Mountain Head Optical Illusion

You’ll think I’m not very talented for spotting optical illusions, since I had this photo on my computer for over a year now, and never spotted the intended illusion… until yesterday. Well, supposedly this image should contain optical illusion which I wasn’t quite convinced. Don’t panic, spotting it should be easy, it’s just that I didn’t spend too much time over it, since I thought this submission was hoax. The illusion it hides can be understood via this article’s Title, and if this isn’t enough as a hint, you should check Machu Picchu optical illusion in the archives. How long did it take you to find the hidden object? Was it easy? Am I disabled? Enjoy!

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  1. I couldn’t find it at first – like 20 seconds of looking, going what head, a monkey head? Then it just popped out at me and now I can’t see it any other way!

  2. you can’t judge illusions on how “easy they are”

    its more on cleverness or originality.

    i think this one is tight. its not way out there, but it is well done.


  3. Whoever writes the descriptions for these illusions doesn’t seem to be very intelligent. There are many grammar errors, and not to mention his or her lack of abstracts perceptions (such as their inability to spot this one right away).

  4. Haha. I thought the left eye was a tiki head and the right eye was a monkey face until I saw the nose. Then I saw the whole thing.

  5. Dont listen to Justin. I understood you fine.

    HIS grammar was incorrect, the little hypocrite.

    (he should’ve said GRAMMATICAL errors, and ABSTRACT perceptions)

    Great illusion by the way!

  6. Justin –

    Before you judge someones English skills and insult their intelligence , you might want to actually find out a little about the person who makes this site.

    Vurdlak learned English as a second language. Just because he can’t say things to your liking, does not mean that he is any less intelligent.

    If you don’t like what is written, don’t come to this page.

    I don’t criticize Vurdlak for anything that’s on this page. It is his page. He can post what ever he wants. Some of the stuff is actual illutions. Some of it is just really cool to look at. Either way, I appreciate all that he does so I have something nice to look at every day.

  7. Heheh, it actually look me less than a millisecond! But i don’t think badly of you for not spotting it straight away.

    Thumbs down to Justin – that was completely uncalled for.

    Thumbs up to Blogger supporting OpenID now! YAY! :D

  8. Jeeze, if you don’t like this then stop viewing it, I have the site in my google home page widget thingy and it’s cool that I see a new picture almost every day…great work, great site

  9. This is a created image from the movie Alexander. Bad movie, good special effect. These were the impassable mountains of the east. It was only on the screen for about 2 seconds.

  10. dude, please don’t reveal the illusions secret in the title… once i read i was looking for a head i found it in a few seconds… it kinda spoilt it for me?

  11. WOW! I thought I saw it at first. Looked away for a bit, then saw the REAL face when I looked back.

    BTW, Justin sounds a lot like this illusion: mountain-sized mouth but no real brains.

    This is one of the few sites I check out nearly every day. Keep up the great work.

  12. I saw it immediatly but thats me. Differant people have differant understandings. But dont take it from me im only 10 years old.

  13. I didn’t see it for the first minute. Then I read the description and took another look. 5 seconds later I saw it. Good.

    Now I can not not see it. So… Illusion or diddle?

  14. First, Justin…. please keep your nastiness to yourself. No one comes here to see nasty comments about anyone.

    Secondly, I love this illusion. It is really pretty…

    Thirdly, Sorry, I saw it pretty quickly… Maybe you just weren’t in the right state of mind when you were looking at it???

  15. I thought at first that the right eye (not of the face eye on the right) and the bottom eyelid was the face at first. You can sorta see it there… Then I saw it all. Really nicely done in my opinion

  16. There are 4 faces in there, not as distinct as the main overall, check each eye and the nostrils form the eyes of the other one!

  17. Kool illusion at 1st thought it was a wave untell i saw the title then i kept on looking at the place where the right eye is looking for a face there untell i jsut poped out at me. Good illusion keep up the good work.

    P.s. Justin is an IDIOT your grammer is better then mine and english is my 1st language

  18. Justin, just a quick question for you: How many languages do you know and in how many languages can you write without any errors. I bet you know only one.

  19. I agree with Justin. Anyone who has underdeveloped abstract recognition skills shouldn’t be trying to explain optical illusions.

    Grammarman – Something cannot be both grammatical and an error simultaneously.

  20. I could’t find anything, and then I read your post, did a quick flick at the image while reading and pow, there it was :D

  21. Oh yes, i saw what it was right away. But just because it was easy to spot doesn’t make it any less fascinating. It’s like looking at clouds. They can look like anything and you just have to look up at the right time. Just because i may have seen something up there, and the person next to me has missed it, doesn’t take away any of the marvel.

  22. Anonymous said “Yea, that was easy. I didn’t even have to go to the webpage to see it…” – that was quicker than me, but then again, my Google gadjet image doesn’t actually show the portion of the picture containing the illusion! Am I therefor excused for taking longer than 10 seconds? :)

    Great illusion – keep up the good work

  23. mkays justin (justin the jerk) ha ha, ur an alliteration jerk, you really r a butt head ( srry udes, i am feeling premature) oh well

  24. I totally, 100% agree with eastaer and grammarman. And I kinda saw the illusion after 2 seconds. But hey: it just means that Vurdlak and anyone ekse who can’t see it is unique!

  25. TO ‘AGREED’





    so there hehehehe

  26. At first I didn’t see anything at all, and so I looked at the Machu Pichu (I’m pretty sure it’s spelled like that, not so sure though but we studied it a little bit in class). After looking at the Machu Pichu, I thought maybe you would have to turn it on the side. Nope. So I read through about half the comments, thinking that someone would at least give me a hint…no help. Then i scrolled up all the way and looked at it. Then I looked at it at more of a distance and-i saw it. I guess I’m handicapped too, but I’m 11…..

    P.S. I notice a lot of the comments say something about Justin, and I think people shouldn’t comment mean things like that :P

  27. Im dumb.I can’t find it.I even looked at the Machu Pichu pic,and saw it,but didn’t see it.By the way,Justin,thats very very mean to say:Whoever writes the descriptions for these illusions doesn’t seem to be very intelligent. There are many grammar errors, and not to mention his or her lack of abstracts perceptions (such as their inability to spot this one right away).

  28. Wow you must be impaired. I looked at that picture for 2 seconds and found it. It is a pretty neat illusion though.

  29. Yeah. The first thing I saw was the face. You must be demented. Pretty cool though. Is it real? or photoshopped. Some one answer please. If you do say
    To Says Says Says Says

  30. I spotted this in the actual movie. But had to search around to confirm it. Only one thing can be said about ‘Alexander’, that it was a beautifully shot movie.

  31. Immediately! I have a huge collection of this, as I call them, “Cydonia faces”. Mostly are shots taken from rocks and mountains but there is space for clouds, smoke, explosions (9/11-hello!) and, imagine so, birds flying.
    This one seems to be fake, but that’s my opinion.

  32. yes, Vurdlak. You are disabled. But the good news is that you have recognised this, and you can now work towards a healthier life by visiting your local Mental Healthi Institute every day. (lol)

  33. Hi, another one from Paklenica, Croatia


  34. I was just watching the movie with my kids and this face jumped out at me. My kids didnt believe me until I insisted on rewinding the scene and pausing it. I just jumped on line and did a search to see if anyone else had noticed it. Question answered. So are you sayinf this is a natural optical illusion or one imposed buy the film makers?

  35. It was easy to see the face immediately and I think it was intentionally done. Maybe it was the face of the artist. Remember Alfred Hitchcock placed himself somewhere in each of his movies. You had to try and find him like you were finding “Waldo”.

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