Mysterious Shape Illusion

When it comes to Rorschach and his tests, usually the answer isn’t specified. Supposedly, depending what you see in the provided flecks, should give an examiner a vague insight into your psychological state of mind. However, we do things little differently here on Mighty Optical Illusions properties. The below provided ink-ish flecks, when understood properly, give only one correct answer. So what it is? What can you see below? Perhaps we can judge what kind of a person you are depending on your final answer? Let us begin…

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  1. zoomed out significantly, I see suggestions of a girl in a cowboy hat. The image is shot from an upward-facing perspective below the girl’s head.

    I do not know if this is correct. The image falls apart for me when I zoom back in and see it full size whereas most “illusions” stick for me once I see them and I can’t “unsee” them.

  2. Sometimes i find the caption with the illusions to be diffficult to understand what you are trying to say. Is there an answer here, and wtf is it.

    I dont understand a lot of the daily posts the site creator attached with his pictures.

  3. I can’t see anything (including any comments yet so no help for me) It sort of looks like a woman wearing large sunglasses (the small black island near the middle of the image is her mouth, and she is looking left) but not clearly enough to be the answer. I also see a skeleton (head on the right, torso around the “woman’s mouth”, and then weird legs and arms going downwards) but that’s not it either.

    So I don’t get this one… looking forward to the answer.

  4. Um. A woman with a wide-brimmed hat that casts a shadow over her eyes?
    Took me very long to see that. If it is, indeed, that.

  5. I see a woman with a big hat. The huge black splotch at the top mmiddle of the picture is the shadow, and the black splotch just below it is her mouth, something like this image:


  6. Is it supposed to be a somewhat abstract image of Hamlet holding Yorick’s skull? Possibly? :)

    I can’t really see any ‘clear’ image besides that.

  7. Oh golly, there are no comments posted yet to let me see if I got it right! The stress of it all.

    I see a lady, looking down and to the left. But I see it much better in the small image and by backing away from the screen.

    If this was Rorschach, I think I see an alien spacecraft slamming into a highway overpass and crushing a bunch of cars. I didn’t realize that I was so disturbed.

  8. Is this one of those illusions where you stare at the picture for a long time, and then look at a blank wall to see the residue hypersensitized pixels remaining that results in a picture? There was one with Jesus.

  9. It looks like a bunch of people lying face up on the floor in a circle. The white bits are the people, like the one near the bottom, its got two sticky out bits like the nose and chin, and a bit coming out the back like a ponytail. Meh. Just reminded me of a picture once of me and my friends doing the same thing.

  10. Im seeing mostly big white faces with scary black eyes.
    But after reading the tags, I kept searching.

    Most of what I can see is the outline of a young woman sitting in a awkward position on the far left for the viewer.

    But there is still a hunchbacked old guy with a spooky face bending over her.

    In the center there is Mario’s head by the way, tilted so it looks at the old guy. :)

  11. I went from landmasses surrounded by water (black on white) to four zombies not very pleased with the fact that they are tangled in a cobweb (white on black).

    A pony for someone who can tell me what the hell that’s supposed to mean! :P

  12. I see a lot of faces… a couple of letters and get tired trying to figure out what the illusion actually is.

    I’d like it if you could give a little more than questions surrounding the artists intentions.


  13. In the large black ink fleck I see a profile face of a witch with a hooked nose. In her neck area I see a joung girl with a dress.(White fleck)Also I can see a profile face – white fleck in the mouth area from the black witch, and last a ghost face in the hooked nose area.

  14. Looks like I’m going to have to think about this awhile. I see black and white shapes with no connecting relationship. There is what reminds me of a bird with a big beak and some weird faces

  15. I’m not buying the woman in a hat. Seeing that in the tags, I could pick out what blobs were involved and see it, however the hat is badly shaped and there’s too much background noise that registers far more strongly as faces than the woman’s half hidden face. So even after understanding it properly, I can only see it the “correct” way if I really concentrate and focus on that… otherwise it quickly devolves into the couple of cartoonish ghosts (as others have mentioned) which have far more sticking power. This makes it a very bad example of this type of illusion, because it’s trivially unseen… I have no problem not seeing the woman at all and just seeing the image as a close up of a Frisian dairy cow.

  16. Woman with a hat on.
    Looking to her right.
    The big black blob is her hat and her nose and eye and mouth are right below the black blob.
    (eye and nose connected to the black blob) Look closely…
    Almost looks like a old fashion hat.

