 2 keys from the electronic locks. I’ve got all the codes.. 1 thru 4, and the GOOD LUCK codes.. I’ve matched them up per the lines on the paper. Took me about an hour to do all that.

    But now I seem to be stuck.. Can’t figure out where the last puzzle is for the 3rd key. I’m assuming theres a 4×4 grid somewhere for these 8 codes.

    I’ll keep at it..

  473. thingy says:

    Dont get!
    How get past the clloured nlcoks and wheres the UV light
    wat do i do with the key and test tube?

  474. James Smith says:

    Done! I found the dotted line on the wall pretty easy, but took me about half an hour to figure out how to open it.. anyway, once I got it open, I put in my codes that I had already figured out and got the last key.

    I loved this game.. THANKS

  475. Soph says:

    Wat do i do with the first key and test tube with note inside

  476. blabla says:

    where the swiss army knife

  477. tre says:

    Use the uv on the wall behind the suitcase

  478. Hannah says:

    i suck at this game its great but god its frustrating

  479. SOCKZZ says:

    how do you get the magnet

  480. Leon Haidvogl says:

    about the sound machine: you just have to make it play only high tones – to do this try every
    modulator one after another to achieve it

  481. Travisty says:

    “Felicitaciones. Usted ha completado el juego con éxito. Gracias por jugar.” Im spanish so i translate: Congratulations. You have completed the game succesfull. Thanks for playing. ^^

    Thats funny, cause I translate as “Felatio – its good for you its good for me”

    This was lots of fun, but not as fun as felatio ;)

  482. DstroyerOfWorlds says:

    What do i do with the chess board!?!

  483. Facebook User says:

    Okay, can’t find the last battery….got the one by the chair, and the one from the Da Vinci pic…can anyone tell me where the third one is? I have also found the cube, the first key, the board, the note, the letter, knife, etc…..I must be an idiot because this is taking me way toooooooo long.

  484. Matt says:

    Where is the UV light?

  485. love this game but, I AM STUCK! HOW DO I GET THE KEY!? HELP!

  486. HELP ME! says:

    ok. so i keep reading peoples comments and the stupud UV light keeps coming up. HOW THE HELL DO U FIND IT???? searched everywhere! the only thing close is that laser pointer thing. please, please, please help!!!

  487. jakechurchyy says:

    what is the color code for the left side what do you do wuth the cube

  488. Facebook User says:

    My uv light (is that the red laser pen?) does not work on anything. I can read the long number/letter code, but aside from that I can’t seem to get it to do anything. Any other hints?

  489. monicaa says:

    Super game…thanks!

  490. sylvie says:

    i am getting tired of the color code safe….i found the dice dots on the picture of the cube…and i found the led color order and used the numbers with the colors to find the right order, but no matter what way i put in the numbers i can’t get it open….i have seen reference to drawing the nubers and that still isn’t working….help please….i beilieve that this is the last thing i have to do berfore i leave the room….

  491. Jeff says:

    so, i just need a hint on getting batteries and opening the safe…. can anyone help?

  492. joel falk says:

    I loved the Room Escape puzzles – please do more of them.

  493. Jeff says:

    never mind i finally got thru the room!!! whoo!

  494. rotim says:

    how do i open the briefcase?

  495. karlov says:

    where is the UV?

  496. Mmd Kaiss says:

    No comment just take a look —–>
    good luck for you all…
    Never cheat!!!

  497. drew says:

    how do i turn the uv light on!!!!!!!

  498. HAROLD says:


  499. lou says:

    someone please tell me how to open the dotted line on the wall???

  500. lou says:

    i cant figure out the other codes on the paper, do i need them for the chess board to get the last key????????? help

  501. Jez says:

    OMG! After 2 and a half hours, I’m finally done! That was so hard!

  502. Lu... says:

    Ok… where’s the U light? I even have the batteries! but not the UV light!…also what dotted line on the wall?…the pointer tells you the codes from the safe except for 2 digit # that’s inside the test tube… Ok now… where’s the UV light?!

  503. Biggest hint is just make sure you have your SOUND ON!!! spent a bit of time banging my head with that one…

  504. Lu... says:

    Holy Mother!!! Love this game!!! lol! took me a couple of hours! :S

  505. DstroyerOfWorlds says:

    Please tell me what to do with the chess board puzzle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  506. alexandre says:

    yaaay finally i got out!!!

  507. Rick says:

    Got down to the chessboard, got the letters and numbers, unscrambled them with the good luck diagram, put in every permutation (24 different tries)but the key cover won’t open. I start over by turnining off the green lights. What am I doing wrong? Someone help, I know I’m almost done.

  508. Lu... says:

    the dotted line…there’s a button…the uv light …um…batteries?

  509. rara says:

    is there a walkthrough??

  510. Alan P-J says:

    It has been three days now that I have made no progress and it is depressing me.

    I have seen posts talking about a UV light which is needed to see the code on the die. But in the name of charity where do I find the UV light? Please, before I go mad.

    Lou: I by dotted line on the wall you mean the left safe with 7 buttons, you need to note the code on the label of the briefcase. 4 letters on 4 colours. Go to the safe and imafine that the buttons are a piano keyboard (c through i) click the appropriate button enough times to make it the same colour as the background of the letter. good lick

  511. Alan P-J says:

    OOOps sorry, piano keyboard as in CDEFGAB

  512. MherMg says:

    Finally i got out of the damn room !!! It was incredibly hard and frustrating!! took me about 5 hours to complete the game but I really really enjoyed it .. hope there are more games like this one to come!!!
    Use your brain people !!!:D

  513. Thomas says:

    how to open that damn Da Vinci-thing? I can’t even get the picture away so I can enter the safe

  514. Christal says:

    Alrighty well I a, so freaking lost. I don’t understand what everybody is saying about the Uv light and the line one the wall….somebody help please?

  515. Nicolas says:

    I cant get the colours right for the same, can someone help???

  516. Kimberley says:

    How do you open the test tube? It’s driving me crazy! Someone please help me!! THANK YOU!

  517. Kimberley says:

    Nevermind! I finally figured it out! So simple!

  518. what do you do if the objects you find are not visible on your screen?

  519. HELP PLEASE says:

    Please may i have some help

    Ive got the thing from behind the briefcase, test tube, cell battery, gold bar and the note.
    please can somebody tell me what do i do now

    Many Thanks

  520. SamJo says:

    Ok, so a lot of you are asking where to find the UV light. Go to the wall with the Da Vinci picture. Click on the right corner by the floor. It should zoom in. After that click on the floor boards. If you already have the gold bar, put that on the floor board that lifts up when you click on it. (If you dont have the gold bar, its inside the Da Vinci picture that you have to unlock with the key behind the breifcase. Click on the lower left corner of the picture and uncover the key hole because its covered up with a battery for the lazer light thingy) So now its held up but not completely off. Take the swiss army knife and cut the string. Then yaaaay you have the UV light. Now help me D:! I cant find the radio or whatever and the safe wont open. I have the code and Ive tried it a million times but the safe wont open. What radio and how do you make the UV work?? D:

  521. AVoss says:

    Took about 4 & 1/2 hours to get the message:

    Find out urself when u complete it.
    i had the help of a friend
    if u have one

    have fun. good puzle

  522. Rick McCrea says:

    3 days later (i actually had to work sometimes)
    but i finally got it with the help from the others.
    for the cube run through it once to get the correct order for the light across the top. draw the dots from the cube as they are on the pad. see the black light for the correct order on the cube.
    For the chess board use the black light to find all of the clues. in the hole on the floor, in the safe, on the bar of gold and in the light socket. Use the black light on the good luck note to help you map the numbers and letters correctly.
    All else don’t give up… and take a xanex before you start…

  523. mayo says:

    Please help me ! hurry i got to the chess board couple cant understand wat to do the chess board puzzle which consist of 9 button ! what to do ?

  524. Zara says:

    help!!!!! cant figure hw to wrk d radio…
    wz told to move switches until all play highest tone…. i cant seem to differentiate btwn d high and low tones =’(

  525. Zara says:

    help!!!!! cant figure hw to wrk d radio…
    wz told to move switches until all play highest tone…. i cant seem to differentiate btwn d high and low tones =’(
    hw xactly wud u do d radio thing… pls xplain in super detail… :D

  526. star123 says:

    how do you open the safe PLEASE!

  527. star123 says:

    i can’t open the safe. i’ve tried turning it to the code from the laser, in more than one way and it won’t open! i tried to open it before i knew the code by guessing and dont know how to reset it;could this be it?

  528. diabolo says:

    i’ve tried to open the safe using different combinations of the code i get from the laser and its not opening! i guessed a few times before i realised what to do and dunno how to reset it could this be it?

  529. kiersten swaak says:

    ok someone please help me!!!!!! where do u get the gold bar from and how do you open the second slid door, identical to the one with the key and musical buttons in it.

  530. kiersten swaak says:

    what is the code for the safe behind the davinci painting…. PLZ HELP ME I THINK IM LOSING IT!

