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By on July 30, 2010, with 42 Comments

Wouldn’t bet my life on it, but comparing the styles used in both Invisible Neptune and today’s illusion – I think it’s safe to conclude that the author behind this one is great Sandro Del Prete again. Ne1 dares to disagree? Looking at the landscape, you’ll see some deer, few stumps and whole lot of everything, but how many of you have actually noticed the lil’-o-hidden lady? If you have problems seeing it, try looking at this through our very own optical illusion widget, and remember what we said about negative spaces…

Neptunes Sister Optical Illusion


42 Responses
  1. Optical says:

    It’s too obvious.

  2. anon says:

    why does that deer have roots growing out of its dick?

  3. ann says:

    I like these..saw the lady first, then the others.

  4. Shes obviously english and has fallen down drunk

  5. Awesome Anonymous says:

    very cool illusion, i came here from the illusion of the day widget, so i saw it immedietly but very cool

  6. it took me a minuet , but I did find the lady. Hint-look at the stump-

  7. HKWongalong says:

    not too hard to spot the figure in the negative space, but i do like how the stag comes out of a canvas into supposedly two different dimensions

  8. twitch says:

    How can you miss her??? Before I even clicked to see this picture the first two things to catch my eye was the deer and the lady that I thought it was a picture of the deer transforming into her.

  9. HKWongalong says:

    Plus what the heck is that funky horn thing the stag got growing underneath him/her.. :D on 1st comment lol

  10. Cherry Blossom says:

    This is just so cool! The people who make these things must be SSOOOO talented!

  11. Luver.of.Pie says:

    At first, I saw it without the woman. Then, I saw her, and now I can’t see it without her! Thanks for sharing!

  12. qwertyuiop says:

    i saw it right away

  13. Care Bear says:

    Pretty little thing, isn’t she?

  14. Cockney Cowboy says:

    She stood out like a sore thumb lol

  15. Radical Bombs says:


  16. t00tall10169 says:

    seen the lady right away ;)

  17. jaime ventura says:

    This is not an optical illusion. It´s quite easy to see the lady.

  18. Steven says:

    Once you see it, you can’t NOT see it.

  19. Zoe says:

    the girl was the first thing i saw

  20. Rhiannon says:

    uh… I saw the illusion after a while, but kind of… inappropriate ?

  21. awesomeman says:

    OMG I FOUND IT!! AWESOME!………….took me 3 min but i still love it and infact……… I LOVE ALL THESE ILLUSIONS!!

  22. Someone says:


  23. feces says:

    go f ur self

  24. Artistic. I would love to have this as a frame in my house.

  25. saw her before i saw the rest of the image!

  26. Latisha says:

    good illusion

  27. I see seven (7) hidden images. Is that all? A woman’s torso in the right tree trunk. The Lady Neptune. A man’s face smiling on the left. The two deer. A white wolf’s face in the puddle on the right. And a spider coming out of a hole at the base of the center tree trunk. Oh, I missed the eyes at the edge of the grass/dirt, that makes 8 images…I love this one!!!

  28. Aero says:

    I see it….. middle arch of the bridge is the head…from that it’s easy to see the whole body.

  29. Bruna Pontes says:

    This is one of the best from this site! really good!

  30. Chris G. says:

    Well done, Patricia Ann Ingram.

    All the wonderful observations, but nobody seems to mention how all THREE paintings are breaking out of their 2D worlds.

    Deer: While the tree/frame goes in front of the frame, the frame extends past the canvas.
    Dinner: The table comes forward on the left side.
    River: The tree grows up past the top of the canvas. AND the bottom right corner makes it seem the canvas is “door”ed to the right, but the top looks straight across.

    Along with all the other interesting intersections between paintings.

    Great artwork!

  31. Hey Ahn says:

    I didn’t see the hidden lady right away so it made this illusion really interesting for me. Wow!

  32. Zoe says:

    Wow.It took meh like an hour 2 solve this!!Y is she nude,and the deer has a root in his dick

  33. Lee says:

    I gotta’ tell ya – I never figure these things out, but in this one, the chick might as well been painted orange. I give it an F for effort.

  34. Annie says:

    i see the lady ( i see her chest too. OMG THAT PART INNAPROPRIATE I ALSO SEE HER BOTTOM ) and then i see a ghost stag behind the stag =.=’ LAME THE GIRL IS STANDING OUT

  35. seye says:

    OOOO I SEE HER NOW lol tiny breasts

  36. sMARTaSS says:

    Uggghh. Look where the antelopes horn is

  37. Jemima duck says:

    First I couldn’t see her, then saw her, then couldn’t stop seeing her every time I look at the picture!

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