  17. Well, have to say, first one in a very long that has stumped me. I too read “woman, hat” in the tags, and thought they were just red herrings, as I could see neither, but then having read someone comment that, looked again and there she was.

    A little too tenuous for my liking, far too many shapes that are nothing to do with the illusion, in fact there are many things that I can see in there:

    1. A man sat in a park by a lake surrounded by trees
    2. A couple of skeletons spinning round a room
    3. A duck in a wooded setting
    4. A people running around on fire screaming
    5. A woman with a hat on

    Out of the above 4 is the most vivid for me…

  18. Here is the solution, the biggest black blob is the hat, then there is like a half circle of white below the big blob, this white is her face, then there is a small black island blob on the left side of the half circle, these are her lips, then directly above the lips is her nose, then to the right of her nose is a black hump which is her eye.

    She is looking toward her right, but you’re left, it’s a profile view of “her” left side of her face. What I don’t get is that it seems like there is a ton of extra black blobs that are useless to the picture. That’s what throws this image off. Once you see the image, you will wonder why all the extra blobs are there.

    1. Must be more than just a lady with a hat (I hope, otherwise it’s a lame one). Only problem is once you spotted her, you cannot sea other thing anymore than this woman staring at you.

    2. Agreed, GP. I saw the lady in the hat pretty quickly, but all those extra blobs made me think I must be missing something. The post says, “The below provided ink-ish flecks, when understood properly, give only one correct answer.” I beg to differ. As we can read from all the replies, a lot of people kind of see the same thing, but there’s still quite a bit of uncertainty.

      I love this site, but this post hasn’t been its finest moment.

    3. Gp: I think the extra blobs are just remnants of the background in the original image (painting/photo) that haven’t been removed when it was converted down to black and white

  19. I see it! Finally! Look at the small (widget) version. It is a lady with a hat on. One eye is hidden under the hat. Her head is tilted slightly to (your) left. 1920’s style.
    Once you see it it’s all you can see. She is in the centre of the picture not sure what all the “blobs” around her are.

  20. If you look diagonally yuo mite see a witch and a girl and the thing in the middle is a witch’s bowl thing or a cat.

  21. For the life of me, I can’t see a woman wearing a hat.

    On the other hand, I don’t see any unified image at all.

    I see various seemingly unrelated images. I do see a lady, possibly in an old-fashioned bustled dress or possibly an old-fashioned hoop skirt. I see what might be someone strangling or possibly punching someone else. I see someone wearing a robe or a great coat jumping or possibly falling. All of these unrelated images are all around the lower portion of the image from left to right, and all of them are formed by the white in the image. I see nothing cohesive in the black areas at all. And I see nothing in the upper area of the image, except the lady wearing the dress extends into the upper half.

    Not sure if I like this one or not. On the one hand, interesting that its open to so many different interpretations, on the other, it lacks that moment of truly seeing the illusion and knowing, for certain, that you “got” it.

  22. Right… Even cheating by using the tags as hints of what to look for I was completely unable to see it. So I read several answers and with a very detailed explanation I was able to see it at last.

    I gotta say. The “correct” solution is waaaaaaay far-fetched.

    What I do see, is a couple giant aliens looking at some tiny people: a ballarina, a break-dancer and what a martial artist.

  23. i can see the lady with the hat – kind of. but somehow i think there is something more to this. will someone please just tell me what it is???

  24. I see a serial killer inspecting his favorite knife, there is a nick in the blade and hes concerned that it will affect its feel and performance, his biggest concern is whether its left any real clue to his identification, will he finally be recognized for his achievements, or will those idiot police completely miss its significance, in a moment he realizes that he needs to test it, he needs to make certain that it will still perform as required, but who, which of those he watches is suitable, it has to be someone less worthy, if the blades performance is less that perfect it could mar the…..

    oh, sorry, I was rambling…. my psychiatrist tells me that I’m the only person ever to actually fail a Rorschach test :)

    PS, once you see the woman in a hat then its hard to see anything else, which kinda proves its the right answer

  25. I’m so glad that this is actually a horrible illusion and I’m not just going crazy. I read the solution and I can still only barely see what they’re talking about.

