New Mac Widget v7.0 – Optical Illusion Of The Day

11/15/2008 – Update: Optical Illusion Of The Day widget v7.0 has been released! You can download the new Mac Dashboard widget for free. If you’ve been using previous version, be sure to update it.

Info: Optical Illusion of the Day widget pulls the latest illusion from Mighty Illusions website and shows it on your dashboard. It’s another picture of the day type of widget and what’s best, it’s free!

Version 7.0:
Includes better design, associated with new domain, nicer graphics, more user-friendly options and the widget is now flippable (has backside with more product info).

Copyright: Mighty Optical Illusions website holds rights for this widget.

7 Replies to “New Mac Widget v7.0 – Optical Illusion Of The Day”

  1. The widget on my computer has been broken for a few weeks. I assume it is an issue on your end as all of my other web based widgets work just fine. I get a broken image in the widget.

  2. i think u spelt tattoo wrong. pretty cool illusions, your site is definitely my best Google Gadget. I look forward to a new illusion every day

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