Mighty Optical Illusions Need Your Help

Loyal fans, contributors and general public, MI (Mighty Optical Illusions) needs your help: I’m doing my best to provide you with fresh illusions every day, struggle to keep this site biggest and most quality optical illusion website on internet, spend many hours to maintain it, however, this time I need your help. As you might have heard, Google (our main source in traffic) released few of it’s new products. The one I’m talking about is called Google Gadgets.

Basically it’s system that turns your web content or application into gadget that users can add to their personalized homepage. Since I don’t have enough programming knowledge to write a simple few lines of code and make “Mighty Optical Illusions Gadget”, I’m asking one of you to help me.

My idea was to make “Mighty Optical Illusions – Optical Illusion Of The Day Gadget”, which users could subscribe to, and receive illusion of the day in their Personalized Google HomepageRead More…

…It would be something like subscribing to a feed, only difference, image of the day would appear, along with few lines describing this image. Here’s an example of simmilar widget for image of the day. For someone familiar with coding this would be piece of cake, I believe, but for me – it’s mission impossible.

So basically, I’m hoping to receive a feedback from someone with little spare time (few hours at most) and coding experience. You could then follow the proceedure steps (from link above), code this little nifty gagdet in hour or so, and submit it to Google. For more info and instructions (examples) please contact me at [email protected].

We can also arrange some prize in a way of traffic (your banner on our site for one month) or something else ;)… Now is the time to step forward, and show we are community that supports eachother. Thank you for your time to read this.


If you would like to help, but don’t have neccessary coding experience (like me!), you can still help by spreading or sharing this link to as many people you can think might be willing to help/earn prize. You are more than welocome to link to us from your website suggesting users to candidate for a prize in return to their help. Every help counts. I would appreciate it much! Be sure to post your comment/email so I can perosnally thank you! I will still continue to provide you with best optical illusions every day, I just hope someone does something nice for me this time…

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  1. it’s a great idea! but i’m not a coder, will post a link back though. good luck and let us know when its up.

  2. really its ammasing illusions pictures never thaught that i will find somethings like this but thanks 4 the group who make this nice site wich you can spend time in it and enjoy the nice images and soe miracles in life.

  3. i have this on my iGoggle page which I understand is going away some time this year. Isn’t google going to replae it with something so we can customize our desktops with gadgets like this? I know they think everyone has iPads or something, but lot’s of us are on old school pc’s at work!

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