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By on April 17, 2006, with 23 Comments

After posting original “Mural Illusion” we got so many emails claiming how it is fascinating, questions how it can be done, that it changed your life, blablabla… ;) So I decided to give you more of these fascinating murals, just for your pleasure. Jump inside this post to get full set of pictures.

More Amazing Mural Illusions

More Amazing Mural IllusionsMore Amazing Mural Illusions

After & Before

More Amazing Mural Illusions
More Amazing Mural Illusions
More Amazing Mural Illusions
More Amazing Mural Illusions
More Amazing Mural Illusions
More Amazing Mural Illusions
More Amazing Mural Illusions
More Amazing Mural Illusions
More Amazing Mural Illusions
More Amazing Mural Illusions


23 Responses
  1. Farted says:

    I love the beach paradise like ones… I want my room like that!

  2. Chain says:

    And I want my bathroom to look like it’s outdoors like that :)

  3. Crissy says:

    i think it’s neato how the murals can make your house look a lot bigger.

    check out the one with the lady sitting infront of all those arches. it took me a minute to figure out where the mural started. the floor looks absolutely continuous its kind of sickening how real it looks.

  4. Kris says:

    I hope you ca help me,, I want a Mural of the above checkered floor where can I get this

  5. Tyler says:


  6. some guy says:

    what if someone walked into one? that would be funny as heck.

  7. omin says:

    Some of these are amazing! I know an artist that does this sort of thing… You can see her murals here: http://www.jswiss.co.uk/products/products.asp?cat=murals

    As for walking into them, I havn’t seen that happen but I HAVE seen people try to grab things in the pics. :)

  8. Brooklynz finest says:

    the seventh one is the best

  9. Nachos Yummy says:

    Wouldnt like bathroom like that! Someone might peek when yer showering!(or seems like that)

  10. kitty says:

    is da sink painted?

  11. Anonymous says:

    I really likethe onewith the ocean around the pool.

  12. i*is*awesome says:

    ooh look u can see an outlet next to the birdie o cute lil birdie and next to the sinky oo sum1 wasnt paying attention…………..
    no kitty the sink is not painted omg i LOVE this stuff
    *GASP* omg what if the lady is painted?!!!!!!!!! haha lols j/k
    ooh la la… haha
    < .<

  13. Anonymous says:

    I saw one in a bathroom and it looks like your in a plane. when you walk in it looks like you are about to fall through the floor. it is really cool!!!

  14. Anonymous says:

    They have a mural like this in my school. And when i first got there it looked like the lunch room, and i walked into a wall and everyone laughed at me :(

  15. Melancholy_Muse says:

    This form of mural is called “Tromp L’Oeil” which is French for “trick the eye”. You’d have to find an artist you is familiar with the art of Tromp L’Oeil to pull this stuff off. Amazing work.

  16. Guyman! says:

    Oh please, I can do that arch mural! NOT…that is so realistic! I can only see the faintest line on the floor to show it ended! I might be able to do something a little over half that good, but that is just…amazing!

  17. The Techno Girl says:

    ha! thaat is cute! (but in the “outdoor” scenes, the plug outlet totally spoils it)

  18. Absolutely amazing murals

  19. Anonymous says:

    I agree with farted!

  20. kelsey says:

    There’s something mildly creepy about the ones that look like a whole extra part of the house. If I were Stephen King I’d write a story about how there’s actually a whole existence on the other side, like if you could go through, you could walk around and live there. Or maybe there’s people living in your wall painting.

  21. Anonymous says:

    These r all stupind.. its just those stupid mirror illusions.

  22. Safi says:

    You know, the floors of the painting with the lady in it look EXACTLY like mine. Not even slightly different.

  23. logstella says:

    the last one is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!

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