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By on June 22, 2011, with 32 Comments

Natural Pride Optical IllusionThere is this website that specializes in daily T-Shirt deals. Each day one perspective artist is featured, whose design is then put into spotlight. The site I’m talking about is called woot.com, and more often than not I was refereed to it by our loyal illusion-submitting fans.

Recently, artist who goes under the name of bassanimation got his design put into center of attention. Titled “National Pride”, the soft-colored motive depicts a mighty tree standing still in the middle of nowhere. But there is so much more to it than meets the eye! Try and see which animal might be hidden somewhere inside this pic.

I understand this illusion is easier to see than not, yet it somehow reminded me of Chow Hon Lam’s “Feng-shui Dragon” and this is why I chose to share it.

Natural Pride Optical Illusion


32 Responses
  1. Stefan says:

    a lion looking to the left, beautiful

  2. Dantheman1119 says:

    that took me like 10 minutes!

  3. SDER says:

    It’s obviously a lion, but good illusion and nice play on words too.

  4. PromiseMe says:

    Looks like I got the first comment!

  5. ANONIMO says:

    IT IS A LION??

  6. me123987645 says:

    if you can’t find it i’ll give you a hint to what it is. which animal is claimed to be prideful?

  7. Bob the wezel says:


  8. Becki says:

    I love these… might have to check out that website and get one! Thanks for brightening up my day with such a beautiful picture and illusion

  9. Kimbo says:

    there’s a tiger in it~

  10. Phil says:

    What’s the betting that the sales of this t-shirt go through the roof today after being featured here? heh.

  11. zysmith says:

    There’s an animal here? I think you’re lion.

  12. Apurva says:

    Lion! :)

  13. Anon says:

    It’s one of two animals:
    1) A female lion
    2) A koala bear

  14. David Bethke says:

    I saw the lion first, THEN said, “Oh there’s a tree behind him!”

  15. fossda says:

    its a face hidden in the tree. so yeah.

  16. Richard Haviland says:

    It appears to me to be a lion hidden within the tree. Nice illusion………:)

  17. Care Bear says:

    Looks like the lion has been using the tree as a scratching post. Maybe not as environmentally friendly as one would assume. Great pic, though.

  18. Lisssa says:

    it’s a lion![: ahh pretty lion[:

  19. This guy says:

    So, is this one called “NATURAL pride” or “NATIONAL pride”?

  20. notarealname says:

    ether its a dragon or a lion

  21. Sarah-Jane says:

    found it straight away ;)

  22. EricaMiracle says:

    I see two lions: one on the left, and a growling one on the right.

  23. express says:

    sorry, but I think I see a sheep, I know I’m wrong

  24. ZL123 says:

    Lion. But two lions? Yes.

  25. very early says:

    I see it now, better if you are not too close to it, Stand back a bit Now that I see it I can’t not see it, its as clear as day to me now.

  26. K says:

    I only saw the lion after reading the comments…

  27. Lex says:

    I see just one lion?

  28. a person says:

    once you see it you can’t see the tree again
    it’s weird!

  29. FAKE says:

    A lion lol it was easy good one

  30. COOLART says:

    wow that art work is good and it only took me 2sec to find the lion just one look

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