  26. I flipped and rotated image and in normal position printed image on my HP Laser 1010 and put on the wall. I walked over room looking far and near, then I took pencil and shaped image. I was looking only for a woman. I am not interested for another stuff. And what I saw and drew? Witch in the middle 35-45 old. The most important for me is discovering young white (or in white) woman (20-25 old) left of the witch. She is little bit taller, looking on her left, I suppose on the witch.

  27. I see the lady with the hat that others describe. And I also see another lady to her left leaning in and talking to the lady with the hat. The profile of the forehead and nose of the lady leaning in intersects with left part of the hat brim, as though the lady leaning in is just under the hat brim. The lady leaning in has her hair done in a large bun on top of her head.

    1. A correction: The lady leaning in is to the RIGHT of the hat lady, or to the left as we view the picture.

  28. I see “Puss in Boots”–The big blob is a large hat a-la Three Musketeers. Under a cat face in profile is a cape with some kind of decoration. On the left side of the picture is a person in a white shirt with dark suspenders/braces and a domino mask. On the other side of the hat is another face (a ghost perhaps).

  29. Is it weird that I see absolutely nothing in this? Exploded zebra is about as close to something that i get out of this.

  30. Definitely a woman with a large hat, dressed in clothes from about 100 years ago. As for the other shapes around her, I suppose they could be a pattern on a parasol, she could be holding that with her right hand. Just a thought.

  31. The first day this was up, I couldn’t see it either. The next day, I saw it immediately when I first looked at it. Now, it’s all I see.

    The person with the big hat looking to his/her right (my left).

  32. i think the point of this illusion is that there is no solution. You see what you want to see. for example i dont realy see a woman with a hat, i first seen a elephant to the left, a ghost silhouette on the bottom right and possibly a dog where everyone is sayin there is a woman with a hat, also possibly a face on the top right. It is purposely vague so as you interpret what you see in your own way which reflects your personality.

  33. The woman in a hat was the most obvious match for me too, but surely that can’t be it. A woman with a big round ball of a face unlike any woman I’ve ever seen? If that’s the answer then this is a rather poor illusion.

    I can also see a dog lying down, head to the left of the image – it looking a out of the image, slightly to the right. Now I’ve seen it, it works a bit better than the woman, but it still isn’t a very good match.

  34. I don’t see how this is an optical illusion. There is no strict answer, and any suggestions are no more than the speculation of, say, looking at shapes in clouds.

  35. Clearly a woman wearing a hat – no question about that. I think the photo is looking up from below, so there is a tree or something behind her (which explains all of the other blobs). Oh, and I’m guessing she’s wearing a tie or something jacket, which explains the cross sort of thing in the bottom right. Original photo (before stripping it down to 2 colors) would be something like this – except of course that there is a tree behind plus she must have had a dark shirt on with a light colored tie: [img][/img]

  36. Please update the original post and let us know whether it really is the woman in a hat, or if there is some other correct solution…. or no solution at all and it’s just ink blots.

  37. Like others who commented, I can see a woman in a big hat, but when viewed in my widget it looks more like a cowboy lighting up a smoke as in the old Marlboro ads.

  38. OK… I think maybe I finally see the “woman in the hat”. If so, what is everyone keying on to make this a woman?

    OK, what I’m seeing is the hat is the large black blob in the upper middle. The figure’s body is diagonal in the frame to the lower right. The cruciform white area in the lower right is on the chest of the figure. And to be honest, it doesn’t look like a “woman” to me, it looks like a guy wearing a tricorn hat and a ruffled shirt — like an officers uniform from “Mutiny on the Bounty”.

    And as far as “once you see it you can’t see anything else”, I disagree. I can see that now — and I presume it is the “correct” answer, since it fits in with other descriptions of it — but I can still just as easily see other figures too.

  39. It is a lady wearing a hat (hat and shadow casted on face is the main black blob). Just below that is her mouth. Bottom right hand corner (‘white ghost’) is her hand touching her chin. Trees in background. Her shoulders are seen too. Boo-yeah!

  40. I see random splotches on paper… I wonder what that says about my psychological state…. :D If it is a person looking to a side, then the splotches behind it would be…. what?

  41. Quote:
    The below provided ink-ish flecks, when understood properly, give only one correct answer.

    Well, seems like you’ve stumped us. Let’s hear it.

  42. I came back after a few days to see the solution, since I couldn’t see it no matter how hard I tried. I’m really disillutioned (hehe) since there is no solution yet.