  531. Iko says:

    Took me some time but there’s enough hints in the comments to get through in an hour or so.

    when you get the uv light working, look everywhere (in the room and in your inventory). but before you need to figure out the sound thingy (see above somewhere). after that it’s a piece of cake.

    for the safe start by turning right (click on the left)

  532. thedudethatgotit says:

    i did it!!! took me forever tho…

  533. thedudethatgotit says:

    good game… it was long hard and fun

  534. No one has answered my question about the fact that I can not see the found objects on the side of my screen to be able to use the items.

  535. heather says:

    how do you get to the chess borad

  536. Kagamiku123 says:

    Amazing, this game is worth playing. Thank you, moillusions.com, for introducing such a game to us and hope you can introduce even more games to the whole world. Once again, thanks!

  537. Jessie says:

    Yes!!! I finally got out! Of course I had to use a walkthrough but I am so glad i finally escaped! It took me a week, but i did it! I hope there will be more puzzles like this in the future, and for all of you guys out there who are still having trouble getting out of the room, go to YouTube and type in ‘ Sagrario’s Room Escape Walkthrough”. Just follow the video, and no matter Where you are in the game, 10 minutes later you will see the green exit sign and be outta there! I hope i helped some of those people who were stuck :).

  538. Yollie says:

    Frustratingly good, I hated every single step, but just couldn’t stop!

    Great one! =D

  539. Matt says:

    I got the laser to work, and got the radio from the safe. Got the chair moved, but still can’t get the uv light to turn on. Is there something special to do to it?

  540. joe says:

    been stuck for a while on the colour coded thing to get to key in the 1st hidden pannel… any sugesttions??

  541. Fenil says:

    Too Gud, Must say…
    though i solved with many hints… but truly Amazing…
    Would love to have such things in future…

    Cracked at Last…

    hint for ppl like me out there…
    - Check with UV light on each places on the room don’t leave any places, go slow…
    - Even check all the things u’ve collected with UV light…

    feels gr8 whn u cack that…. ;)

  542. Trinny Alexia says:

    How in the heck do i open the folder?!
    Dang! Ive been here for hours I have the weird pen thing 2 batteries umm a black key, cube, swiss knife, and test tube.

    how do I open the test tube and folder. I have tried everything!!!!

  543. wrecked says:

    help me out!!, how to opet the safe?? is the gold brick inside?

  544. mayo says:

    Please can any body help me thru th chess puzzle please ?

  545. lou says:

    vurdlak. pleeeeaaasssseee give me the walkthrough!!!!!!!!

  546. wrecked says:

    nevermind, figured it out :D

  547. Karina F. Valdez says:

    I got the radio and its has wierd instructions..
    where do I get a magnet from?
    wait..do i need one?
    how do you get the battery for the UV light?

  548. Karina F. Valdez says:

    yesssss >.<!!

    I did it! I feel as if I've acomplished something great xD

    Now to show this to all my friends and watch them try to solve it :D

  549. ruth says:

    where can I find the magnet?

  550. Lisa says:

    i can’t find the gold bar!

  551. ruth says:

    and where ir the chessboard all people talk about????? PLEASE!

  552. wrecked says:

    passed it, awesome game!!!

  553. doll says:

    how can i switch on the UV light, or is it olready on?7because there is no light! HELP PLEASE!

  554. Kris says:

    OMG it’s really hard! I don’t think I would ever have figured it out alone…

  555. sarah says:

    What is the code to those built in boxes in the walls and the combination is the photo or tell me how to figure it out …thnx…

  556. Jessie says:

    If anyone needs help just say and i can either give you a link for a walkthrough or just hints!!!! Im here!!

  557. Paul Schilling says:

    I know have more items than I know what to do with them…USED the batteries; goldbar; keys; corkscrew; formula for safe; ACQUIRED: Testtube; both left side ‘ATM’s'; briefcase; ratchet; bolts; pointer; and opened Di Vinci;

    Where in this room (I think I know) is the chess board and what do you use to get it open? How on earth do I activate the UV light?

    Thanks in advance for any clues!!

  558. Louboutin says:

    I can’t find the gold bar!

  559. Paul Tomasi says:

    EXCELLENT !! It took me 5 days on-and-off to complete this excellent puzzle. Not overly difficult – more cunning than anything else. Enjoyed deciphering the clues (piano, dice, chequered board). The 4 hidden batteries was very sly. Use of UV light revealed some interesting uses. I savoured every moment and did not want to rush it. The end was sudden and disappointing for me (as it marked the end of my enjoyment) (I may have to revisit 7th Guest). A BIG thank you from me!

  560. Paul Tomasi says:

    ruth… use your UV light – you will find it for sure…

  561. Paul Tomasi says:

    ruth, the magnet is attached to rear of the speaker

  562. Paul Tomasi says:

    lou… what’s the use of taking on a puzzle if you’re not going to rely on your own puzzle-solving skills to complete it?

    Believe me (all and everyone) it is FAR more SATISFYING to solve a puzzle which takes a month of Sundays to crack without help than it is to crack it in an hour or so with the help of others.

  563. Paul Tomasi says:


    Example… ‘b3′ means TWO across (starting at the bottom left corner), three up.

    TWO because ‘b’ is the 2nd letter of the alphabet.

    Enter all 8 letter-number pairs.

  564. valleybob says:

    this is very simple. note that in the lower left corner it says sagrarios room escape. google it.

  565. x says:

    Finally! Wasn’t easy, but i got it! :]

  566. Citrus says:

    My father and I have finally (and succesfully) exited the room!!! My uncle is quite tormented finding the third key!!! LOL =D
    Great game . . . please post more!!!

  567. Natalie says:

    I still don’t get it.. how do I open the second safe? And what am I supposed to do with the UV turned-on light and things like “GO=c3″? Can anybody help please?

  568. David says:

    Wow, this was amazing! I just got it – took me couple of hours :-)

  569. Arnamentia says:

    Just a quick hint for those stuck on the chessboard

    use it like a normal chess board. Letters at the top while numbers go up the side starting with 1. So numbers would look like this on a normal chessboard

  570. Confused says:

    I got the key from the right panel, and can’t figure out the lef one with the colors.

    I got a note that said
    1. c1
    2. a3
    3. c4
    4. b1
    5 to 8 have ink over them.

    I used the UV light on many places and found this:

    Then, using the UV light on the good luck note and following the lines I finished the code which is

    1. c1
    2. a3
    3. c4
    4. b1
    5. a2
    6. a1
    7. d4
    8. d2

    But I have no idea what to do with it.

  571. Confused says:

    Okay, so I googled the arrangement of a keyboard and the letters used for each key/note, and using the colors on the briefcase I opened the right panel and got the key, and judging by the comments I’ve read, all I need the some sort of checkerboard, in which I should be able to use the code I mentioned earlier.

    So how do I get this board?

  572. Ella says:

    How do I unlock the combination lock? Please help.

  573. dd says:

    ok I need the website this is too hard for me

  574. Confused says:

    Never mind. Found it.

    I guess I got a bit desperate but I did it.
    It was very fun, took me about 45-ish minutes.
    Very clever.

  575. Ronnie says:

    Well that took about 2 hours and was….awesome! Not easy, and very fun. I love puzzle games. And I agree with Paul Tomasi, why start something like this if you are going to have someone else tell you how to get through it?

  576. SugarBear says:

    Finally got out. It wasn’t easy but I did it.

  577. Natalie says:

    Sorry but no one can do this alone. Without any help. F.e. the chessboard? Oh please!

  578. TZKhan says:

    im done! hah needed a little help from the comments but im finally done. here are spoilers.

    1) Left panel-you have to imagine it as a piano and put in the colours that match the letters in the briefcase in the right spots.
    2)right panel-you have to see what order of color the dots are and use the dice and the UV rays. (To open panel hold it)
    3) for safe put in code that the laser thing gives you also the xx is what is on that note.
    4)for music box listen to what it sounds like and change the first one until a different sound comes. do that to every line.

    those were a lot of spoilers but i have to let you do the rest.

  579. Evren Ciftci ✔ says:

    i need help!

  580. David says:

    I can’t open the right-panel, how do I open it??

  581. David says:

    Never mind. ;)

  582. David says:

    I dont know how to use the dice and the x-ray thing…

  583. jennifer says:

    how do we open the right key panel?

  584. jennifer says:

    Where is this UV light?

  585. Kristian says:

    I can’t figure out the music box. Please help! Haha

  586. Xamon says:

    I’m Spanish, and i have been a lot of time to make the piano part. In Spain the musical notes are “DO RE MI FA SOL LA SI”, so I didn’t see any important thin in the letters of the briefcase… finally, i had to use google to understand it….

  587. Josh says:

    i dont get the XX=57 thing

  588. wake says:

    How do u open the right panel, suit case, and test tube?

  589. Michelle says:

    OMGosh! This was the worst thing EVER!

  590. Caleb Burke says:

    Yeah! I finally got it after too much over-thinking with the items.

