29 Replies to “Mega – Pump Illusion”

  1. hi!
    this is my first visit to this web site.
    nice site.
    keep it up.

    now regarding this image…
    i like to give this image a good & funny caption!

    “Beer Mixed With Viagra!!!”

  2. If you look closely behind the boy’s feet and a tiny bit above the walkway, you will indeed see a hose lying in the grass

  3. 5 cans of beer
    6 glasses of red wine
    4 cans of root beer
    3 bottles of Sprite
    Held for about an hour and fifteen minutes.

  4. AAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWRight!!!!!!!!! If you don’t have a sense of humor, you should not be pursuing whatever ” optical illusions” you might encounter on this sight. I say keep UP the good work

  5. I’ve got nothing say, except for ‘dôh’ to all those people who try to explain what the trick is. ofcourse its an hose, you didn’t need to point that out lol

  6. ok obviously that is a hose and ps that is soooo lame ( and imiature you are like a 7 year old! you mention the word pea and they burst out laughing

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