Mirror Illusion

I haven’t figured this one yet, so don’t count on me to give you explanation. Girl in a picture holds a real mirror, and the picture wasn’t edited in photoshop – that’s the only thing I’m certain. So how can we see different picture of the PC in the mirror then? Comment here, and please explain if you know the solution – [via].

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  1. Manasonic has a new TV out that has a dual view angled LCD. If you view it from one angle,it’s one thing and from another it’s another thing…it’s made so mom and dad can watch different shows at the same time on the same tv.

  2. It is indeed a Sharp LCD display, it’s a type of hologram. I think its just positvely incredible. Don’t you rather love technology today?

  3. I think maybe it is just a picture, because you can se the same stuff in the “mirror” as you can see behind the girl. If it was a mirror you would see the opposite side of the room. Or the room is symetric.

  4. @Cortez – not a hologram – those use interference patterns, and are typically created by lasers on a reflective surface.

    What the Sharp article mentioned above calls a “parallax barrier” is, I believe, nothing more than a well-aligned lenticular screen:

    The same lenticular overlays are being employed with more than 2 angles (10 or more) to create 3D screens. Sharp has some of these as well, some already available:


    I think the claim of “no loss in image quality” is one of those things that skirts the legal boundaries of marketing. Yes, the overall LCD image is still the same quality, but as that overall image is made of 2 images put together in slices now, each image being sent left and right is of half-quality, made of only half the pixels of the screen.

    There are also kits available to turn a regular TFT screen into a 3D display, via some video software that adapts the screen output to show 2 images merged into vertical slices, but they have some tight specifics, like requiring that your monitor be of a particular dot pitch (number of actual physical pixels per inch).


  5. Parallax barrier autostereoscopy is my area of research. It’s closely related to, but distinct from lenticular display. UI Chicago’s Electronic Visualization Lab has been building autostereoscopic displays for a few years now under the name Varrier. We use image-based face tracking to locate the user and adapt the image interleaving in real time to ensure that the two images hit your two eyes and you always preceive correct 3D as you move around. We’ve got the little Varrier:


    And the big Varrier:


    Yes, the claim of “no loss in image quality” is false. A 50% loss in horizontal resolution follows from the fact that you’re interleaving two images horizontally.

    The specifics are much less tight than you might think. The line screen need not be registered precisely with the LCD display, as any mismatch in shift or pitch can be corrected in software. In general, the line screen pitch needs to be about a fourth of the resolution of the display. We just take a display and slap a piece of glass with a photoprinted line screen to the front. From there it’s all software.

  6. Now then, although it might just be some kind of special monitor that displays two pictures at once it would be possible to do this with a trick mirror and a lot of time on your hands. Two identical monitors could have been set-up on paralell countertops. The mirror would have to be a trick mirror, meaning that the reflective surface itself is held at a different angle from the frame, but in just such a way that it looks as though it is attached to the mirror. The other monitor is set facing the mirror, and someone off-screen would hold the right side (their right) of the mirror to make it look like the girl is the only person holding the mirror up.

    So either the picture was taken by some rich jerks who wanted to show off their super-expensive monitor, or they just wanted to make you think that was the case.

  7. Im just a a magician not a optical illusion guy but it looked to me that the mirror is not a mirror just wood frame around a hole in a mirror wall the girl COULD actually be standing in FRONT of the mirror wall with fake fingers hanging on the frame around the hole. 2 TVs would also need to be used.

    Im not up to date on all the cool tech stuff that is out there or even the standard optical illusion stuff. But that is my guess.

  8. I don’t know if I get to chime in twice But it looks like the frame is NOT square more like a trapazoid. to create an artificial vanishing point so the girl may not be standing at a 90 degree angl from the table as she appears… So my best guess is that my first guess was wrong… It would work but I don’t think that it is correct.

  9. Probably the special Sharp monitor, but it could be just a trick picture? Two frames taken a few seconds apart, and composited down the middle where the monitors join. Used to be a lot harder before digital, but as long as you don’t have to double-expose anything that moves (i.e. the girl), it’s doable with film, too.