  591. Bosco says:

    Jennifer – It’s actually REALLY simple but I’ll give you a hint and tell you that patience is key! :P

    Kristan – Move all the levers to the top of the speakerbox and press play. Then progressively move one of the levers one notch at a time and pressing play after every time. It helps to put headphones on if needed. Hope this is helpful without giving it away.

    Josh – Just keep you eyes peeled for an “XX” it’ll come up eventually..

  592. Eugenia Aymerich says:

    Do I find neither the chessboard, nor 3 ª key, help?

  593. kirin says:

    haloo.. can anyone help me hoe to open the safe box. i’ve got the clue 10″. but i can’t open it. is there anything else i need before i can open it??

    where to get the UV ray??

    help me.. this game killing me!! arghh

  594. Bryan Hobbs says:

    A4 was incorrect on the checkerboard, after double-checking 4 or 5 times, I spent 20 minutes or so just clicking on different ones, it was C4 (GO said A4} I also had to enter the first key 3 or 4 times before it would open.

  595. kami says:

    ok so i really need help. so far ive gotten both panels and the deavinichi thing open and i got the thing on the wall by the chair, and the note under the chair and i found the board that pops up but thats all. i have the note that has two pictures,a gold bar, a test tube that wont open, a black key and 2 circular things which im assuming that those are the magnents but please can someone tell me what to do next? ;~;

  596. me says:

    How to open right panel to get second key. I got keys 1 and 3 and put them in briefcase, but I am doing something wrong with the right panel. I used UV light on the cube and get matching colors and numbers, I wrote down sequence of colors above keys and tried to enter code, but it is not working.

  597. maakus says:

    I´ve had 4 hours to exit the room with all the hints in the text above. Thanks to everybody.

  598. roxxi says:

    this message is to me. try putting the numbers exactly how they look on the cube.

  599. help.- says:

    as do the safe of the piano?

  600. isk says:

    And where did the third key? I am already safe of the 2
    I need to find the third who tells me pliss

  601. Ellie says:

    okay so i’m trying to get the key from the right pannel.. i have the order of the colors and i have the code from the cube/dice with the numbers, but how to i enter the code into the keypad?

  602. Ellie says:

    nevermind i got that, but now i’m having trouble with the last panel..

  603. roxxi says:

    this message is to help. when you are doing the piano safe, the UV light should help so you know which keys are which letters. the order of a piano is the letters, C,D,E,F,G,A,B.

  604. Graeme says:

    I enjoyed being able to leave the game and resume it another day where i left off, as I do have a life. A very thought provoking puzzle,thank-you.

  605. Patrick says:

    Where is the Third key for the brief case?

  606. lizziebeth says:

    im totally lost how do you do the whole thing?
    somebody tell me please

  607. Caitlyn says:

    HELP! I haven’t even got the first key yet! Can anyone give me some hints or pointers???I appreciate it :)

  608. big spoiler says:

    key behind briefcase=
    lower left corner devinci (under watch battery)
    Devinci Key= brief case
    Devinci,door molding corner, behind socket

    OPEN SOCKET, Swiss knife & Swiss Screw driver.
    LASER POINTER has code to safe minus one number…
    Use swiss cork screw to open vial from Left Panel. Paper says XX=number.

    Safe has what is called the music box and wrench for chair bolts. remove chair bolts.

    MUSIC BOX-make all sliders play highest note. hit eject button. Use army knife to touch back of speaker to remove magnet. Attach magnet to wrench. Use magnet to plunge chair bolt holes to remove 4 batteries.

    BOARD-Go to Right Panel. Hold button for 10 seconds until open. find gold bar. Take gold bar place on corner board. use knife to cut white line which is apparently string.
    click shut and click open to find UV light. Batteries are for UV light.

    UV light everywhere. find third panel above brief case. gold bar/board/safe/socket have jumbled half of code-use good luck UV pattern to decode. Paper = second half. Play battle ship to open.

    Brief case 4 colored squares are for left panel. uv light reveals piano. Enter color code as it would would correspond on a piano to open.

    colored dice is for right panel and is regular dice under UV. Use color code to match dice patterns to keypad.

    Collect 3 keys. Open brief case box. collect door key. Exit.

  609. aperson says:

    Wow! finally got through. took me days!
    many thx to the guides and walkthroughs on the net :]

  610. joe e says:

    help the air is getting stale in here

  611. DA Kidd says:

    Oh WOw i got out finally!! Best Game Ever

  612. Patrick says:

    I still can’t find the 3rd key for the box in the brief case. Can some one help me with this. Thank you.

  613. BookWorm says:

    how do we get the “music box” to open? i’ve tried a couple different combinations with the sliders but nothing seems to work.

  614. Teka says:

    Its a good feeling, when u get out from this…teeeeet room :D

  615. me says:

    why cant i find the last batterie for the lazer? Could it have something to do with me being on a laptop? cause i found it when i was on a desktop

  616. BookWorm says:

    Got the “music box” done but i can’t figure out the sequence to enter the color code from the die! what order are we supposed to enter it? i tried going with the numbers on the specific colored facets of the die and entering them in the order that that color showed in the keypad on the second panel but it isnt working! help!

  617. John says:

    This game is brilliant! Please make another, the other room escape games don’t come close to this one.

  618. ryan says:

    How do i open the music box

  619. joe e says:

    uh oh ive been in this room for a few hours now i have to use the restroom! i guess i will pick a corner.

  620. sarah says:

    how do you use the objects you collect?!?!?!

  621. yoda82 says:

    i just have buttons a paper and a vile, i no know wat to do

  622. yoda82 says:

    i got a paper that say to push the button, at 10″ i guess at 10 minuetes after push the right panel button, i have no clue

  623. Hatz says:

    How do you open the combi lock? (The first safe with the dial)

  624. yuji says:

    BookWorm, note the orientation of spots on a die…ryan, let it speak 5 higher tones.

  625. sarah says:

    ok so. i need help please, someone. ill be your bestfriendd! i figured out how to use items, but how on earth do you get the AA batteries?! please help, i’ve looked everywhere. :(

  626. Jackson says:

    How do I open the DaVinci Safe?
    I have all the clues required to open it but I am not getting the right way to open the safe (even when I am rorating the wheel as per the laser light + paper clues).

    What am i missing?

  627. MIlly says:

    i did it (: wasnt really that hard. you just got to put two and two together.

  628. yuji says:

    sarah. aa batteries are in 4 HOLES. pick them up referring to NOTE in MUSIC BOX…Jackson, rotate the dial as in the real-world, but i guess the direction in the game is opposite from real one…

  629. yoda82 says:

    wat the specific name of this game other than escape the room

  630. yoda82 says:

    i got the code for t right panel but i wn’t open, i press the bar and got the order of color, then use the black light to look at dice to see numbers, then imputed them, but how it work, is it

    1 2 3
    4 5 6
    7 8 9


    1 2 3
    4 5 6
    7 8 9


    1 4 7
    2 5 8
    3 6 9

    or what

  631. Vicki says:

    Yuji have been reading comment that you left for ryan bout the music box, what do you mean

  632. Tabi Katt says:

    How to open right panel to get second key. I got the 1st key and I found the 3rd key (still trying to figure the chess board out) I used UV light on the cube and get matching colors and numbers, I wrote down sequence of colors above keys and tried to enter code, but it is not working. I’ve read through the pages of hints and still need help :(
    BTW I love puzzles like this!!!!

  633. roxxi says:

    When you have written down the colors on the lights for the second panel, put then numbers in it. Make sure that the numbers you put match the colors above it. Another thing is when you put in the code, make sure you put it in exactly how it looks like on the cube. Notice that they’re are nine buttons to press. For example when you type in four, it should look like this. 4 4
    4 4. The numbers are just there to represent the buttons.

  634. roxxi says:

    4 4
    4 4

  635. roxxi says:

    That is how the buttons should look like for example that your number that you put in is four.

  636. flyer says:

    hide some food and drinks in the next room!
    intelligent, logical and very pleasing –
    and time consuming

  637. Steve says:

    Is there a bug in the randomisation of the codes for the final panel?

    I got:

    1. a2
    2. d1
    3. a1
    4. a3
    5. a3
    6. d4
    7. b3
    8. b1

    Entered them lots of times but nothing happens, I think its something to do with the “double” a3?

  638. oodrap says:

    I am at the last key already got first 2 and i cant open the thing to get the key can anyone help me, this are my codes, iv already done the thing of the good luck card btw


  639. yoda82 says:

    whoo hoo solved it

    for the music box, we in america call it a radio

    for the third panel,
    you got

    1. a2
    2. d1
    3. a1
    4. a3
    5. a3
    6. d4
    7. b3
    8. b1

    but when looking u got

    GO = A3 right

    use the uvlight on the goodluck note, u notice a pattern so shuffle the characters to match the shufflle

    like if GO = A 1
    and if OD = B 2
    then it GD = A 2
    and also OO = B 1

  640. Whitley says:

    I played this shit twice cuz i love it …great game…

  641. Marcelo Juchem says:

    Same here. Got
    1. b3 2. b2 3. a4 4. b1
    GO=d3 OD=b1 LU=a4 CK=d3
    Doesn’t work.

