A Mirror Illusion or Two

We all have our favorite types of illusions. Of course, the classic optical illusions are great, but photo illusions can be fun too. Myself? I love a good mirror illusion, and I found you another dandy today!

girl mirror illusion

This mirror illusion is absolutely beautiful, I think. The photography itself has an old fashioned artistic feel to it, and the position of the mirror is perfect. It really does look like she has no body or that she’s peeking out from around a frame. These types of mirror illusions have been replicated numerous times. Some are great and some leave a little to be desired.

This next mirror illusion is a little different. Instead of making it look like the woman has no body at all, it make her appear as though she has a different body than her own.


In this mirror illusion, it looks like the woman has either a very large head or a very small body when you first look at it. Either way, she looks pretty happy about it, so she does have that going for her.

When you take a better look, though, you can easily tell that this is a mirror illusion. First of all, the background in the mirror doesn’t completely match up with the background behind the woman; there’s a fence in the mirror, but no fence behind her. Her hands and arms don’t match up in this mirror illusion either. Her hands are clearly visible on the mirror frame, but the woman’s arms in the mirror are behind her and above her head. I think this mirror illusion would have been a lot better if the arms and hands lined up! It’s still a pretty good mirror illusions, but it really does go to show you that it’s often the little details that make an awesome illusion!

If you love mirror illusions too, make sure you take a look at the ultimate mirror illusion—the Izabelin House!


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