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By on October 3, 2006, with 41 Comments

As fake as this person may look like, the truth is that it’s a real girl, coverd with paint in such way, that she resambles some cartoon character or Picasso/Miró hybrid painting. Please be careful what you write in comments, and try to consider this an art and not something shameful. For more body art pictures, visit Body Paint Category.

Miró Style Body Art


41 Responses
  1. Lea says:

    Its quite evident that the lady is a woman, not a girl. and it’s neat. i love this site.

  2. i <3 you! says:

    wooh! im the first to comment. im lovin it! jk. this is totally cool. and awsome that someone could do that. and mad props to the model b/c it takes guts to model nude, even if everything is covered

  3. me says:

    hey, i think this stuff is kool…..i mean, kinda gross with the nudity and all, but i mean, the overall effect….if i hadnt known she was real, i never would have guessed!

  4. Name says:

    i think that it is awesome that they can do it,and it looks great. also, it’s not really gross, ask most people and they will say the female form just adds to the beauty.

  5. Weasel says:

    I think this is really cool. In fact, where I live every year there is a parade with like 100 bikers that all paint themselves in different ways so it looks like their not nude, and they all go by at once. It is really interesting (and not for the nude girl part).

  6. Pandas says:

    wow. that is so good. i knew it was paint at first because of the title, but otherwise it would have taken me a moment to get it. excellent job

  7. K says:

    When I look at the bigger version of it, it looks like she’s wearing bottoms. It looks like her hip on the left (her right) indents a little the way it does when you wear underwear. I could be wrong though…just an observation. But, it is definitely some awesome art work.

  8. killer bees says:

    i would have never guessed that that was a real woman in the photo, she just like a painting

  9. chick says:

    I’ve seen things like this done before and it is pretty interesting. This one in particular was done very well. Props to the models who let people paint on their naked bodies!

  10. mrmojorising says:

    yeah, when they do this body painting normally they’re wearing painted panties.

    because…otherwise…it would be pretty obvious…

    (just look at the sports illustrated girls with the body paint)

  11. linksplease says:

    Hello? Any links to the artist? I offer a trade… My favorite body artist by a fair margin: Nelly Recchia,

  12. Ashlee says:


    1. What is she suppose to be..?
    2. LinksPlease, that site was scary, well… i kinda was goths body paint… you know what i mean, and if you want t see more just google it .. i bet you get alot of answers on that
    3. oh yea, i saw that sports isslutsrated , cuz my bro gets it, i think i was kate hudson or somethng, had a jersey painted on her, and some other people too,
    4. I mean, gues body paint is kinda cool, and if your the painter you have to be brave enough to actally paint on someone’s boobies,ass you know what i mean..?

  13. linksplease says:

    I was looking for links to the specific artist… I want to see what else he/she has to offer. As a graphic designer browsing around sites like this (one of my favorites btw) at work is not only acceptable but encouraged, However, googling body paint has a tendency to bring up imagery some could consider offensive rather than artistic.

  14. linksplease says:

    Given that my last attempt at a post seemed to fail here’ goes again…

    I was most interested in the identity of the particular artist. I want to see some more of their work. Browsing sites such as this at work is encouraged for me as a graphic designer but googling body paint brings up too much erotic imagery.

    In reply to the ‘you know what I mean’ statements… Body painting is intimate in nature but for most it’s not only about getting to paint someones boobies. it’s about exploring and expressing the human form. The illusion of clothing when in fact none exist, transforming the persona, or changing the shading/tones and altering shapes… It can be very powerful. Especially since it’s connected to our erotic and primal desires.

  15. to: LINKSPLEASE says:

    you write too much!!!

  16. linksplease says:

    You obviously didn’t actually read what was written or you would know why there are repetitive posts. You also didn’t offer any sort of contribution proving that you and your comment are completely useless.
    Surely someone [who's not a worthless forum troll] knows who the artist is…

  17. bELLA says:

    that is so amazing

  18. somodat says:

    I love the comments that tell us what we’re supposed to refer to her as, “that’s no lady… or even a girl, that’s a woman!” Come on people, this is a comment section for self expression, so start self-expressing with conformity because the thought police will correct you.