  642. leannan says:

    cut what white line?

  643. Frank says:

    How do you solve the music box it would be a great help if someone could tell me, great game BTW

  644. Masha says:

    Hi All,

    I cannot open the safe. I have the following code but have no idea how to open it. Pls help.


  645. Masha says:

    Also, how do I find the UV light?

  646. Masha says:

    Hi guys where do I find the batteries for the UV light? cheerio

  647. Sam says:

    Damn dis music box…

  648. luke says:

    hi there i am looking for the third key for the black box in the case. i have the first two out of the holes in the wall but it is get to the point were i wanna kill lol please some body were is the third key am dyin for a piss lol

  649. Frank says:

    I beat it yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  650. Dave says:

    nice, everything is so obvious now.

  651. helper says:

    -get the highest pitch on the on the sound box and then hit the eject button. once you have done that you canuse the Knife part of you multitool and touch the center of the back of the speaker and put the colected item (magnet) on the wrench. then put the wrench down the four holes were the chair was. the put you batteries in the UV light and shine it on the dice and the first panel.


  652. Rae says:

    So I’ve read over all the hints and still can’t figure out the right panel. I know you guys are trying to stay a little cryptic, but this is absurd. I know the cube has a number on each colour under the UV light. I have those written down. But there are 9 buttons. roxxi tried to explain this further back on the comments, but she only screwed me up more as what she said made no sense. I’m sorry to those if your first language isn’t english, I don’t mean to offend, but it’s not helping.

    I have the order of lights that light up at the top, and made sure that I did those colours in order as they corresponded to the dice numbers. Again, if there is only 6 numbers, why the 9 buttons?

    I’ve been working on this for over a week in my spare time and only used a spoiler once for the damn music box tones.

  653. faith says:

    I got it! i had a hard time on the speaker at first coz i don’t use my headphones, but thanks to the comments, i realized i have to hear it. the piano was easy for me coz i know how to play.
    it was fun! it took me 2 saturday nights to escape. it feels great! go guys! good luck

  654. Brenda says:

    let me tell you this was quite the game it was fun and wxciting but i dont think i could have done it on my own and am glad that people left hints for us to use but let me tell you it is harder than it seems,

  655. shannon says:

    Fantastic. took several hours but was great. more like this plz!!!

  656. Stone says:

    Where do i get a walkthrough for this?

  657. Stone says:

    what are these little silver round things i keep finding?

  658. William Morris says:

    ugh…..could someone please tell me how to open the music box? many thanks

  659. alicia says:

    I can’t get past the light things with the key.. :l help?

  660. alicia says:

    Jesse, can you gimme a walk-through? :D

  661. Dood says:

    When you exit it says,

    Usted ha comletado el juego con exito.
    Gracias por jugar.

  662. Hard Game says:

    Where do i find the UV light?

  663. tryin to long says:

    how do i get the 3rd panel to open..the one behind the wall..need help please….

  664. tryin to long says:


  665. c&a says:

    what is the coulor code for safe 2

  666. Vitaman V says:

    That’s a hell-a-va lot of brain power for an ending I can’t even read.

  667. roxxi says:

    To rae: I think you should think about what you are saying before you submit your comment, expecially when you are talking about other people in your comment.

  668. roxxi says:

    there is nine buttons on the 2nd panel because for some numbers that you type in, you will need to use some of the buttons in the 7,8,9 spots. For example when you are doing the yellow part of the 2nd panel, you are going to do the numer six. But you can’t hit the 6th button or press all the buttons up to six for this won’t work. You need to make the six look like it would on a dice. So you would have three buttons going down on each side, left and right, not up and down. I hope this clears things up a bit. If not, I am sorry.

  669. Havok says:

    YAY!!! No more freaking puzzles… IM FREE!!!

  670. CasanovA says:

    need a hint … where can i use the xx=54 paper ?

  671. CasanovA says:

    looool .. it’s obvious :D

  672. needs help!!!!!!! says:

    URGH, :/ this is too hard!!!!!!!!!!!

  673. needs help!!!!!!! says:

    I dont get the letters & #’s!!!!!! sm1 plz help me here!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  674. CasanovA says:

    got it … mwahahahahaha

  675. eddy says:

    Pheeww.!! it took me 5 hours to get it done…finally..!!

  676. Glass Eye Baby says:

    I;m very bad at these =\
    how do I get the code for the key in the left space in the wall?

  677. karina&pablo says:

    we did it… :))!!
    “felicitaciones usted ha completado el juego con exito.. Gracias por jugar (( y por estresarte tanto ))) “

  678. jack heron says:

    how do you get under the floor board in the corner?

  679. loop says:

    how do you use the code for open the safe ?
    i have 40R53L23R35L
    how do i turn the button ?

  680. loop says:

    ok, i’ve found it, to open the safe,
    i was made additions => that’s wrong.
    i’ve just had turn the button to number 40 by the right, then turn it to number 53 by the left…

  681. game_all says:

    for god, this confusing!!!!!!!!!

  682. matsuuu says:

    I can’t find swiss cork screw

  683. matsuuu says:

    I can’t find even the knive thing

  684. Harsh Garg says:

    I have the code and the paper to unlock the safe but i am not able to open it… How do I have to turn it??
    for example if the code is 23R3L…., am I supposed to click on the right side of the circle for 23 and left side for 3 times?? and so on??
    I have tried everything good number of times but it’s not helping…
    and how am i going to press enter or pull the lever of the safe??

  685. Harsh Garg says:

    Got it… thanx @loop

  686. Rémi Batail says:

    This puzzle is so nice ! You really have to think if you want to escape this room. But I did it ! Around 2 hours of reflexion.

  687. help! says:

    what is the code for the colour thing in the wall?

  688. help! says:

    where do i get the uv light some1 pls help!

  689. help! says:

    how do u get under the floor board in the corner?

  690. Me says:

    K seriously im not good with music how do you get past the keyboard part?

  691. anastasia says:

    please help.. i don’t understand the code i have to use at the colored buttons :|

  692. Omar says:

    I have the code , i entered it but the safe is not opening… what should i do ?

  693. matsuuu says:

    where is knife

  694. Harsh Garg says:

    You need two things for this, one is the gold brick (you will get that from the 2nd panel and a swiss knife (you will get this from the suitcase)

  695. Gamal says:

    did any body can help me how to open the first panel.i’ve already found the third panel and open taht panel,,,either the second panel with nie tootah,,,but i don understand piano,,so,,i can’t solve the puzzle in the first panel..please help me….why there are 7 tooth with each colour in the dice if the colour in the dice just 6…..please help me guys….

  696. Gamal says:

    thank for helper bcause,,, i beat that yeah………keep fighting for all you that still try to solve all puzzle,,,good luck bro…

  697. IRHAM says:

    yeaahhhh,,,,,i’am free…

  698. Atma505 says:

    I can’t figure out the first thing to do, so I’m just going to click on Da Vinci’s penis a couple hundred more times to see if I get a prize.

  699. Google says:

    I still can’t open safe with code, help?

  700. Atma505 says:

    I can’t figure out the first thing to do, so I’m going to click Da Vinci’s penis a couple hundred more times to see if I win a prize.

  701. Atma505 says:

    whoop, delete that first one if you can :C

  702. PX54 says:

    Whoo completed, and it only took me a hour or so.

  703. eric says:

    whts the code or statigy 4 the light box 4 the key omg dame

  704. Nani says:

    Hint: Use the numbers from the dice associated with the colors to do the keypad with the nine buttons. Hint inside the hint: Number, Enter.

    Color keypad hint:

    Brief case has four squares with piano chords and colors associated with each one. Hint inside the Hint: You don’t have to light up every button.

  705. nani says:

    Hint: L stands for Left, R stands for Right

  706. sana says:

    somebody tell me what to do plzzzzzzzzz. i am stuck and i have just started the game!

  707. Ang says:

    I’m confused! what are you even supposed to do? I opened this little door and found a message in a bottle but i can’t open it…an i found some lights that beep when you click on them…but nothing else will open…is there something i’m supposed to do with the lights to get it to open?

  708. Alex says:

    ok ive got two key out of the three i used my uv light and found the hidden piano keys on the wall with the first panel i get that in the briefcase it has the piano keys and what colors to use but i dont know S#^t about piano chords so i dont know the order to use ant helpful hint would be appreciated..help me!

  709. tjthedj says:

    how do I keep the floorboard open and cut the tag? how do I work out the combination of rthe colours that opens the pad with the key in it? Oh dear, I’m struggling this time.

  710. Spoiler says:

    Ok guys, I finally figured out the right panel. For those of you not getting the clues for it here is a spoiler on how you do it.

    When everyone says match the die to the buttons, what they mean is each time you put in the number you click on the button(s) so that they are lit up to look like the dots on the dice.

    For example: When you put in the number 5… how does a five look on the dice? Four corners and the center. So you click on the five corner buttons and the center button.

    When you’re doing the two and three, go from the upper left corner to the lower right corner. It may work upper right to lower left, but I tried it the first way and it worked.

