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By on March 7, 2007, with 15 Comments

I received letter from game developer Patrick Melton today, and being a big fan of our site, he offered Mighty Illusion visitors couple of full games to download for free! Yeah! They usually cost around 20$, but you can get them for free through our website :) It looks like we got our first exclusive offer :) You can get two games of your choice completely for free. He explained me the procedure to get them, and I downloaded Mysterville successfully. The game resembles illusions located in spot the object section. You have to solve a mystery meeting bizarre characters and strange locations. There is an illusion hidden in the screen shot below. Can you find it? It’s not the best one, but hard to spot. Here’s the procedure to obtain Mysterville and another game of your choice:

1.) Go to this link – MYSTERYVILLE FREE with Game Pass

2.) Enter your email address, create a password and start your signup.
3.) On the next page you will need to enter your credit card information – but it won’t be billed (unless you remain a GamePass member for more than 30 days).

There are no commitments, you can cancel anytime and keep your free Game. This is an offer from Real.com, respectful company that produced famous Real Player, so don’t worry, it’s secure and reliable.

I also have games section in my sidebar, where games can be downloaded for free, but they are trial versions and full games had to be paid. In the contrast, on Real.com you can get almost all of these games in full version for free. Just follow the process I described ;) Test it and post your comments. Hope you like what I’m doing for you here. This seemed as a nice way of giving something to my loyal visitors ;) If you want to choose your free game yourself, follow the same procedure through this link – Sign up and get two full games for free

  • Elliexx ANIMALS ROCK!!

    thats kl, but isnt this site meant to be more 2 do with the illusions?

    1st comment!!!!!!!!

  • Michelle

    …i really dont get it…
    what’s the illusion?

    all i see is a glass upside down as a lamp…

  • p.

    If you love this game- then you’ll love the Harry Potter website.

  • Libiom

    Well, I see quite a few things amiss/askew/backward in this drawing. The lamp, of course, was mentioned before, but there are also floating bottles and glasses, a backward clock, a picture frame that appears to flatten out as you approach the edge, a mouse that seems to be in a straitjacket, “ALE” written in reverse print, and none of the clocks agree on the time. There’s a dragon on the back wall through the door, and a cat on the wall below the Christmas lights

  • Elliexx ANIMALS ROCK!!

    i dont c the illusion

  • briam

    The green bar at the top says there are 17 left. I think the objective is to find all the glasses.

  • Ashton

    Michelle said…

    …i really dont get it…
    what’s the illusion?

    all i see is a glass upside down as a lamp…

    If you download the Game, then you will understand ;)


  • Anonymous

    Well DUH!!!! It’s NOT an illusion!!!! Thats a screenshot from the game that you can get for free!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    The illusion is that in the top-right on the shelf, the wine glass is on its side but the wine in it is rotated with the wine glass.

  • Anonymous

    Thick person central.

  • Sand

    yes the pic is from the game, I think its kinda cool that his illusion pic is from the game since he just got finished propoting it. Thanks for the eal by the way. But I looked at the pic and realized I probably will not find a particular illusion because since I love the mystery games anyway, I realize that there will be a lot of things you can say are an illusion. Still a cool idea for the pic of the day for something different. Not to mention that if you love optical illusions than you will probably love the mystery game. Cool promotional idea. Just hope nothing hurts my brand new computer if I try to download it!

  • Russ

    are we hawking games here now? Boo hiss

  • y

  • Costy


  • l V.

    It’s the chair at the table on the right edge of the picture. it’s tucked under the table and facing out simultaneously.