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By on February 17, 2010, with 67 Comments

Hope you’ll enjoy this one as much as I have! What appears to be a drawn piece of paper is actually a construction made of welded steel. Be sure to jump inside this post for more different angles. Piece of art you see was created by Neil Dawson, who named it Horizons. It is located in New Zealand on “The Farm,” a large private art park owned by Alan Gibbs, a New Zealand businessman, entrepreneur, and art patron worth about $450 million dollars.

Neil Dawsons Horizons
Neil Dawsons Horizons
Neil Dawsons Horizons


67 Responses
  1. Cory says:

    interesting… very interesting.

  2. KATLIN says:


  3. Falon says:

    Wooooooowww, I wish I had something like that around here! Sweet!

  4. jansenist says:

    Probably my favorite posting from this site in a while . . . .

  5. Oh Man…that’s some great work! It’s really fascinating I can’t see it as a steel construction but as a comic script.Really amazing!

  6. Gloria says:

    awesome!! its so cute :)

  7. Lien says:

    i luv this! i want 1 in my yard too, lol.

  8. Rick Haviland says:

    Looks like a hanky just touching the ground. Really neat!

  9. Jupiter says:

    I love it…. Ok me a while to recognize it was a steel framework and not just a drawing…

  10. Nobody says:

    way cool.

  11. Russ Welch says:

    I don’t believe this one it has to be fake. The opposite view is an exact mirror image, even the trees are different.

  12. Detective Kitty says:

    This is definately an eye-popping illusion I was certain that it was just a photoshoped picture but it proved me wrong…well yes it coulde still be photoshopped but I actually highly edoubt it

  13. Noone says:

    I luv it!

  14. Tracy O Bryan Murray says:

    I love this one!

  15. Care Bear says:

    That’s a mighty big bed sheet–and transparent, too. It has some interesting possibilities, eh?

  16. ghjkil; says:

    i think it’s fake,but possibly real….

  17. Facebook User says:

    if it is real, it is sooooo cool! I don’t understand why it looks see through if it’s made from steel…

  18. Caroline says:

    WOW!! This one IS fantastic!

  19. cipper says:

    also imo it’s a fake: the portion that is transparent in the first image is patterned in the second. The second image seems a mirrored version of the first, but the trees are different, as already observed by Russ Welch.

  20. Leon says:

    why is it a different tree in the forground of the first image to the second and third image?

  21. Futz says:

    @Russ Welch
    Do you think it’s fake?
    It’s not a mirror image. It’s taken from the other side of the hill, hence the different tree.

  22. JD says:

    I just dont get it AT ALL even if is real i dont see how it can be art that would cost that much thats just me maybe I’ll come back and take a 158 look at it.

  23. Mm. Semantic illusion of the day. No JD, I’m pretty certain it isn’t the artwork that is worth $450m. But I’m still not certain whether it’s Alan Gibbs or his park which is worth that much. Vurdlak?

  24. ms.wow says:

    as a pro illousionist i say that its not good but ok im sure you can do better!

  25. Theresa says:

    Very cool! Wish I could see it in person!

  26. Justice193 says:

    QUOTE Cipher:
    >>”also imo it’s a fake: the portion that is transparent in the first image is patterned in the second. The second image seems a mirrored version of the first, but the trees are different, as already observed by Russ Welch.”<<

    this construction that appears to be 3 dimensional is a FLAT steel construction, and so it appears the same from both sides, if you viewed it straight from the front, all youd see is one vertical beam

    very well done illusion, with powerful 3 dimensional suggestions (it's 2D steel art), it's going in my list of cool things :P

  27. Futz says:

    “Alan Gibbs is one of New Zealand’s richest men – the NBR’s rich list puts his net worth at $450 million.”

  28. Futz says:

    Maybe one should ad for anyone who didn’t get it: the construction is somehow two dimensional. So that might be confusing. It looks like a three dimensional thingy but it’s just like a drawing (that is made to look three dimensional). If you would look at it from the right angle it would only look like a bar.

  29. jacehau says:

    Now I know how an ant feels when it sees a tissue jn jt’s way. Har har har

  30. jacehau says:

    Now I know how an ant feels when it sees a tissue is in it’s way. Har har har

  31. Alejandro Salas says:

    It seems really fake. I searched the web and only two images appear. This is the only site I saw with the 3rd image.

    Some people say it’s real though: http://www.rmastudies.org.nz/big-farm-day-out/

    Pretty weird that there so few pictures out there. Pliz post links if you find anything new.

