Melting Spot Illusion

Xavier Kreiss pointed me to this interesting photograph that shows a building that is supposedly melting right now. It looks darn hot over there! Offcourse it’s just an illusion, as you expect it to be, but here are more details Xavier shared with us: “Global warming has struck Paris first! Buildings have started melting! OK, I’m kidding (and believe me it’s not hot in Paris at all at the moment)! All of these windows and balconies are totally fake. They are painted on a huge cover that hides work at the Bleecker Group building on Avenue Georges V. Something similar to this illusion.”

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25 Replies to “Melting Spot Illusion”

  1. come on! it’s just a picture of a building taken through a heat wave. you should know, like when there is a fire and above the fire vision gets distorted by the rising heat.

  2. I don’t get how this is an illusion. The person who made it just warped the building on the computer and added trees and stuff.

  3. it doesn’t say painting anywhere. where did u get painting from? so anyways i think this is cool even if it is photoshoped. :)

    postscrip: if you read the thing it says “photograph”.

    1. um it dose say painting near the end it says All of these windows and balconies are totally fake. They are painted on a huge cover that hides work at the Bleecker Group building

  4. Not gross and not a heat wave. It is as described a painted drape (drop cloth, sheet) covering the building which is most likely not nearly as interesting. Beautifully done. I have been a professional magician for 20 years and this must be way cool in person. Well it would be great if folks would actually read the description and look at the image, then make their comments. Movie and theater people use painted drapes and covers all the time.

  5. It is just a building wrapped with a painted cloth. You can even see the actual building on the top-left corner of the picture. Neat!

  6. stupid people thinking its a heat wave and photoshopped…

    look at the top of the building
    its strait and not melting at all
    its obviously painted

  7. why is it so hard to understand that the building is not photoshopped? and who the hell really thought it was a heat wave. If you refuse to believe it’s painted, then just look it up on google, which will prove your ignorance.

    any wayz, this is cool ;-)

  8. IT”S REAL. it was taken in paris, near the champs-elysees. they were renovating the building and they decided to cover it up artistically. psh, heat wave…

  9. ummm… the building can’t melt in winter. yes, it’s winter. look at the trees…

    someone got their global warming idea a bit wrong.

  10. I’ve been to Paris and seen this building…actually been trying to find a photo/info about it. For all of you who are confused, it’s an example of “trompe l’oeuil” (tricking the eye). Yes, it is a regular building with straight sides, but it is painted so that it looks wavy and floppy. It’s even weirder at night, coming out of a French bar and not having seen it before.

  11. Instead of calling it fake or photoshopped, why don’t you invest your time in learning to read English and then you might understand what it is!!!!

    It is a canvas/tarpaulin, painted with a scene, then put up to hide work being carried out on a building behind it.

    You may not like it, you may think it is not an illusion, but don’t keep on with ‘photoshop this’ or ‘photoshop that’, just because you haven’t seen something or done something. There are more weird and wonderful sights on our planet than your tiny minds could ever imagine.

    Thanks for posting this very interesting photograph, big up to the artist!

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