  711. Alex says:

    To open the flap use the gold brick then select your swiiss army knife press the info button in the corner click on the pic untill it opens your knife then select it drag it over to the corner cut the tab remove your brick and click the floor board again and the floor board will come out

  712. 3leggedDog says:

    A1 B1
    A1 C4
    How does the jumble work? Does it become:
    C1 A1
    B4 A1 ?

    I think I’ve tried every combination but I can’t get the checkerboard to open

  713. tjthedj says:

    Okay where’s the gold bar then?

  714. Alex says:

    3legged dog use your uv light and look at the paper that say GOOD LUCK under the uv that should help you figure that out without telling you how to do it completely

    tjtjedj the gold brick is in the second panel on the wall pushh the button hold it for a bout 10 sec or more it will open after that.

  715. MaDa says:

    that’s a hell of a game i like it so much although it took me and my friends quiet long time about two hours but we finally did it and it was so relaxing anyway here is some tips that shall help everybody
    1-look behind the suitcase and at the side of the painting and open the panels and one of them u should press for 10 sec .
    2-use the key behind the suitcase to open the painting at it’s side
    3-take the second key and open the suitcase
    4- find out the 3 batteries to light the laser
    5-use the serial to open the safe
    6-set the music box at the highest pitch then press the right button
    7-use the magnet on the tool then put it on the 4 hole to get batteries for uv light

    i guess that is enough so i don’t ruin the game for u any other question email me at funny_911@yahoo.com

  716. MaDa says:

    And by the way our team “Egyptian Amigos rules”

  717. Mr. Confidential says:

    Ok people, not cool! I managed to find both keys and open the briefcase and picture with them, and I opened the floor board. But darn, where in the world is the third button?!

  718. Angle says:

    What do I do with the
    And where’s the 3rd key to the small box in the briefcase? Please help!

  719. Angle says:

    Hint: If you have two of the three keys for the small box in the briefcase, use your UV light some more on dark surfaces.

  720. hi says:

    what is the safe code

  721. Headstone says:

    Please, where is the third batterie ??

  722. Anna says:

    How do I get the third key for the box inside the briefcase?

  723. tina says:

    HOw the hell do you unlock the safe?!?!?!?!?

  724. goody says:

    how do you open the case?

  725. haley says:

    How do u solve the radio part :S:S:S:S

  726. tina says:

    Goody look behind the case (click the left corner) get the key and open the picture and the kep is in there

  727. Somebody says:

    Yeaahhhh,i’am free!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  728. mike says:

    The keys on a piano go CDEFGAB…took me 4ever to find this online :)

  729. cy says:

    where do i find the magnet? i’ve opened the music box.

  730. o'cial says:

    ok i found out for the uv everywhere, found out the hidden message in goodluck. but then every combination i’m making are wrong!! any clues please

  731. sNeeL says:

    the magnet is the musicboxes amp, take it off with your knife…

    where’s the third key? I already saw all the uv things, and i see that the “good luck” is a hint, but where do I use it?

  732. Headstone says:

    I’ve two questions :

    - where is the third key ?
    - where do I use the b3 a3 b4 c2 (…) code


  733. Jessie says:

    i hate this puzzle yet can’t stop trying to figure it out. is there a way to save it & come back where you left off??

    ps – how the hell do u open the safe???

  734. josephine says:

    What do you do once inside the suitcase?

  735. josephine says:

    How do you get the batteries in the uv light?

  736. josephine says:

    where’s the third battery? I found one by the chair, one on the divinci painting, but where’s the third one?

  737. cardinoz says:

    chess board???????????????? everybody talking chess board…. where to find it? please help me…

  738. cardinoz says:

    im already find 2 keys for small briefcase inside the metal briefcase…. so how to find the third key??????? plese help me…. thx

  739. nessa says:

    HELP!!!!!!! im totally stuck i havent even soved the puzzles for the keys, nor the safe, and i dont even know what dice or chess board everyone is talking bout ahhh

  740. Megan Berra says:

    where is the third battery? and what is the code for the colored light buttons…and what is the code for the green buttons? what does good luck mean?….oh and one last thing…what do I do with the cube?

  741. Ben says:

    Any tips for opening the safe? I have the combo, but when I enter it nothing happens… Do I have to click something after I enter it? I’ve tried turning left for right, right for left. Nothin’.


  742. kenny says:

    where do i find the third battary for the laser pen

  743. mafia_z8 says:

    i have these #s
    they all-right OK but the other 4 digits i can’t figure them out .. i know by the black light put it at GOOD LUCK note then what ???? this is the puzzle . can anyone explain it to me how does it work ?

  744. Lawrence says:

    Thanks for you guy’s hint and I’ve done the game :)

    For me the hint of how to get the 3rd button battery is really life saving… otherwise I don’t know what tool I could use after peeling off that cover and got stock there….. similar for the floor panel which seems not obvious to me to cut that string.

  745. kayla says:

    where is the third battery for the laser light thing???

  746. kayla says:

    i dont understand what the code is for the combo. whats with the X’s???

  747. Headstone says:

    Come on, somebody tells where the third key is … PLEASE !!

  748. CHAN says:

    to find the third key you have to pass de UV light on the wall up the suitcase, there’s a hidden wall there and you have to find the combination from the hole in the floor the electric plug and the safe.

  749. CHAN says:

    the XX are a riddle to open de Safe. you have to find the batteries for the Laser first.

  750. CHAN says:

    the third battery is hidden next to the chair on the little border of the wall

  751. CHAN says:

    it took me 2 hrs to get out of that room.. damn my head hurts..

  752. Beverly says:

    wheres the magnet

  753. srm says:

    it took me ages and spoilers from the web to figure out how the right panel was supposed to work. Nice riddle.

  754. Beverly says:

    GOT IT!!!! It took me 2 days and a couple of cheats but i got out that DARN ROOM!!!!! Shheeesssshhhhh…… This game will make you go smoke a cig… dang!!! lol

  755. noname says:

    not obvious things:
    1. There is a location in a corner of the room.

    2. to open the safe, dont add or substarct, but juts set the wheel to the numbers youve got.

    3. white keys of piano keybord goes in USA CDEFGAB
    (what author didnt know is that in Czech it is cdefgah or in italian it is do re mi fa sol las si)

  756. noname says:

    good luck clue / hidden lines doesnt mean to switch the letters, but which ones should be use to gether.

  757. lolly xx says:

    The third battery is inside the socket on the wall, you have to use the swiss knife to get to it :) I’ve opened the safe and moved the chair from infront of the door but I’m stuck on the coloured lights for the 2 keys! so annoying!

  758. lolly xx says:

    the XX’s equal 32, the piece of paper tells you… so when you get the lazer you put 32 instead of the XX’s to unlock the safe :D and the L’s and R’s are left and right so it tells you the direction you turn it in when putting in the numbers :)

  759. osama says:

    i cant use the code to open the safe help me plzzzzzzz

  760. Anshumaan Bakshi says:

    It took me 4 hrs to solve it. I would say it will exercise your Grey cells so much you would need a cigarette.

    Some tips for beginners, don’t consult the posts till it’s absolutely necessary, as no one is posting in order and there is an order to everything.

    Do believe in one thing everything is given to you for a reason and anything unusual about the clues will lead you to the handle of the door and outside it.

    In the end your main tasks is to find 3 keys to open the box inside the brief case.


  761. Secret_Pretzel says:

    The words at the end are:

    Congratulations You have successfully completed the game thanks for playing

  762. sensi says:

    What is the ‘highest pitch’ of the music box and how exactly do you set it?

  763. Mr. Gaytan says:

    what’s the color code, how can ai do that?

  764. b-ryan says:

    i am soo lost here, where the hell are you guys getting a laser thing? and how do i get the paper out of the vile?

  765. Ollll says:

    How to turn on the UV Light?

  766. Meg says:

    I need some serious help!

    I still need a battery, a laser light thing, what is the color combo for the safe?

  767. SPANKY says:


  768. Patrik says:

    done, it took me about 1 hour. everything was fairly easy. the only thing i really got stuck on, was everything involving the UV-light. getting it to work, figuring out i should use it on almost everything :P, but once i figured that the only brainfreezing part was the third key.

    Good luck

  769. Meg says:

    Congratulations. You’ve completed the game successfully. Thanks for playing!

  770. Insa says:

    how do i unlock the safe?? i see the number that laser shows but still havent managed to unlock anything except the suitcase

  771. Guilherme says:

    Done with 4 hours :D

  772. YumYum2 says:

    I have NO idea what to do, all ive got is a test tube thing. Any help?

  773. joan says:

    who do u remover the bord? watis the color code?

  774. thegabrielj says:

    that was ridiculous….. my wrench didnt have the black light code on it so i had to systematiccally punch code the safe…. that blew its like something from saw 17 and as you leave ur head gets chopped off
    HINT use your black light on everything!….. EVERYTHING!!!

