Mona Lisa Smile

Here’s another apropriate illusion, just in time for the Da Vinci Code movie! Previously I posted Ambigrams Illusion, so check our archive or use the search box. This one is also amazing! Look at this fliped image of Mona Lisa. There are two of them – they appear exactly the same, and nothng looks strange about them. O, how wrong you are… Jump inside this post to see what happens if you rotate the image 180 degrees. Amazing!

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  1. I noticed the flipped eyes when I first looked at it. Maybe it’s because I spent a couple of years enhancing and cropping crime scene photos.

  2. I did notice the frown on the Mona Lisa on the right upside down. I then automatically said that one is shown different even upside down.

  3. ahem.. it’s not really an illusion to me… the eyes are clearly different, and so is the smile… or lack of smile in pic 2. you can clearly see that the left side of the mouth in pic 2 is not curved down, as is the same corner in pic 1. and the shadow under the chin is smaller. so, they are as different as day from night. sorry

  4. wow! I noticed the mouth and eyes were different upside-down, but I didn’t see they were *that* different! scary :)

  5. This is like the Abe Lincoln one that’s flipped. In the upside-down picture on the right, the face still looks normal until you flip it, then it appears deformed.

  6. this illusion sucks along with all the other ones i saw on here. they arent good or amazing at all. if u think they are u must be stupid.

  7. 2 things:
    #1) mona lisa and her smile is ugly and i mean but ugly!

    and#2)it’s been said that the painting of the mona lisa smile is accually leonardo di’vinchi himself as a homosexual im women clothes. just thought i should share that peice of new info.

  8. Oh man, that’s kinda Creepy! The eyes are all flipped out of whack! Hey, has any one seen a movie called ‘Never Cry Werewolf’? It was on
    Sci Fi earlier. When I looked at this illusion, the movie just popped into my brain.

  9. This particular illusion works in certain childrens books as well. If you remember back in the day there was a series, The Berenstein Bears. If you happen to find one at a garage sale or something just turn the book upside down.

  10. I thought the illusion rocked!!! But I still don’t get how it works??? Did Leonardo Da Vinci design it that way??? Or did it just happen. I wonder so many things about great people from the past, like I wish I could meet them. Anyway, best illusion yet!!! Do you have any more like this one Vurdlak?

  11. Just dropped a heavier darker line under the eye… to put more weight on that eye no other changes…

  12. i dont get it. it’s the same pic but how do you get it to flip over cause it still doesn’t work i dont know how it could possibly work

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