  10. Okay, I just tested it with a small mirror and my monitor. It only needs a very small deviation from the 90 degree angle towards the girl to make the monitor vanish from the mirror. Then it’s possible to set up another montor with the second picture such that the mirror captures that image. You may also take a closer look at the frame of the monitor on the right which shows some blurred reflections which aren’t visible on the left side. I’m not sure if the mirror is actually trapezoidal or rectangular as I’m not sure if the non-90 degree angle would be visible in a photo.

  11. There are 2 screens. The girl is holding the mirror in an angle where the 2nd screen (which is right next to the one only shown) is showing. If that makes sence. If not u can write to me at [email protected] so i can explain more clearly…

  12. You are all odd ! The “Mirror” is not a mirror it is simply a picture of the same monitor on the table with a different programme on the screen. She then just holds it to the left of the original screen. Move the right picture directly right the two TV’s overlap. So does the Cupboard ! HELLO ! ANYBODY HOME ! Dual LCD TV ? Too much LSD more like !

  13. I can’t believe there is still discussion about this. It is the Sharp LCD screen and probably a publicity shot they did themselves. The mirror is the same mirror as on Sharp’s website: http://sharp-world.com/corporate/news/050714_2.html

    And to Michael who said “The frame has no mirror in it and a second computer is set by the other.” She had better see a doctor then, because she is missing her torso.

  14. MAYBE….it’s cos the mirror has a hole cut in it so that there’s another copmputer next to it but the rest of the room is reflected?

  15. So if we didn’t have special dual view LCD thingies, it could be done the way Jason and Ola suggested. The background in the “mirror” (let’s assume it’s a photo) is the same as the background behind the “real” monitor, just shifted left like 5 feet. The photo is actually a little smaller than life-size, to make it appear as if it’s two monitors side-by-side. I think it could be done both ways.

  16. this monitor can also be used for rear-view mirrors in cars. the driver gets the rear vision camera and the front passenger gets DVD movie or other video source

  17. i hate to burst you all’s bubble but if you look really close you will see that the lighting is different in the display in the mirror one way that you can do this trick is by using a mirror to see a mirror. your seeing a monitor in a mirror that is pointed at another mirror that’s pointed at the monitor

  18. dont be stubborn folks. read rich’s comment up above and click on his link. you will see the same exact tv and the exact mirror used in a sharp advertisement

  19. Alright, i think i got it, there is a mirror frame. The right side of the actuall mirror is being pushed back 45 degrees. If you notice the background in the mirror’s view, if not that, then it really is a reflection and theirs a computer to our right of the normal one, or, there are just way too many possibillities! But this one is mind boggling!

  20. I think that someone took a photo of the computer when it had a different screen and stck the photo on the mirror.

  21. i think theres just two TV’s & the lady is holding a wooden frame to an angle so it looks like a mirror but youre really seeing the other TV.

  22. notice how in the mirror of the screen it is 2 men in a plane? well if you look at this link that JOHn posted it is almost the same picture just fliped


    you notice the picture in the link has the same picture of the men in the plane as this “illusion”. this picture must have been used a an advertisement or something like that.

  23. the reflection that you see in the mirror is the site of something 90 degrees from the angle you the person taking the photo is standing.

  24. too easy, if you look very well the edge of the monitor is reflected also on the mirror something that can be true because the way the mirror angle. that is another monitor right beside that one with the airplane cabin.

  25. For pete’s sake…you guys are all nuts… click the bloody above links and FREAKING SEARCH IT UP ON GOOGLE OR SUM SHAT LIEK THT INSTEAD OF ARGUING ABOUT IT ON TEH WEBSITE!!!!!and it’s a real t.v to all u haters…asian domination (yes ahm korean)

    1. the mirror is angle at a certain direction and out of the picture is another computer with a different screen.

  26. im guessing, it’s an image which if you look at it from different angles its a different image. so we’re looking at it directly from one angle, and then seeing it in the mirror from another angle

  27. Yeah, I know that you can buy screens that show two different displays when viewed from different angles.

    My guess is that that is what is being shown here.

  28. I guess they’re showing a Parallax Barrier screen, which show different images depending on the angle you look at them.