  775. LOLZ says:

    THAYS RIGHT!! UH HUH! I DID IT!! AND IN ONLY 5 HOURS!!! if u need tips imma gonna list some! YIPPIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  776. LOLZ says:

    When you get to the radio Move the switches on the radio until it only plays the higher tone. Each switch is one beep.The hardest part is the third panel. Its above the briefcase. use the black light to find it.•All you need to do here is push the right eight buttons. You already have the first four, on the note you got from inside the radio.
    Across the top of the pad are letters, A,B,C,D. And the numbers go down the side, 4,3,2,1. So the top left button is A4, and the bottom right button is D1.
    You’ll need a notepad for this part. There are 4 codes hidden around the room that you need the blacklight for. One is in the outlet, one is in the safe, one is in the floor where you got the black light, and the other is on the gold bar in your inventory. Write the four codes down. You should organize them in this order, GO, OD, LU, CK.
    Open up the envelope you got from the briefcase. GOOD LUCK. Look familiar? Use the black light on the GOOD LUCK, and you will see the letters are connected.
    The G is connected to the D, the first O to the C, the second O to the U, and L and K are connected to each other. Using the codes you wrote down from around the room you will need to mix and match. The codes you wrote down all have 2 letters = a letter and a number. For example, GO=A4. In this case G=A and O=4. OD=C4, O=C and D=4. Since G and D are connected it would make A4. Using this formula mix and match the codes until instead of GO, OD, LU, CK, you have GD, OC, OU, LK.
    The new codes you just made are the missing four codes from the note in the radio.

  777. Vigor says:

    finally, i did it!
    for,, uhm,, maybe two hours

    thanks to anyone who give hints in their comment

    never give up!

  778. tif. says:

    this freakin puzzle is drivin me crazy. i mean damn i love escape games, but this one needs some spoilers lol. still cant find the knife, laser, and a few others things, heellpppp!!

  779. joan says:

    where is the black light??

  780. joan says:

    where is the three keys and the black light and the color code? plz tell me !!!

  781. Hey Girl says:

    HEY ALISHA!!! I think this is you! :D

  782. Hey Girl says:

    i meant to comment on LOLZ!

  783. Hélio says:

    There is a glitch in this game.
    **careful reading, it could reveal some details**

    - You cannot get the paper under the chair if you move it in the first place.

  784. Hélio says:

    I didn´t like this game.
    Somethings are completely random, such as the radio noise thing, the keyboard (OMG, wth was that? because in Brazil we don´t recognize the keyboard keys in C D E F…format, we know it as DO RE MI FA SOL LA SI). It´s impossible to see the ABCD/1234 matrix on the last panel. You can´t see the string that comes out from the floor loose panel…

    It´s so hard that I couldn´t enjoy it.

  785. stef says:

    After you figure out the pitch radio thing, open it up and it’ll show that you need a magnet. To get the magnet, use your swiss army knife on the back of the speaker to remove the magnet (circle thing). Then open the wrench window, and click on the magnet to attach it to the long end of the wrench, and then use that to get the 4 batteries in the hole that the chair was screwed into.

    That’s where I am now stuck on what to do after retrieving the batteries.

  786. stef says:

    ok so i know the black light in in the floor, but how do i get the floorboard to stay up to get it

    • Farrah says:

      Put the gold bar from the right panel by holding the button for 10 sec then put gold bar on the floor board and use the knife ti cut the little thin line/strap in the opening of the board. Take the bar off and click the board again it will come off.

      other note: I cannot get the radio/equalizer looking thing open with any combination of sounds and i think i found the highest pitch but nothing happens. :( help!

  787. Hey Girl says:

    I cant open the safe:( i have the code and what xx=… WTF? i hate this game but its addicting. HELP?

  788. Graham says:

    Floor board, why does it only open and close, first one of these i have tried so not yet used to them…..Help please

  789. Graham says:

    Oh… found gold bar but cannot find anything in the floor?

  790. ARIS453455 says:


  791. Annalise says:

    Alright. I have the black light, a laser/pen thing with two batteries, a beaker with a note,’good luck’ envelope, a paper, and a cube. I’ve taken the cover off the socket but that’s as much as I can do with it. Needless to say I’m about to strangle someone if I cannot finish this.

  792. Fadi says:

    you can get the first key from the box with 7 button it’s like that
    gray,blue,light blue, gray, gray, green , yellow

  793. Sophie says:

    OH YEAH !

  794. Leah says:

    Done. Took me a while. :)

  795. me says:

    I have no speakers!!! so I can not finish the game!! I can’t listen to the radio’s pitch. Can someone please help me.

  796. JOSH says:

    alright, i need combo for lock, i need how to open the 2nd slide door thingy and i got the light socket open, and how do I keep the floor board open ?

  797. K-nerd says:

    I got out finally…..
    GREAT puzzle. With some help and discussion with another person…. finally got out…

  798. Mimi says:

    what do i do after i put the gold bar on that loose wooden floor part? is something surposed to come out of it? and how do i get the note out of the test tube? and how do i open the safe and what are the colour codes for the left box and the code for the right box on the wall? i have 2 batteries, a tube, paper, black key and a gold bar. found these in 5 mins but now i’m stuck T__T

  799. JOSH says:

    how do i open the slide door to get the gold bar

  800. JOSH says:

    Where do u find magnet?, and what do u get from under the floor board

  801. Puzzle MUSTER says:

    Magnet is on the speaker. The floor board has Some Light under it. Hold it down for ten seconds. Answers To JOSH’s Questions

  802. Puzzle MUSTER says:

    MIMI use the Knife to cut the nail then take gold bar off and click on floor board and you will find something in it. Use the Screw thing on the test tube. The left box is complicated but i can help CDEFGAB is in order now look in the breif case at the 4 color square. You will see that they have numbers in it match up the number with the color and the rest are gray and there you go you got one key. Puzzle MUSTER will help everyone.

  803. Joey says:

    wow this is a cracker of a puzzle, if you guys loved this you will definetly fall head over hills for a Pc game called Fandango check it out

  804. Levan says:

    can anyone help me with the box on the right please?

  805. Zerot Zallander says:

    the left one but with a picture (more easily to understand)

  806. essi says:

    i cant work the black light..wahhh please help…:(

  807. Jenni says:

    Got it!!!! Thanks for the help!

  808. LOLZ says:

    hey HEY GIRL! wussup?

  809. charlotte says:

    i dont get any of it im so stuck help

  810. Kaori says:

    I can’t get the second slide door to open. please help.

  811. sydners says:

    ok ive got the test tube, the little metaly thingy and the key from behind the breifcase. ive also got the left door open how do i get the right one open! and whats the combo for the left one!

  812. loretta says:

    how do you get magnet? what do you need it for?

  813. loretta says:

    how do you get the high pith on the radio

  814. GrrMuch says:

    Where the hell is the knife? i need help im probably not going to get over this till i finshed.-_-

  815. Raghad says:

    the right door (( click on its button for 10 seconds))

  816. bobby says:

    How do you open the thing on the right please some one help me… also where is the magnet? people say its is on the speaker but i dont know where the speaker is…

  817. adam says:

    i got the gold bar, but where is the speaker?

  818. yijan says:

    how is the key of the right panel?
    I WANT TO CRY___T_T…

  819. yijan says:


  820. Tiffany says:

    how do you get the 3rd battery!?
    i’ve taken off the cover of the socket…but the army knife has no “screwdriver” and i can’t take the rest of it off.

  821. me says:

    how do you solve the puzzle with the checker board looks

  822. Andrew says:

    btw the codes are always different but the ways to figure them out are the same

  823. lol says:

    okay how to i get the floor board out? the knife wont work.
    also for those who are stuck
    the black key fits into something thats locked maybe a suitcase >>
    the gold bar is heavy like a paper weight or floorboard weight o.o
    it looks like theres something on the side of that leonardo da vinci sketch

  824. Maddy says:

    I can’t seem to open the safe with the code that i have. My Code is 24R38L9R43L, am i supposed to turn the dial to #24 to the right and then to #38 on the left or is it 24 to the right and then 38 to the left? and am i supposed to click on something when i’ve entered the code?

  825. Alex says:

    Nice game! If you get stuck, search on Youtube for Sagrario’s Room
    Good Luck

  826. Anonymous says:

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH I have the first 2 keys and the codes for the 3rd puzzle but i can’t find the stupid thing i have shone my black light on the back of the briefcase i have done everything but there is no puzzle

  827. Stef says:

    Still can’t figure out how to open the floorboard and keep it open. I’ve tried the swiss army knife, and the wrench thing.. anyone help?!

  828. Stef says:

    Ok, one thing that i didn’t know is that that before you move the chair, there is a piece of paper stuck to the underside of the chair. If you move the chair before getting the paper, then you can’t get that clue. That clue lets you know how to open the other sliding door that leads to the gold bar

  829. help needed says:

    what is the code for the colored light buttons…

  830. NICK says:


  831. Biljana says:

    How do I open that test tube? o.O

  832. Viper says:

    Nick, check the tools on your swiss army knife. Maybe there is something there that can be used to remove corks

  833. VMike says:

    finally…done…soooo much work!