  32. awesomeness says:

    awsum. i luv itt.

  33. Amanda says:

    I thought it was fake at first, so I started looking it up. It’s real. It’s too bad The Park isn’t open to the public (except for fundraisers), would be an awesome place to visit some day.

  34. someone says:

    wooooowwww iit reeaaaaaalllyyy lloooookks like ittttssss ffffaaaaakkeeeee but its not

  35. Astro says:

    The center image has been flipped left-right (mirror imaged) to create a more dramatic presentation. The lone pine tree nearby is the same in both photos, but the curve of the trunk is also flipped left-right; a giveaway at the ‘hoax’.
    Nevertheless, it is a delightful work of art.

  36. Facebook User says:

    That’s cool

  37. Justice193 says:

    @ Astro: the tree is missing the bottom half of it’s trunk, it is on the other side of the hill, the clouds look completly different, the grass is different and grows in a different pattern, the hill itself is shaped differently, the “image” covers a larger area, and the tree’s branches are positioned differently., first two pictures are from 3/4 views, third is straight on from a side.

  38. Tony Bailey says:

    my new favorite illusion. If its not real and just a concept, it could certainly be built.

  39. Teresa says:

    As soon as I realised it’s a 2-D structure rather than a 3-D one, I understood how it works. It took me AGES, but now that I understand, it really is quite cool.

  40. ryan says:

    It is clearly faked In the second and third picture it is transparent but in the first one it only shows white and even if there was a perfect cloud behind it it should still show the framework of the back part which is grey cross hatching but it just shows white.

  41. Amy says:

    ahhh this gives me a headache!!! it is really cool though XD

  42. Cullen says:

    Photo-shopped. Pretty pathetic if you ask me.

  43. Not an idiot says:

    This is fake, in the second picture, it shows the clouds. The clouds wouldve moved eventually and it wouldnt match the “sculpture” anymore.

  44. lego says:

    what justice193 said is accurate

  45. Brent says:

    Taht is triiiiiiiiipeh! XP

  46. Say What? says:

    It doesn’t make sense, as much as I want it to.

    You wouldn’t be able to see the clouds if it was real – look on the opposite side where the frame is shaded and then compare those shaded bits from the different viewpoints.

    It’s false, I apologise.

    I like otters.

  47. Say What? says:

    Actually now I’ve just got myself confused, I don’t want to admit that it’s real but it makes sense when you actually stare at it…

    I’m trying to look at it as some steel but it’s too good and I keep seeing the paper D:

  48. confused says:

    what im confused about if why the back of the sheet is coloured/pattern and you see this in all 3 pics yet you dont see the same on the front of the sheet and its see through which to me make me think its fake. some poeple have said its a 2D art work then how can there be a back to the sheet if its just afew steel bars? if some can explain this please do.

  49. LOL says:

    I think is doesn’t have a backing, the black part is the steel and thats all there is to it

  50. LOL says:

    the last image is fake though

  51. Dolphin says:

    It’s not fake,by the way,and cool!

  52. Marcus says:

    No, because, if you look at all the pictures, even though the angle is change, it still looks like in the other pictures.
    The artist is just fooling you as much as he’s fooling me. Just you’re too dumb to think the last picture is fake.

    • BUFU says:

      saying “it’s fake” is actually the easy way for the dummies…
      it’s clearly NOT the same in all the pictures…
      only a genius mind could create something like this!

  53. Aaron Yan Hearn Ng says:

    Sigh… yet again its the paintbrush stuff… get the picture on paintbrush and make it on there… too many illusions r made dat way

  54. Grace says:

    So cool!! :) =)

  55. Aaron says:

    this is obvious fake 2 reasons=the black lines on the sheet medal would not be there…look at shhet metal in pictures n in real life n tell me it looks anywhere near this…if u say it does…go cut ur fucking eyes out

  56. e.v says:

    Apparently these are *three different statues*.

  57. Popeye says:

    Almost got me with this one. Nice try! I really wanted this to be true, but after a little analysis there’s only one conclusion: F A K E !!!

  58. ME!!! says:

    i think he has just taken the picture and drawn on it there fore giving the impression that the sky was painted on

  59. Carolyn says:

    the pixellation proves it’s fake. come on guys.

  60. Giorgiio says:


  61. Chelsea says:

    Here’s a link to Alan Gibbs’ farm http://www.gibbsfarm.org.nz/

  62. Chelsea says:

    Oh and the bit for the sculpture itself. Some of the pictures are taken from the “wrong” angle http://www.gibbsfarm.org.nz/dawson.php

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