Mt. Everest From Space

Philip Terry emailed me another NASA picture of the day. This picture of Mt. Everest was taken from the space station, posted on the NASA website. Phillip said: “What’s the deal? I stared at this picture for a half an hour, seeing it inverted. I had to leave and go back to the computer to see it correctly. Then it’s really hard to see it inverted again.” This also happened to me! I first saw it concave, but after seeing it convex, I couldn’t switch again. It’s the same deal we had previously with embedded hand print. Be sure to check other similar illusions, like: Bjorn Borg, dragon illusion and Machu Picchu.

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  1. 1)I don’t understand, are we supposed to find the bigfoot figure in this picture?

    2)Do you think they took the picture at night and used flash?

    3)this mountain doesn’t look so big, I don’t understand why its so hard to climb, then maybe thats also an illusion.

    Take care, adam

  2. I see a fist and a some sort of alien face in the lower left hand corner. It looks like the fist and the face are fighting… Am I weird?

  3. That’s so cool! It’s yellow jacket beehive nest that looked like match with this photo. All layers of grey neutral colors.

  4. Wow thats a nice view of Mt. Everest! I love how it is at the head of the valley! Though the illusion didn’t seem to work for me…

  5. hey peps first person to leave a comment .wat is this 1 allabout. i like all of the other crap! it is cool!

    wat is this site all about any way?


  6. Its still sticking out for me! All well, guess I just stink at this. I found that if I cross my eyes a little, the pic becomes a little sharper looking.

  7. (1st comment! i think) wow that’s awesome, i thought thouse were rivers at first but then i realized they were shadows when i sow the continuous outline going through one of the “rivers”. i got pwnd…

  8. wow that was strange. it didn’t take me a half an hour to see.. more like 10 seconds, but at first i couldnt figure out why i couldnt see it correctly.

  9. I think i am first. That is so cool(being first). Also even though the pic is cool what are you talkiing about when you say there is another pic that he looked at?

  10. If you don’t see the mountains, try tilting your head to the left while looking at the picture – it may just pop out at you.

  11. 1) it’s so hard to climb because it’s at a huge altitude and it’s hard to do anything
    2) you see bigfoot?
    3)they could never use a flash big enough to see that clearly without blinding everybody there

  12. I don’t get it. What is it suppose to be? I don’t even know what I’m suppose to be looking for, so how can I find it? I’m not sure as heck going to spend 10-30min just looking at an image.

  13. lol, wow that took me a while to figure that out !
    At first I thought the top left of the picture was the closest to the camera, like a rock face, but now I see the landscape view, where the closest bit to the camera is actually in the bottom right of the photo

  14. Someone tell me where bigfoot is!!!! I wanna see him. I’ve been looking and looking, but I don’t see anything…..:^(

  15. There’s no secret.
    Its just: shades not showing to a used direction.
    If you rotate the picture about 45° clockwise, or turn your head to the left, so that the river/street leads straight toward you, then you see immedeatly the normal mountains.

  16. i saw what you mean. when you save the picture, look at it first rotate to the right until the picture is upside down, rotate right again until you got the picture to itd original position and you’ll see that the rocks changes from concave to conves. but if you rotate it to the left, you find that it goes back to being concave from convex

  17. Our brains are use to the lighting of objects coming from above. In this image the lighting is coming from below (bottom right). If you rotate the image 180 degrees it becomes obvious what is going on.

    An easy way to switch from convex to concave is to sweep your eyes from top left to bottom right (concave) and then from bottom right to top left (concave).

  18. AHH!!!! I see…As your eyes get tired…the picture moves..!! nice!! this is like the sonee scary clip on youtube ;D

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