    I can sorta see the bat-woman lookalike with the lips near the center, but that does not explain the silouettes of a man and a woman rubbing noses in the upper left corner, where the man wears a weird dinosaur earring.

  43. I see a man with a large nose taking up the upper left portion and he is on his knee leaning in to the right and he is holding a woman leaning on his hand almost like in a tango dance when the man leans down with the woman about to kiss. The white blob in the upper right corner is a tree in the backround and the cross type thing in the bottom right corner is like a bench or something. Thats whatI dominately see but I can also see the woman with the hat. Can you see the these or am I hallucinating?

  44. for those who need help to find a person with that hat loook for the bigggest black spot if u see that that is shadow of his hat and then the two spots that are connected to him are his eyes and then the spot under all of that is the mouth hope that helped u thxx

  45. (White) In the top right corner, I see a skull. In the bottom right corner, I see a ghost. In the bottom middle, I see an old witch. In the left side middle, I see a young witch on a broomstick and has really long hair. In the top middle, I see a skull with womans hair. (Black) I see an old witchy woman with a hat and a long nose trying to kiss a monster.

  46. I see the man in the hat with a demon grabbing him around the shoulder and hat on your right and the devils face close up on your left.He yakes up the whole length.Welcome to hell.Mwahaha!

  47. just search “woman in hat illusion” you get the answer… i posted mine with link, but then the owner don’t approve it…

  48. This is what i see: From the middle to the right a man (or woman) with a tophat. On the left side a woman looking, maybe speaking or screaming at him. Her hair waves behind her. In front of the man – maybe a steering wheel and the angle of the original picture is made from the point of the rearview mirror at the cars left side. I think it is a scene of a film, but don´t know wich.

  49. its a load of dinosaurs!!! theres 2 in the bottom right corner looking in from the side and one in the top left corner. and theres a gronkle (from how 2 train ur dragon) with a womans head in the black spot in the middle!!!! and its eating a dead man!!!


  51. I saw three people, just their faces, all kind of melting together… And when I looked later, I could still see the faces, but there was some creepy hunch-backed figure as well. I wonder what we’re meant to see?

  52. I see a detective, with his hat, kind of looking down on everyone. Right in the center. The large black spot is his hat. His waistcoat is on the lower left corner.

    1. Yep. I see it. Man in a hat. But I don’t think he’s looking down, I think he’s tilting his head back.

  53. i see loads of things. a dead man on the bottom right corner, I also see a man with an afro, an old granny on the left and loads of faces….

  54. I see two person standing close, one is talking about car seat, shoe, and floor while the other is listening. He is also thinking about dancing.:D

  55. I see two different things depending on when I look at it. The first time I looked at it tit looked like a man in a fedora with random splurges of ink around him. The second time it seemed like three odd daemon shadow skeleton things were turning a human into one of their own.

  56. i see… islands and a skull. i don’t think there is one true answer. no answers are wrong yet none are right.

  57. A dinosaur – upper left (black)
    A woman with a long nose – upper left (white)
    A concept car – upper left (black, woman’s ‘ear’)
    2 skulls – first vertical quarter
    – last vertical quarter
    A bear and Ninja fighting – lower right
    A lot of shoes

  58. geez so many people see violence (or something perverted) but anyways it looks like a woman’s head whose are are shaded in the big black spot in the mid. i do see something that looks like an apatosaurus and a skull on the right and what looks like two people about to kiss in the top left. hey if you turn the image there are a lot of different stuff…i see a bird! and two people kissing sideways!

  59. I saw a little child walking down a hill towards an old deceitful “beggar” with some kind of potion in a cup. The entire seen in being watched by ghosts and spirits of death.

  60. I see people… One is facing front turning their head to talk to the other person on the left looking straight at them?

  61. And now Vrudlak? What´s the answer. What do we see here. There are many suggestions. But i doubt they´re the right ones.

  62. So, what is the correct answer? I scrolled through the comments to see what everyone saw, and looked at the picture and saw all of those things… Is there really only one correct answer? If so, what is it?

  63. I see (on the left) a wicked clown looking in our direction, (on the right) another clown probably a follower of the first said clown, and both ready to “party” (what ever their thoughts on what a party would be)

  64. Well, I see a cat in the sky with swan wings staring down at the devil and his servants. Includes an archery cat:)

  65. To be honest, i dont think there really is any specific answer. A lot of the answers given by ither users are possible and some i could see them myself. Personally, i see a horse running.

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