    They’re used for creating 3D stereoscopic illusions without using special glasses

  29. two shots:
    1. shot 1: monitor shows image seen as a ‘reflection’.

    2. shot 2: monitor shows shot as we see it.

    3. photoshop: replace monitor image in shot #1 with monitor image in shot #2.

  30. ever seen that movie the ring (or Ringu)?
    theres one part where you see a women reflected in the mirror but no camera, while you can see that the mirror is right in front of you. Thats because the camera is realy in the corner of the room and zoomed in in a way it looks like youre in front of it. Its an effect you can only get with a camera.
    so that tv you ca see in the mirrror is a different tv/computer, because in the left of the mirror you can see a little part of the other tv just look good!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. I bet the mirror isnt square its trapezoidal, giving the illusion that its leaning toward you, when in fact it isnt.

  32. “Sharp Corporation and Sharp Laboratories of Europe, Ltd. have developed a new LCD, which can simultaneously display different information and image content in right and left views in a single unit by directionally controlling the viewing angle of the LCD. This feature makes it possible to provide information and content tailored to specific users depending on the angle at which they view the screen. Volume production of the LCD will begin in July 2005, marking the introduction of the world’s first practical application of this technology.” Sharp Press Release (July 14, 2005)

  33. you guys are thinking about it the wrong way.
    what were seeing is a second monitor, same type placed behind the first. The mirror is set back and to the right, so that it looks like its placed next to the monitor but is really further enough back not to see the first monitor, and capture the second. if you get what i mean :S. you can even see the corner of the first monitors stand in the reflection, (bottom left corner)

  34. She has a special screen that shows a different picture when holding a mirror to it. How do I know this? Well my aunt has one.

  35. i still cannot layout the details, but i am guessing along the way of polarizing filter. if i remember the physics right, a mirror would cause the photon to align in certain direction.

  36. If you think about it the reflection would be in a different place if it was the computer screen in the picture so i think that there is another screen opposite it that we can’t see.

  37. GEEZ AM I THE ONLY ONE HU EVER THINKS!……………………………………………………………………………………………….. its obviously cut and paste… if dat is a TV dey can take 1 picture of it and tak another later… that or dey take a picture of something else and paste it in

  38. If you look at the image on the real monitor you will notice a reflection on the surrounding to the top and right,but it is not in the mirror image. What you dont see in the room is another mirror angled from an opposite monitor with a different picture.

  39. okay its soo obvious that there are two different tv’s cuz she cant show a full screen in that angle also notice how the immage cuts off at the exact end so that you wont see the other tv! u smartones.. gosh

  40. You know…at near the bottom of the mirror there is a thing, and the bottom of the computer in the mirror is different from the other one. Thats all I know

  41. Its impossible. The way she is holding the mirror wouldn’t reflect that computer. There has to be another computer in the room somewhere, if it were to be a mirror. Get PWNED

  42. Perhaps there is another pc next to it and the mirror is at an angle where you can only see that on pc instead of both?? Maybe?

  43. Seems to be a showroom for technology stuff, so it must have to do with that (not for the mirror if it’s real, but for the screen – maybe double image experimentation for 3D tech or just for several people could watch different TV shows in the same TV set)

  44. Ever look in a mirro at the right angle and you see somthing thats not directly in front of it? i belive thats what is happening here . a second screen is being used

  45. this effect could be done with the effect of a 3d screen where from one angle you see one thing and from another you see something else for example like a 3d phone or a 3ds you have one image in front and one image in back but the images are being displayed through each other to give the illusion of 3d there fore my point in the explanation the mirror is just at a different angle on a 3d monitor

  46. All you have to do is look at the link that Greg posted to get the answer – it’s possible new technology.

  47. The angle that the girl is holding the mirror makes me believe that there is another computer screen and that is the image that you are seeing in the mirror.

    1. If its just a wooden frame, how come we cant see the rest of the girl’s body? I think someone just took a picturre of the screen while it showed something else, enlarged it, then stuck it in a picture frame.

  48. There a nother compuer on the side that you can not see and that is waht the mirror is reflecting

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