Mural of a Reflection Illusion

Paul Jennings sent me an incredible mural painting this evening. Don’t worry folks, I have your submissions in my queue, and are still waiting to be posted, it’s just that this one slipped higher on priority list by accident. It has nothing to do with his flattering for the site ;) This is what Paul had to say about his submission: “Hi, I just found your amazing optical illusions site from a web link and thought you might enjoy a photograph I took in Milwaukee in 2005. It is a building which has a design made out of colored bricks on one side which looks like windows and a reflection of another building. In fact it is a smooth side with no windows or anything else!”

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  1. afrofernandort – I think that whole side of the building is a mural (the 1930’s art deco style), not architecture! The light doesn’t seem to be coming from the right direction to cast those shadows on the windows. Can Paul or Vurdlak confirm this? Very cool illusion anyway.

  2. This is the Grand Theater building. The building that is “reflected” in the mural was torn down over 20 years ago. An optical illusion that makes a rather average building beautiful.

  3. thats very cool! at first i couldnt see how the bricks were colored, but by looking closer i could see how it was done. very cool!!!

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