More Stereograms – Andy’s Collection

If you managed to place Magic Trick of The Day gadget on your Google homepage successfully, like I explained yesterday, then you should see new magic trick appearing in it now. The video where Criss Angel flies over a building block is just unbelievable. You can check it out, when you finish with today’s optical illusions.

What I prepared for you this time, is a new Stereogram collection submitted by Andy Vargas. He sent them with description: “Here’s some pics I thought you might be interested in to expand your “Stereograms” section with.” First one is supposed to be imperfect. Andy made this one himself, and is used for diverging. The other ones are used for converging. The last one, called Red and Blue is for those red-blue stereoscopic glasses. I gave up on these long ago, I never see them right. The closest I came to seeing them right, was with that 3D Dino, where I had to do nothing, and managed to see that 3D Chair. Darn!

Stereogram Magic Eye Illusion

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  1. All I see in the first one is something that looks like a circle, and I can’t even do the second one because it’s too wide.

  2. Top one’s just a normal magic eye..?
    The next one down you can only get if you cross your eyes so the two sides merge. Even then i cant make out what it is. just a blob. I love the next two they are so amazing when you focus. but gives me a headache. Got no 3d glasses unfortunately!

  3. OMG! I remember seeing thes in my primary school library, but I could never wokr out how to do them.

    I try crossing my eyes so the screen becomes blury, but nothing happens!! Is it because I use a mac, or because I wear contacts?

    how is it done?

  4. -To view the first one you have to look at it while daydreaming. Just let your eyes relax.
    -To view the next three you have to cross your eyes.
    -The last one you need special glasses.
    The third and the fourth ones are my favorit because they look like you are viewing it like you’re there. Great WebSite. Thank You.

  5. When you diverge your eyes, like in the first one, look closely at it, and act as if you are focusing on an object far behind it. Pretend the picture is a window, and look right through it. When the picture starts splitting, the 3D image will appear. It works better when it looks blurry.

  6. If you are not used to viewing these, it takes some time and patience. Most people need to spend up to 5 minutes of trying to see it if they are not used to it, and then after you see the first one, the time gets much less if you have viewed recently. For the first one, two methods tend to work for people. One is to put your nose on the screen and slowly move back without changing focus of your eyes. Another is to slightly cross your eyes while blinking several times until something starts to pop in or out of the image and then gradually start to move your eyes around without changing focus and you will see a 3D image.

    As for the side by side ones, cross your eyes hard and look into the image and it will appear 3D but usually a bit fuzzy or sometimes not the whole image depending on how you crossed your eyes.

    You can do the same for the last one as well, the colors just aren’t quite right.

  7. Hey guys (and girls)! It’s me “Andy.” About the first one, I was trying to make a circle in the Magic Eye method with Adobe Photoshop CS, as some can tell it’s a “circle with some vertical lines”; the lines are where I gave up trying to make the stereogram perfect (I was way behind on my sleep, chores, homework, and decided to stop wasting my life). The second is supposed to be Saturn. The rest have no hidden meaning, image, or text and are simply supposed to be appreciated for their third dimension. Erik said that “[t]he three in the middle are all inverted!” This is not the case; I meant them to be for converging and not for diverging. Setting them up for diverging sets severe limitations on the size of the stereogram (it can’t be larger than two times the distance between the eyes), and thus my preference is to make them for converging. And for those who have no idea what’s going on or what on earth we’re all talking about, just make note of others’ posts and Magic Eye’s hint: all you need is your two eyes and some PATIENCE.

  8. Hokay, First is a circle with wierd lines running down the middle. Second looks like a circle with a rubber-band around it, and all the others are just “3D.”

  9. I always hated how people explained how to see these stereograms! “Look at it with daydreaming eyes” “Look through it! Not at it” To see the first type of stereogram you have to notice the repeating pattern on the pages. You put your face close to the image until you can see that 2 of the patterns merge together into one. So you’re looking at one of the repeats with the left eye and the repeating pattern beside it with the right eye. When they merge together as one and it focuses you’ll start to see a 3D image emerge. Slowly move away from the image with the patterns merged.

  10. the pictures that have 2 connected… look closely at the screen and cross your eyes. you are suppose to see 3 pictures then.

  11. the first is deep… it’s wild.
    But I LOVE the next three, they merge and become beautiful 3D versions of the original, you could almost step into them.
    The last I can get some depth, and a bit of cross over, but no image… oh well

  12. **********************ANSWERS******************
    3.Same thing as picture, but picture pops out at you
    4.Same thing as picture, but picture pops out at you
    5.I don`t even know, use 3D glasses

  13. 3 different types here:
    1: STEREOGRAM (blur the image by focusing a point BEHIND the monitor and relax)
    2-4: STEREOCOPIC images (focus a point BETWEEN your eyes and the monitor – cross-eye – and when you got 3 aligned pics, chose carefully the midle one and wait gently – your mind is getting used to)
    5: 3D IMAGE (I guess we need 3D gogles to see it)

  14. I honestly cant see what on earth you are talking about. Same thing with the Let Me In movie poster. Forgive me but i see nothing when i squint like that.

  15. The first one is Saturn. And with the other two, if you cross your eyes and combine them it makes it look 3D. It hurts your eyes but it’s really cool

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