Never Ending Staircase Illusion

Neil Rhodes contacted me recently, and suggested we feature some of his realistic photo-shopped optical illusions. As you see, the theme is nothing we haven’t already seen, but the results Neil accomplished speak for themselves. Impossible structures are often posted to this blog, and they usually appear in two separate forms: either as real camera shots (made under proper angle, with no digital manipulation involved) or they are simply painted and don’t exist in real-life. This version is something in between. I can’t recall we had such a realistic digitally manipulated photos in the past. Correct me if I’m wrong. Additionally, Neil included link to one of his tutorials, where he explains in details how you can create a Never Ending Staircase yourself.

Never Ending Staircase 1 Optical Illusion

Never Ending Staricase 2 Optical Illusion

Never Ending Staricase 3 Optical Illusion

37 Replies to “Never Ending Staircase Illusion”

  1. Nice “art” but not illusions… You clearly see the up up up down the “staircases” make and really… those belong in a whatyoucandowithphotoshop website, not here.

    1. It is an illusion,appears as an illusion a lot,but not in places like the beach like in the photo.Personally,I like it.Keep your bad opinions to your self.

    2. exactly
      people should decide whether its an optical illusion or not ands then paste it or share it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I try to avoid stairs at all costs with the possible exception of working escalators. Never ending stairs sounds like something I might find in Hell which is why I try to behave myself.

  3. No illusion here. We all create this one every time we fold a shipping box closed one flap at a time and then tuck the last flap under.

  4. Obviously photoshopped-the shadows don’t line up right, and the staircases seem precariously balanced (at best). If you show photoshopped items, they should be amazing (since you could do anything with photoshop, and that’s no longer an illusion) or real versions of impossible objects (but depend on the viewing angle)

  5. ok ive never got this illusion, its really bad, coz the staircases go, like facebookuser said, up up up down. its obvious.

  6. The stair blocks are arranged in a diamond. The angle of the photo makes it seem as if it’s a never ending sequence. If you actually trace the blocks one by one, you will find that there is no up, up, up, down. They do flow either all up or down but some people perceive an up, up, up, down flow from taking in the big picture all at once. It’s not photoshop either. Their lightweight blocks, likely styrofoam glued together and placed in a way to create said diamond shape.

    1. yea,and about the shadows,do you see where the sun is? for all you know (LB,im talking to you) the sun couldve been in my butt at the time!!!!

  7. Why is it that people always go down the “this is photoshoped” road. the description clearly says this is a digitally manipulated photo.

  8. Thanks for your comments on my work, sorry that some of you find it “lame” but excellent that others seem to find it great! If you find it not up to your tastes please share with us your attempts and how this can be made better, we would all be interested to see your attempts so we can comment and share our opinions on how well, or badly you have done!

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