  834. angEL says:

    i cant find any key behind the suitcase…where is it?and whats the color combination for the 1st slide…pls help!!!

  835. daniel says:

    what do i do know i need to open the slide door but im not shure how and also what do i do with the radio thingy

  836. DFRezk says:

    Almost five hours =S hahahahah it was funny!
    But, the “ending message” has a mistake.
    It says “comletado”, and it must be “completado” hhahaha =P

    I’m happy =) hahahaha

  837. Victor says:

    I’m so proud, I finally finished it after 2 hours, with a thunderstorm in between:D
    Had to consult internet for the shape of the dice spots though. IT WAS HARD!!!

  838. Ryan says:

    I’m sort of angry at this game; I finished it after hours, and some of the clues aren’t even used! What is the point of the GOOD LUCK paper, which even has hidden drawings on it if you look at it with the black light (don’t say the checkerboard clues; although they say OD=a1 CK=d3 etc, the left side of the equations are not necessary to solve the puzzle)? Why do I have four bolts I never use? What was the point of having me *guess* the tones in the radio and then never use the settings I found? I will give the da Vinci drawing a pass although it was also unused except to hide the safe.

  839. Ryan says:

    Also, it should not be possible to miss the note under the chair just by moving it. Bad design!

  840. Roberto says:

    Where are the 3 batteries?, i ve only found 2

  841. jp says:

    where can i find the code for the 2nd vault? i can’t open it.. clue clue clue pls..

  842. funnylol says:

    What to do when I returned the safe combination? help

  843. Mutanik says:

    i have the lazer and the peice of paper telling you what xx is, i put in the code exactly but nothing happens HELP!!!

  844. Dani Guedes says:

    What is the collor code?? Please give me some clues, guys!!!

  845. Dani Guedes says:

    Guys, I can´t use all the tools I found. How do you do to use them? Weren´t they supposed to be visible to me?? Plase help!!

  846. Chaos Incarnate says:

    To solve the color code, look in the briefcase. There is a box with letters and colors. The colors are the code, and the letters tell you where they go. Use the blacklight on the keypad, and use your piano skillz.

  847. Fabricio says:

    Man, I liked of it game, and I want the code for I give on my blog. Please, say it.

  848. Sufrostico says:

    The color code is killing me

  849. Stumped says:

    How do you open the briefcase?

  850. despejado says:

    How do you open the box of the briefcase?

  851. Fabricio says:

    you can open the briefcase with the key founded in the safe. It’s a black key. Take the key and click on the two tabs of briefcase. After of click on two, let the key and click on briefcase, Then it will open. Hope that helps.

  852. Fabricio says:

    What I wanted was a link to where the game is hosted, me put on my blog.

  853. Simon says:

    I have opened the briefcase, got the key from the left panel, moved the chair, opened the safe, have the blacklight (No betteries?) and haven’t got a clue where to go from here.

  854. blunder puss says:

    Aqua , yelow, n/a , blue , n/a , n/a , green

  855. 2qt4u34 says:

    I dont know the code

  856. 2qt4u34 says:

    what does n/a mean?

  857. 2qt4u34 says:

    are you supose to see the items?

  858. Fabricio says:

    see, in the right corner of the briefcase, it’s like a sticker. This adhesive has a square divided into 4 parts, each part with a color and a letter. The letters correspond to musical notes. The Panel has left this format. the order is C, D, E, F, G, A, B. Simply match the colors in order of letters.

  859. Fabricio says:

    saying: n / a, he tries to say no color. Let it colorless. As baterias são um caso mais complicado. The batteries are a more complicated case. You need to find the sequence found in the tuner inside the vault and open the tuner. Then you will find a magnet, the part where the sound comes out, and a role. Underneath the paper, the cover has instructions on how to get the batteries.

  860. blunder puss says:

    n/A is nothing omg…

    Search for the items geesh cant be that hard if im this close to getting the 2 nd key FFS

  861. blunder puss says:

    I did it! im done and out the door. PROOF = spanish writing when your actually out the door.

  862. blunder puss says:

    Wasent that hard with the hint of the piano skillz helped alot. Really fun brain busting game.

  863. blunder puss says:

    There is a problem with this game…I put in the last code for the last key and its the right code but it wont open. Im trying to do it again and ive tried 4 times after i made it out of the room the first time and all new games ive tried dont work…what the F.

  864. blunder puss says:

    It that last freakin key. something aint right alot of glitches in this game. Its too bad because this is a fun game. Im sorry for those of you who will get stuck at the 3rd key panel because after all that work your fooked even when you have all the codes.

  865. John says:

    the color pannel is to difficult for me. This is probably because I’m color blind! some one help me!

  866. Sammi says:

    how do i figure out the numbers for the safe?

  867. Chris says:

    immmmm finisheddddd!!!!!!!!! i feel a weight lifted off my shoulders this game is annoying but addicting

  868. Mr J says:

    29R 2L 33R 46L

  869. Dean says:

    I can’t get the middle key for the box in suitcase! What do the numbers on the color cube mean?

  870. Rachel00 says:

    I need to know how you make the highiest pitch on that little radio thing. plz!!

    and how you get the black light on.

  871. Rachel00 says:

    plz help me with the music box and how to get that damn black light working. thanx!

  872. alex says:

    This was sooooooo hard omg i finally finished it it took me at least an hour if not longer!

  873. pluto says:

    color code sovled ok ….click once on first sq. 2 on sec sq. and so on when ur done click twice on each sq. and boom color code done

  874. pluto says:

    i cant open the briefcase or the panel iv used every code in these commets there not helping

  875. pluto says:


  876. Alipacino says:

    What should I do after I set the color code?
    “Aqua , yellow, n/a , blue , n/a , n/a , green”
    I set it correct but nothing happens.

  877. cab says:

    hhha it took me like 7 days! the checkerboard took forever finally did process of elimination

  878. pablo says:

    How can to open the briefcase? please

  879. casey says:

    How do you turn on the blacklight and how do you get the right keypad open?

  880. casey says:

    The green button key pad… please help.

  881. Donna says:

    how can i open the left safe, and how can i take the note from the tube?

  882. elizabeth says:

    hmm ive done the color code and the suitcase but when i put the key on the box thats iside the suitcase its just stuck..help me

  883. pinku says:

    hi cn any body help me plz i have placed gold bar on floor board bt dont knw wht to do nxt

  884. elizabeth says:

    @pinku …where is the gold bar?

  885. elizabeth says:

    nevermind..i found it now what do i do i put in on the board what next?

  886. pinku says:

    wow this game is awesome plz make some more

  887. eradicator says:

    I cant get the left wall box open or find the magnet. how do you get the magnet. i figure in the speaker of the box but cant open that.

  888. eradicator says:

    I meant right wall box open

  889. Lenny says:

    How can I open the panel with the gold bar behind it, and what are the 3 buttons for?

  890. sortia says:

    I can’t get the right side panel open…

  891. Lenny says:

    Donna, the tube is sealed with a cork! What would you use to uncork a bottle?

  892. alberto says:

    how do i activate the blacklight thing

  893. Toren says:

    not a single comment has helped me…i got the gold bar. the two battey looking things. the tube. and the key with the chain…can put the bar on the floor and raise it…and that’s all….wtf am i suppose to do? it’s almost not fun anymore..

  894. Toren says:

    and the right panel..read the paper thats under the chair!

  895. Toren says:

    ok ok..i was stuck forever because i didn’t realize the spot where the battery was was also a key hole…hope that helps someone else

  896. Mikaelx says:

    OMG i finally did it, i´m freakin free!! =D

  897. jan says:

    thanks toren, i had no idea that was a keyhole!

  898. Simão says:

    That checker board is killing me!!! Please, someone!!! I’ve already seen the numbers in the dice, the
    spread throughout the room and items, tried everything but I cant fu**ing get the key from the safe on the right!!! WHY!? :-(
    Please help me…

    • anna says:

      I hope this helps you and anyone else. you have


      Now every time someone plays this game the combinations will change so everyone has a different colour code and that. For your case who ever wrote this coment you need to make a list like this

      ck=c3 c=c k=3
      lu=c4 l=c u=4
      od=c3 o=c d=3
      go=b2 g=b o=2

      Then there is

      first o-c
      secong o-u
      then you go to the list and it says g-d then you go to the list and look at the g. g=b it would say so you would have b then you look at the d d=3 so then you would have b3. then you do the same with the others.so the first o-c would be c2 you go to the first o (next to the g)and it says o=2 so you get the 2 and then you look at the c and it says c=c then you put the c in front of the 2 so then its c2. the letters always go in front of the numbers. so when you get to the chess thing there are four of you combinations but you need eight. the other four are inside the radio.

  899. Sandra Wong-Bates says:


  900. Sandra Wong-Bates says:

    There has to be a glitch in the game. The way the posts are going from start to finish, I am missing something. Like the ability to use the stuff I find.

  901. Sandra Wong-Bates says:

    Yup, there is a glitch….I went to youtube and I am missing the bar at the bottom that allows you to grab the things you gather.