    It’s nice to read honest takes on art. Let’s all resist the temptation to use this as chance to be the smartest artist in the chat room. How does that expression go, “I’m not an art expert, but I like painted boobies when I see them.”

  19. Lady_Tramp says:

    I really apreciate that people are being more mature now!!! There used to be people that would diss body paint left and right, but i like u guys. Especially linksplease *praise praise*. Keep up the positive comments!

  20. Anonymous says:

    This is very cool, the thing that gave it away that it was a real person to me was that her hair is slightly messed up.

  21. Anonymous says:

    i really dont see how some people could consider this type of art gross or perverse, think of it as living art, all the time and skill that went into doing it is amazing, and if you do find it gross why are you lookin in this catagory anyways? what did you expect to find?

  22. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful work!
    And while I can’t speak for all artists, for myself, when I’m doing body paint and trying to get dimensional effect, I doesn’t matter what body part I’m painting/handling … its all “canvas”.
    I’m always taken by surprise when someone thinks SEXXX!

  23. Anonymous says:

    WOW this is amazing, really I mean I know how they do this in all but it’s so amazing!! :)

  24. Anonymous says:

    she is soooooo fit nd i wonder is would mind fonin me in order 2 get a hardcore f***in!

  25. @(0.0)@ says:

    @ whoever moderates these comments: how could you let someone post a comment like #24?

    On subject: I think that there is nothing wrong with this type of illusion. It is art people, grow up! I think it is very pretty. And also, it looks like she is wearing undergarments…

  26. Zeusest says:

    Lea, on 4:07 PM: You are defiantly correct! When you wrote, “It’s quite evident that the lady is a woman, not a girl.” The inappropriate use of “GIRL” just get’s under my CRAW, (wherever that is.) It upsets me to the verge of slight anger when people “in-the-know” use “GIRL” to describe a WOMAN! Come on guise! It is the 21st century! Women have the right to; drive a car, be published, vote, get out of the kitchen, be married or get a divorce, carry a gun, direct a movie, throw their hat in the air in the downtown of a city, wear a diaper when traveling x-country to kidnap another woman, run for president, not have to wear skOrts, choose NOT to be barefoot and NOT be preggers, etc. Didn’t the owner of this site go to grade school during sex-ed class? Or, was he home schooled and his mother rented the movie Kindergarten Cop where he heard the basics, “Boys have a penis, girls have a vagina!” Anyway, I hope the generation that still unconsciously holds women back to the dark ages is dying off… Oh, wait… Now, hold on, hold on a second… Organized religion is still in full swing. Never mind. Lea, GIRL, you are right solely only on physical aspect of development so saith the lord. I’m sorry for wasting everyone’s time… Fine, when I get home I’ll have my GIRLfriend go make me some feel-good food and rub my feet now… [sound of a door opening] Hi, baby! Daddy’s home from a tough day at the office! Mmm.. Thanks for the cold drink. …What, you’ve reupholstered the living room furniture! Emptied the ashtrays! You’ve gone done changed the wall color of the bathroom, and cleaned out the drain! What’s this, no, Daddy could not be happier with his little girl – [low baby talk] a… new… vacuum! – Its’ on your credit card right? My “Girls Gone Wild!”

  27. Wiccan says:

    The art is cool do you know anybody who does that. The woman is hot by the way.

  28. kim says:

    i always admire d patience o d models 4 things like dis! dey must hav 2 stay stil 4 ages! respect! looks d mutts nuts 2 x x

  29. Anonymous says:

    omg this makes me so horny

  30. Anonymous says:

    imagine the time put into the detail,and the patience, brilliant work KEEP IT UP!!!

  31. dj platnum says:

    thats sweet,i didnt notice till i looked at her hand thats by her head,lol

  32. Primadonna says:

    i wish i had the confidants to do that….amazing

  33. Anonymous says:

    omg she must have been a bitch if she actually wanted someone to paint her vagina.

  34. mike says:

    wow !!!

  35. ethan says:

    oh yea! sweet!

  36. im jesus says:


  37. Lovely Penguin says:

    I think that the human body in general is art. The female body adds a sense of beauty and peace, while the male form generally gives an intense setting. This picture is truly beautiful and there is nothing offensive about it, even to me.

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