Mutated Face Illusion

This is getting old… still, its a nice illusion, but think we already have had bunch of similar examples. I’m posting this one to entertain our new users, but regular visitors won’t object seeing another variation of deformed face illusion. Original one posted on Mighty Illusions was Mona Lisa’s smile. Do you remember it? I’d like to find out who of you is our longest visitor? Would be cool if some of you are with us from the very first beginnings. Do you know what was the first illusion posted on this site? To find out visit March 2006 archive. You’ll find many old school illusions there. Notice how my style of writing was different back then… I was short with English vocabulary probably.. lol!

Concerning the image below, notice how it looks normal (seems there is nothing very strange about it). When you rotate it 180 degrees, you see how the abnormality becomes quite visible then. Something to do with our brain processing faces. Too scientific for my taste ;)

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  1. I haven’t been here from the beginning but I have seen my fare share of these. I came here right when you were able to “customize” google, right when the widget came out. I can’t remember when that was. Hey, next post can you make a link to your very first illusion on this site? I would really like to see what it is!

  2. Why can’t a photoshopped pic be a great illusion? And how come lots of people think it’s only lame photo manipulation?

    The point of this is just how simple and ridiculous manipulation can easily fool our brain. It’s deeply determined by the fundamental principles of how our brains perceive and recognize human faces. There is an entire scientific field dedicated to it. I found it’s completely fascinating since my major is neuroscience, or maybe I’m just a nerd.

    P.S. I’ve been a fan of this great site for a long time. Thanks for all the good work, keep it up~

  3. wow dats. . .weird


  4. Hey – I think it’s as good an illusion as you’ll get! I thought it was only the mouth that had been stunted until I scrolled down o_O

  5. thats very cool! i first noticed that the mouth was really strange on the first pic, than i looked at the other pic it was really freaky!!

    At first i’m like, Oh just a face turned upside down. Then I looked at thee second picture and i’n like Eeeewww. XP

  7. Ooh ooh pick me I know why you don’t tend to notice it. It’s because we, as a species, don’t tend to hang upside down from trees or rafters etc. Therefore, our brain isn’t used to processing upside down faces. When I was little one of my friends was doing a handstand and I didn’t actually recognise him! However, as monkeys, as a species are used to hanging upside down from trees etc. they are used to seeing faces upside down, and so would be able to spot a face distorted in that way much more easily.

  8. What I don’t understand is why in the 1st picture the nose is upside down to begin with. Is this a manipulation of the original theory that went wrong.

  9. Um…. I got this without even looking at it upside down. As soon as I saw it I was like, “wtf, how is this an illusion?”

    I’ve always had this thing where, even if I was upside down, I would still be able to make everything out as if it were right side up.

    That… can’t be good, right? XD

    Also, this is a cool blast from the past. All these comments are years old. It’s just weird to think about… lmao.

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