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By on September 9, 2009, with 29 Comments

Mega Sink Chalk Drawing

Open this image in full-size to see the creation process

In spite there was another 3d chalk drawing article posted few days ago, when I found these two shots, they really looked somehow special. The artist behind “The Sink” is a person that goes under nickname mydogsighs. He created this piece at the Southsea Skate Park in south England. Is it only me or can you smell Julian Beever influence from miles away?

“With the exception of the center crew and the black holes, this was pretty much free hand. Getting the perspective on the drop in the center was a nightmare, but worth all the hard work (well, i think so)” – My Dog Sighs.

Apart from writing more about what you can see on the photos yourselves, there isn’t much more to add – we already discussed everything in this field. More on the personal side, I’d like to mention how I heard about this twisted club called “The Box” located in NYC. Apparently its visited by native New Yorkers only, and gives a really unique burlesque experience. Hope I manage to make a reservation for it, while on my NYC trip. Any advice how can I make sure I get in some of the popular NYC clubs, without being left outside waiting?  Some tips you locals would like to share? Anyone wants to be my “reference” on this quest? Can’t wait to read your comments on this…

Mega Sink Chalk Drawing

Are these kids so small, or is it some sort of mega sink?


29 Responses
  1. Bob says:

    poorly done. i’ve seen much better

  2. Alex says:

    like u could do better

  3. irving says:

    why am i always banned?… I agree, this is not the best!

  4. Solsp says:

    Its not that bad…
    Although it need a little something.
    Besides…Bob…although you’ve probably seen better, I seriously doubt that you could do anything like that.

  5. chris says:

    its just a bowl at a skate park

  6. brittany-bella says:

    it looks nice

  7. CAM says:

    hmm… almost looks like it was done on the computer…

  8. Tim says:

    Tend to agree with bob about the actual final outcome but the prospect is freaking great. the kids would love it

  9. Suicidal 'Ling says:

    how could u say its poorly done? at least its pretty good. it has the drain, droplets and the stopper zzz

  10. bas says:

    i think it’s a great and fun idea, but, indeed, it’s a little bit missformed,
    it’s cool though

  11. Irene says:

    Really cool, but water drops don’t really look real… For a moment I thought they were metal rings…

  12. Miszou says:

    Heh, I broke my arm at that skate park about 25 years ago. Looking down into that bowl, you really don’t need an illusion to freak you out… that thing was scary when I was 12. ;)

  13. kane says:

    Ok Bob I am sure you have! “Poorly done”? Come on!

    It looks great.

  14. jones says:

    i would like to see you do better then “bob”
    you probably wouldnt be able to start something like that

  15. T says:

    i like it, and its practically local :)

  16. lisa says:

    i think it’s a great idea, but badly realized..

  17. Lady Hinata says:

    The water droplets don’t look very realistic. They need colour or something.

    But otherwise VERY good! It would be cool learning how to draw 3D chalk drawings! ^^

  18. bdd says:

    Oh, come on. This is great.

    Oh, as far as NYC clubs go, have a couple of hot chicks on your arm, and bring some cash, lots of cash, in case you get in.

  19. Friend of Detective Kitty says:

    it’s good if it’s the first time…not the best though but I’ll give the guy credit cause I wouldn’t be able to do this…

  20. Wim says:

    Here is an other nice streetpainting:


  21. Mydogsigh says:

    It’s not chalk but graffitti paint. Chalk would have been much easier but I wanted it to last longer than 20 mins.
    My first attemp at anything resembling optical illusion.

    Looking forward to see bob’s work!

  22. Delishia Harding says:

    Not bad i quess but its only 2 kids in a sink anyonne can see that…!

    (if you didn’t notes it ws 2 kids in a sink no efence)

  23. nmas says:

    i agree with u it is just awful!

  24. E says:

    if it were awful it wouldnt look real at all. come on he’s not a professional.

  25. Natasha says:

    its awful

  26. A says:


  27. halo4skyrim says:

    Neither, they just photoshopped it to look like a huge sink.

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