Mirrors Homemade Optical Illusion

Just received this funny optical illusion from a radio star, Michele Porzione ;) You may notice it’s classical smoke & mirrors magic trick, only this time no smoke! This is what Michele wrote for her illusion: “Hi. This is a pic of me. Me and my brother and my cousin moved the mirror in order to make me seem fatter than I am actually. You can see my neck is not straight. We found the optical illusion very fun. I hope you engoy it as much as I love your blog. If you need more infos please ask me.”

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  1. It was a casualness. I was ironing my dresses in an hotel because the airplane left without our luggage, and my brother and cousin started to lough. They explained me what made they laugh and we decided to increase the illusion moving the mirror and using the right body position. Keep collecting illusions in your blog: I love it.By the way radiostar is because they read 2 email wroteby me on Italy’s state radio broadcast.

  2. just like how someone can stand halfway past a mirror and lift up a leg and it looks lik they’re levitating

  3. well how can you NOT get it ..

    its obviously a skinny guy -.-
    and he is standing so that only one of the halves of his body is showing.
    but since the mirror is there, the half showing is then reflected and makes him look bigger ..
    u guys are a bit slow ..

  4. we all get it cecesaysurabum. the thing is we just dont think its an illusion. its a fat guy. and the mirror is making him look a little more slimmed if anything. he’s still fat tho

  5. I still see him as fat and don’t get it myself. If you cover the mirror part, the right side is really him.

    2nd – didn’t someone say this is “Michele” and ironing her dresses? A female, not a male.

    3rd – if this is a female, why would she be in the hotel topless ironing dresses in front of her brother and cousin anyway?

  6. I finally got it – it’s best not to read the caption – as it has buggerall to do with the image… the illusion is that it’s a fat guy being (partially) reflected in the mirror, but at such an angle that it looks more like it’s a glass door you’re looking through and not a mirror…

  7. No, this is a fat man….he is standing next to the mirror. You cant see through mirrors right? Why can you see his entire body? THAT IS THE ILLUSION

    1. Well..this lady is not fat..it’s just the mirror that made her looked fat..the reflection on the mirror is what you really see actually with the iron in hand…

  8. Folks,

    Yes, this person’s name is Michele. And yes, this person is ironing their dresses. But this is a MALE in the mirror of what i believe to be Italian nationality. Him saying dresses was just a literal translation from one language to another and doesn’t necessarily mean the same thing as we might expect.

  9. my eyes still hurts from that rotating picture illusion…just when i thought I can stand watching it long enough

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