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By on September 9, 2006, with 39 Comments

Dave Gee sent in one of his cool photo creations. Obviously he took inspiration from Model World by Olivio Barbieri post. Here is what David wrote: “Hi, love the website. Here is a picture I made of a church inspired by ‘Model World by Olivo Barbieri’ which you put up last month. I just got an image from the web and added blur to the foreground and background and here it is. Please feel free to post it if you think it is worthy.” If you didn’t read his explanation, would you be able to detect that it is photo of a real world, instead of little church model? Be sinceere :)

Model Church by David Gee


39 Responses
  1. Guilherme says:

    The picture is very nice, I really like toy and miniatures photography (see http://kzoc.blogspot.com/2006/08/toy-hot-rods.html fore some of my own) but the most clear hint that this is a model is the depth of field setting.

    The fact of the houses nearby being so blurred gives a clear idea of the size of the model. That wouldn’t have happened if you were in the real size scale.

    I would try again with the aperture set to a very high f/ value and probably with the aid of a tripod.


  2. largefilipino says:

    No pepole,no cars,no life. That makes me sad. :(

  3. terd ferguson says:

    yeah? how is this an illusion?

  4. Lea says:

    yippie, no humans or cars! Minnatures are a little scary, but this is a good first effort!

  5. t says:

    the image is neat but the shadow is not right. the lighting makes it look like a model, definitely not to be confused with a real photo. cool idea though.

  6. vurdlak says:

    you didn’t understand…

    it is a real church, but looks like model :)

  7. J. says:

    you guys DO know that this is NOT a model right?

  8. Arieka says:

    It’s kinda cute in the picture, but I’m sure in real life it would be huge. My whole block could probably fit in that church.

  9. Tom says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but this is a picture of an actual church that the contributer has added a few effects to make it seem as if it’s a picture of a model, yes? If that in fact is the case, it’s a convincing illusion!

  10. Niki says:

    cool! Wierd though… in a way i just can’t place… :(

  11. David Gee says:

    Yes it is acually a real aerial photo that has been blurred to look like a model. I masked the spire from blurring so it was not affected by the blur and stays sharp to the top of the image.

  12. loser says:

    cool…you kow if there was only 5 people in the world they would someday run pout of food in many years cus they cant make the food anymore. its kinda sad really
    PS so many people dide today..how many more will go?

  13. (: says:

    then make babies, not food. by the time they’re about to run out they’d have more ppl! lol

    yay i’m smart =/

  14. Anonymous says:

    that was totally random though

  15. piotr says:

    this was made by shift-lens
    those lens make that effect. (-:
    it is all the truth about it.

  16. Aurora101 says:

    k ,where is the illusion?? This is an optical illusion site, not an art site.
    I do like it though, btw.

  17. Xyph says:

    I don’t really understand how I know that its a miniature model of a church. It looks really good, and very well detailed, but for some reason the church looks like it would be smaller than my index finger..
    I wonder why that is…

    its a very very nice model though

  18. halogen says:

    Not that impressive…


  19. SciGuy013 says:

    Everyone, if you had read the description, THIS IS A MODEL!!!!!

  20. Miranda says:

    Wow some of you are so Dense…it say’s and I quote……if you didn’t read his explanation, would you be able to detect that it is photo of a real world, instead of little church model? Be sinceere :)It’s Real

  21. someone says:


  22. SoGood says:

    This is so good. “Experts” yelling it’s a model.. I recently discoverd tiltshifting. From the suspicious description (the start is so weird, nobody assures that much it being a model :D) I figured it has to be real.

    Nice picture :)

  23. Wolfman2200 says:

    Part 2 A Model Day at Epcot

  24. Andrewson30 says:

    Pretty nice, you can’t tell which is models and which isn’t, I think I maybe wrong, is it all real? Or, wow, this is hard.

  25. Rhiannon says:

    I can totally tell that it is a model, but it does look a tiny bit real.

  26. Liana says:

    It Kinda looks like a model but kinda looks real. And BTW i luv this website!

  27. Cheadle says:

    This is real! the main thing that suggests it isn’t a model… despite the description and based on the works of Olivio Barbieri, is that, how many miniature models have you seen where they included details of current renovations? “i know, i will make a model, but i want my model never to be finished”

  28. Anonymous says:

    Actually, I’m certain that this is real life. Besides the fact that IT SAYS IT IN THE DESCRIPTION, my brother (who is a photography enthusiast) recently bought a camera that blurs the foreground and background to make it look like a model.

    So, to those of you who say “its obvious that its a model” etc., I say HAHA!!!!!!

  29. cheyenne says:

    interesting, but i dont agree that this is real ife..it looks completly fake, come on guys r u really that gulible to think that MODEL is real? 11 yrs. old and already smarter then some adults and anonymous ur blind and stupid! miserible life ey? id freakin care cuz it obvious we smart people should b haha-ing to the obviously dumb person here. No wonder ur “anonymous” ur waay 2 ashamed to show ur real name cuz u kno ur stupid.

  30. Dan says:

    Come on people read the description, and click the links (Model World by Olivio Barbieri) This is a REAL aerial photograph of a REAL, full sized church that has been photoshoped to make it look like a model. It’s a cool technique. I can’t believe some people have misread the description and still think it’s a model, why would it be on this website, then? It’s an optical illusion that make you think it’s a model when it’s actually REAL

    I knew that’s what the post was about the moment I saw the picture.

  31. D: the people r all gone wat happend did sum1 bring killers nd kill them all did zombies come did they all kill themselves OMG WAT HAPPEND 2 THEM ALLL????????????? THIS IZ A DISASTER LOL

  32. kimbo says:

    i kinda knew it was a model (physik)
    but i really like it!

  33. Timkins says:

    There are now cameras, such as the Nikon D5100 that have this technique built in to the on-board effects software.

  34. Brandi says:

    The photographer is using a Tilt Shift Lens. Look it up people.

  35. Andy Monous says:

    WHY WOULD THE DESCRIPTION LIE TO YOU? I’ve read everyone of these posts and only about a half dozen people have sense. The description says that it’s a photo found on the internet and photo shopped to look like a model. He didn’t actually take the picture and there’s a possibility he doesn’t know what tilt shift, or whatever, is. So please all you ‘experts’ and that 11yr old ‘smartie pants’ Shut the F*ck UP!

  36. Karin Fiedler says:

    To all, that claim that they “know” that this must be a model or claim it can only be a model:
    The human eye/brain is so easily tricked into interpreting what it sees by what it considers most possible or plausible.
    In this case a complete fail, as the
    TILT-SHIFT-EFFECT is a photoshop-tool, that easily creates the model-effect. It can use any photo of a real urban scene and turn it into a pressumed model-landscape.
    Look here: http://tiltshiftmaker.com/

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