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By on January 30, 2007, with 28 Comments

So guys and gals, how do you feel about our new layout? I spent two days developing it, so I would appreciate some kind words ;) I believe it gives much more space for future additions to the site. Ups! Almost revealed my Top Secret plan to add puzzles, magic tricks and games to this site.. errr.. Darn it! If I didn’t before, now I’ve told you what I shouldn’t. Ah, well life goes on. So, few things first: new dashboard widget will be posted soon (thanks Michael) , and will actually work again. Still no luck with Google Gadget, but I’ll keep trying to make it work. If someone can hack it, be sure to send working version so I can share with the rest. Now that layout has been up and running, I will concentrate more on releasing new optical illusions (hurray for you!) I still need some help, though. I tested this website with Firefox 2 and IE 6, but didn’t test it in lower resolutions yet, as well as some other browsers like Safari, Netscape, Internet Explorer 7 etc… so please comment if everything looks right to you, and post your screen resolution, as well as browser and it’s version. In the end here’s a little optical illusion sent to me by reader called Ahmed: “I found this on a t-shirt site…a bunch of narwhals swimming in a formation like a narwhal! Beautiful!”

New Day, New Style...


28 Responses
  1. josh says:

    cool illusion. also great new layout everything workin fine for me except google gadget im using yahoo

  2. maxsalant says:

    Yay for narwhales!

    Also aren’t narwhales supposed to swim upsidown?

  3. me says:

    im using safari right now and its fine

    as for my res and my version,
    im not sure but im on a fairly new computer so……..

  4. Michael says:

    Hey, Im using Mozilla, FireFox, And ie7 on a computer running 1600×1200 Rez, and its all working for me… Great site lol srry i didnt read the blurb on your site for this one…


  5. TimeStopper says:

    I click the link, and your website appears inside the small box!

  6. Anonymous says:

    the site is working fine in Internet Explorer 7. (1280×1024 pixels) The google gadget loads the latest picture. But when I click on it, it want’s to open http://www.moillusions.com in the I-frame from the gadged window.

  7. Anonymous says:

    My Widget is working and the site is working in Safari. The new layout looks great. I noticed that “Additional” is spelled wrong on the “Adittional & Useful” colum on the right.
    Mighty Optical Illusions rocks!!

  8. Gonzo says:

    Cool illusion, The google gadget is working again however it opens the site inside the small box on google.

  9. Aki says:

    Works fine with Camino 1.0.3 (multilingual).

    And the widget is working. Great success.A

  10. darko says:

    Firefox 2 and IE 7 with 1024×786 are working fine… also google gadget is working by now, but the picture is cut at the right side.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Love the new layout!

    I’m usiing Safari 2.0.4, sreen res 1152 x 684 w/ millions of colors. OS is Mac OS 10.4.8

    Thanks again for the site.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I love your site. Good now widget is working again.
    I ‘generally’ use Opera on Os X. It generally works OK. GIF anims don’t, but not sure if this is due to browser or platform. They work if they are loaded into Quicktime.
    Keep on the good work.
    **Went to finish post and discovered word verification graphic didn’t show in Opera, so I had to change to Firefox** That isn’t good.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I’m using firefox 2.0 and my res is 1280 800.
    looks fine

  14. Anonymous says:

    Opera 9.10.


    Looks good. No issues here


  15. Anonymous says:

    Great Pic.
    OSX 10.4.8
    Safari 2.0.4
    Netscape 7.2
    Camino 1.0
    Opera 8.5.2

    Only a slight spacing issue in Camino, but it’s negligible. Great Work.

  16. Herve says:

    Mathematically you can build this with an ‘Iterated Function system’; if you liked this image and have a macintosh, you’ll love the freeware IFSlab, http://www.macupdate.com/info.php/id/15579

  17. Anonymous says:

    i totally
    lovelovelovelovelovenarhwhals (L)
    i so did my grade 7 speech on them ;)

    mintymintyminty (L) :)

  18. **~**AAAQueen**~** says:

    There’s 46, I think??????????xP


  19. Anonymous says:

    sweet!! love it :)

  20. Me says:

    I like Narwhales

  21. hysteria says:

    I love narwhals!

  22. Abob says:

    I luvs narwhals, but those are swordfishes. See the pointy faces? Narwahls dont have those. It is definately a bunch of swordfish swimming in a formation of a swordfish.

  23. cutsie says:

    i did a whole research rep abt narwals- they really are amaing creatures

  24. annaj:) says:


  25. Jordan says:

    I’ve pulled it up on GoogleChrome, Firefox, IE8, and Safari. Everything looks fine.

  26. kk says:


  27. A says:

    Is this site runnin’ a bit slow for anyone else?

  28. radar414 says:

    when iam reading the txt about pictures,the txt changes to spanish this SUCKS!!!!!

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