    • lol says:

      could someone plz help me i dont know how to get the bar that allows you to use thinks from your inventory plz help :)

  902. IAMCHEESE says:

    where do you get the keys?

    • anna says:

      one key is behind the suitcase. that unlocks the picture on the wall. so to the bottom left corner of it there should be a battery. under that battery should be a key hole. under the picture should be a safe. and there should be a key to unlock the suitcase.

  903. IAMCHEESE says:

    wish there was a walkthrough on this website

  904. hysteria says:

    where is the 3rd key?

  905. Dani says:

    Need some help!

  906. doky says:

    I found on paper something..There is written XX=44?
    Can anyone help what does it mean?

  907. erica says:

    aargh! im stuck!!! i thought i was good at these games!!! :)

  908. john says:

    i am stuck on the lock with the 7 colored lights. could someone help me?

    • anna says:

      with the 7 lights they are a piano. every light is a piano key. but the order it gos in is CDEFGAB. if you found the light under the loose board on the floor in the corner the four batteries are in the four holes at the bottom under the chair where the bolts are but you need to unscrew the bolts first. now if you already got the light with the four batteries in it shine the light over the 7 lights. you will see a piano. now the piano is in the order i told you before. now look inside the suitcase in the bottom left corner the should be a sticker stuck to the suitcase there should be letters with a colored background. these letters are the letters on the piano. so if you have an f with a light blue background you go to the 7 lights and go to the fourth light because the order is cdefgab and the f is the fourth. then you put the fourth light on to a light blue then you do the same with the other three.

  909. jojo says:

    how do this tuner works ?? sum1 pls help …

  910. emerson matel says:

    whoa… at last… im free… weeeee

  911. No name please says:

    I could help you, I have finished it already, which lock are you talking about though?

  912. No name please says:

    Disregard my last post. This of the seven buttons, as a piano. In the suitcase on the bottom right corner should be four letters, with key names and a color as it’s backround. I hope that helps.

  913. edz says:

    yehey im finally out in two nights with the help of my frend…

  914. stuck says:

    how do you get the second key on the second combination lock?

  915. Alyssa + Tiesha says:

    But addicting i cannot figure out anything after we get the cube,knife,uv light, the good luck note, gold bar, the laser light, and the paper with the xx = 46 code thingy
    Please just spoil the game

  916. Kitty says:

    Completely stumped with the little radio thing with the frequencies. Any good hints or helpful info?

  917. No name please says:

    There actually is a walkthrough to the game, but the thing is the game is called something else, and it’s in Spanish. I will post the link if you want me too…I just have to find it…

  918. Alyssa says:

    Ok so like i have most items but i cant figure out the next keypad thing any help? ive figured out the other colorful ones help!!??!!

  919. Alyssa says:

    the radio is freakin hard…someone please help!!!!!!!!!

  920. ken says:

    what the f with the colour pad?

  921. Tomes says:

    PLEAS PLEASE gimme the color code … i know it should be something with an piano (with d a e f from the suitcase…) but i dont know how to do that PLS help me :(

    • Tom says:

      Use the UV light on the colors, and if the suitcase has A with a yellow background, find the A note on the UV piano and change the color to yellow. Continue with all four notes and the lock will open.

  922. Farrah says:

    I cannot get out of the first room. I have the key from behind the suitcase and the tube from the safe but cannot get into the safe or anything else! Please help!

  923. Someone says:

    Why wont the button work!!!!!!

  924. cloud_constructor says:

    Ok ok .. so the safe , when you find the laser code you use R for right turn to the number and L for left..

    40L = leftwards to 40.. You must be precice though..

  925. complicated says:

    i m really stuck….i cant find the colour code…grrrrrrrr and i would apricate if someone can tell me how i can move the chair…..?????????=S

  926. Lucky says:

    I am now finally free! Thank goodness..

  927. Waisting my day away says:

    Any suggestions on how to turn the black device on (it looks like a black light to me)

  928. hip says:

    need all high tones on radio, get knife blade and get magnet. put magnet on bottom of wrench. get batterys from chair holes. put batterys into uv light. get clues from everywhere. open secret place behind suitcase wall. look at good luck note. need make new combination. good luck

  929. dan says:

    safe combo doesnt work? anyone have link to walkthrough?

  930. gonz22 says:

    wooohooo just finished it XD
    totally wicked game XD

  931. Heather says:

    what is the color code at the beginning, ugggggghhh

  932. TT says:

    what do you do with the loose (but apparently nailed) board in the corner???!!!

  933. Will Spears says:

    THIS GAME IS SO ADDICTING!!!! Its really easy after the first 3 times. I just did this whole thing in 8 minutes without writing anything down. Lets see who can do this the fastest without writing down.

  934. TT says:

    okay i got to the chess part… what next? i;m not a chess fan so i don’t get whet the letters and numbers mean. help… -.-

  935. Jess says:

    could someone that has finished please just say the whole puzzle? I am only at the part where I have the suit case opened. and how do you get the chess board! I am stuck!

    • Jess says:

      Yay! i figured it out. here are some hints!
      1) in the room with 2 buttons and openings on the wall, think for the one on the left “music” and for the right look at the cube with the strobe light.

      2) If you really can’t figur it out i found a walkthrough on youtube when i typed in escape the room

  936. Sinna says:

    I can’t open the checkerboard lock because I only get seven coordinates. There are always two of the eight that are the same.

  937. dann says:

    u guys stink i beat the game 5 times

  938. Karr says:

    Is there a bug on the safe? My combination does not work..

  939. Ashley B says:

    how do you get in the suitcase!?

  940. nathan says:

    what up lily.
    if ur reading this than u guessed it its me ur best cuziN NATHAN!!!!

  941. Lola says:

    I figured out the right panel. You have to hit the enter bar to see the colors light up. remember those colors and look at the die. match up the numbers with the colors and that is how you enter it. Example, mine lit up Dark blue lite blue yellow green purple red so i matched those colors with the numbers on the die i had and entered them on the keypad and Tadah! got the key!

  942. niranjan says:

    wheres the batteries for the white pen thingy??????????????????

  943. AlvinXX says:

    After 4 days that this puzzle drived me insane, which make it almost on my own!
    Thanx for the tips GUYS!

  944. Olivia says:

    Where is the last battery!?

  945. Ciana says:

    I did it~~~ took me about 2/3 hours…>_<'
    This game was driving me crazy..
    - the right vault has something to do with the cube you found in the suitcase.

    - the left vault has something to do with the colored sticker in the suitcase and CDEFGAB.

    - when you've found the uv lamp, try lighting up some 'dark spots'. You'll find some letters and numbers that may be useful (hidden vault).

    - your knife is VERY useful.

  946. Help says:

    Helllp! I can’t open the briefcase! I unlocked it but it won’t open!

  947. Vincent says:

    Can someone help with the cubes(left vault)? Took me an hour and its not opening..

  948. Heather says:

    Omg – that was so hard! The worst part is the radio thingy. Hint – You are trying to make it only beep the high pitch sound. I am hard of hearing plus had a lot of background noise going on, and almost quit. SO fun!!!

  949. Inthorn says:

    What’s the paper?The suitcase is HARDEST.

  950. Inthorn says:

    Battery too

  951. niranjan says:

    how do you open the right vault

  952. Alicia says:

    i found a bunch of stuff but its not letting me open the breifcase n the vaults r a pain in the ass!!

  953. Alicia says:

    i accidentally closed the right vault now i cant get it open!!!!!

  954. Alicia says:


  955. alibaba says:

    alla kazam open up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  956. Gracie says:

    Okay, I FINALLY figured out the whole blacklight fiasco after the dang beeping music box, but now, despite my having all the numbers to the sides of the die to pair with the colors, the right panel puzzle with the key still will not open, is it just a bug in the game or am I doing it wrong? How are the numbers on the keypad supposed to go? is it one of these options?:

    1 2 3
    4 5 6
    7 8 9

    7 8 9
    4 5 6
    1 2 3

    if not, I am completely lost, could somebody please tell me if I am doing something wrong, thank you

    • Will Spears says:

      its actually like the side of a die.
      just an example, x=pushed and o=not pushed.go with me here, this is not the game equivalent, but i dont have a colored font:/
      say 4 on the colored die is
      on the pad.
      6 on the die is
      on the pad, and so on. hope this helps:)

  957. Mahendra singh says:

    how open this locker number And chair remove

  958. happydoodle says:

    i cant even open the right vault! and i cant get the suitcase open! SOMEONE HELP

  959. ferret says:

    you guys are obssesed

  960. Jack says:

    can someone help me with the right vault? i’m not sure what your suppose to do with the numbers and stuff off the cube?

  961. Harry says:

    how open safe

  962. Rogério Lemos says:

    I got it. The best escape the room I ever played.

  963. Kristof says:

    How to open the right vault??? I dont understand it even from the video… the button isn’t work(( What must I do: to hold the button, to push it twice…What??? Help me, smb!!!

  964. Kristof says:

    Oh yeah, just hold for ~10 seconds :)

  965. gandr says:

    Great game, we just finished!