Nature Stereograms

Peter Dodds sent me 5 nature stereograms that work if you look at them crossing your eyes. I have most succes with these, since some I never managed to see. Here’s what Peter wrote: “Here’s 5 more stereograms…about nature! I searched Specifically for cross-eyed stereograms, so these wont work by relaxing your eyes.” Which stereogram you like the most? Spider one is little scary, but I like the spiral plant one the most! For more Stereograms, visit appropriate “Stereogram Category”.

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  1. Oooooof! I just *can’t* do these! I can do the kind that go the other way, but I simply can’t make these work at *all*. Fun to try though. Thanks for posting these.

  2. Nice! Stereograms are my favorite. Still don´t get why 3D movies haven´t been popularized much more. (one gender of movie in particular, …but won´t go into further details!)

  3. Uff, I like stereograms a lot, I see and enjoy them all, but these are terribly difficult for me.
    I think they are too big and separate in my 1024×768 screen.
    I’ll zoom them off, to reach my eyes separation, and then will be ok, sure.
    Thanks for this lollipop

  4. I can never see these properly. I think I saw one once, but I could never do it again. I don’t understand how these are so popular, none of my friends or family can see them…Is it a phychological thing or an optical thing?

  5. lol, pretty nice! Funny enough it works with the album cover of Tool’s latest album 10,000 days, it has a special kind of glasses inside it, the album booklet is filled with stereograms too. The one with the butterfly worked great for me!

  6. Yeah, cross your eyes just enough to get three pictures and concentrate on the middle one. The spider looks the most 3-D

  7. These never work for me.. I never managed to see a 3rd picture or any 3d image…
    Maybe is it because I have almost no sight on my left eye?

  8. omg! THX FOR THIS! i neva could view sterograms until i saw that curly plant one! now i can c them all!! the butterfly one is the best one in my opinion cause its got more 3D layers…

  9. Whoa, love these! It took a little trying, but I figured it out: you cross your eyes until the 2 images look like four, then you relax your eyes and let the images slide back together until it looks like 3 frames and try to keep the 3 frames and focus only on the middle one. It sounds complicated, but now that I figured it out I can’t stop looking!

  10. :( i cant nor have i ever been able cross my eyes. i had an eye surgery when i was a toddler so it made it to where i can never cross my eyes. lol. to bad, whish i knew what it looked like

  11. These images are also the wrong way round to be correctly viewed in genuine 3D.

    The raindrops *appear* to be 3D because of the shallow depth of field (only foreground in focus), and the spider is too close to the leaf to benefit from a dramatic 3D effect.

    But the fly, the butterfly and the curly plant would all benefit greatly from the images being the correct way round.

  12. Holy shit thats insane, i never figured out how to get these to work in the past, but thanks to the very bottom image i found the point of where they merge and become 3 solid images and then after a moment the 2 side images vanish and im left with this phenomenal 3d effect!

  13. You HAVE to RELAX your eyes, if you cross them, you are unable to see a focused image and therefore it is blurry, but when you relax your eyes the image is very clear and 3D.

  14. urgh i have a headache now after 20 mins of trying to cross my eyes but i cant cross them for more than a second before they go normal again. And I can cross my eyes for as long as I want normally but as soon as the 2 images become three my eyes instantly focus on them and screw the whole thing up! Why can some people do it and others cant?

  15. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I DID IT I ACTUALLY DID IT! I managed to get it to finally work after lots of eye straining and practice, but I still find it tricky to get the image in focus after i’ve got it all 3D-like.

  16. I like the water droplet one. It’s just the simplicity of it. Though I love stereograms, especially these kind. :D

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