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By on May 23, 2009, with 69 Comments

Seeing optical illusion in this “new” poster for Mati Suri movie, shouldn’t be too hard. It works in the same way Premonition poster did, only there are skulls (again). If you want to know how the blog migration is going, well… I have exported all the posts, and 33,000 comments so far (22,000 more). My main concern is what will happen with new WordPress feed when I add it to Feedburner’s one. How different will the code be? I’m not sure how I’ll get it to work with my widgets. Any pro out there that could help me? Is it possible in WordPress to edit the built in feed code? So many questions, so little connections. About yesterday’s illusion, I managed to find the wolf’s head. The nose is located just next to the Indian’s right shoulder, and the eyes can be found half an inch above his head (both lef, and right). For the embedded eagles, I’m still not sure.

Mati Suri Poster Illusion


69 Responses
  1. Hi says:

    I don’t get the illusion?

  2. Shannon says:

    I see a skull.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    that’s pretty cool. I actually saw the skull before I saw the surgeons.

  4. Anonymous says:

    lol took me a while to see the suergons 0,o

  5. Franx says:

    Preety kwl illusion, I saw thr skull firt, too. What movie is this? Never heard ’bout it… anyways, cheers 2 all!

  6. lucas says:


  7. Emma says:

    ditto with Elizabeth
    THEN i saw the surgeons
    pretty cool illusion

  8. davis says:

    it’s a skull

  9. funnymonkey says:

    For me it was kinda hard to find the surgeons and I saw the skull INSTANTLY.

  10. Anonymous says:

    in the widget, i only saw the skull, and didnt even see the surgeons…

  11. BACONATOR says:

    i saw the skull first too xD

  12. CareBear says:

    Anothe skull. Goodie. They don’t like it when I put these up at work so I try to behave when I’m there. I do, however, admire the ingenuity of the people who create these. Thank you for a new one.

  13. TenshiKanya says:

    hey, it’s from my country :)
    it’s a movie from Indonesia.

  14. Shelob says:

    You have to make a skull category!!

  15. Jeremy says:

    That would be creepy as heck!!

  16. danman says:

    i saw the skull in the little windows vista widget

  17. Dianri Chairunisa says:

    It’s an Indonesian movie.

    In this movie poster,there is the skull and also the 2 surgeons and 2 nurses. Located towards the bottom of the skull (nose) there is a “pocong” (shrouded ghost).

    Mati Suri means dying for a moment…and that person will become alive again.

  18. Chris - (Click here) says:

    I also saw skull b4 doctors.. lol

  19. Anonymous says:

    what is the nose of the skull, a dead person?

  20. Anonymous says:

    Indians are from India, that was a picture of a Native American. >:(

  21. wow says:

    pretty cool i like it.

  22. Agung Cahyadi says:

    its indonesian movie.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Can you imagine having surgery and looking up and the last thing you see is that? Lol that would be so freaky!

    Ps that poster is awesome!

  24. Anonymous says:

    pretty good for Indonesian movie poster…it seems like coincidence when the designer made it..

  25. Travalgar says:

    As someone who lived in Indonesia for a long time, I can ensure you that such optical illusion with such quality is a rarity. They’re not usually that good, really. No offense.

  26. Lil says:

    This is WAY cool saw the surgons B4 the skull

  27. Owhnald says:

    There’s a “POCONG”

  28. Lucky says:

    I see a skull too

  29. neo says:

    like..like…like..! poster! (salut deh ama si empu desainnya cerdas githu loh) ,movie suck!!! boo..booo.!!!!

  30. aaa says:

    its a skull

  31. Ida says:

    Does anyone more see that the nose is like.. a dead person or something? First i only saw the skull and then the surgeons after i while but then a saw the nose too :P

  32. whyank says:

    … ada POCONG nyaa…!!!!

  33. L.E.D says:

    actually the ‘pocong’ face not skulled ;p
    but, its great posterog indonesia movie ;)

  34. sasikirana says:

    Plagiator….Tidak kreatif…u will find another movie picture like this..look at movie release date…in ezy DVD rent..

  35. Obito Uchiha says:

    Indonesia movie……btw does anyone know pocong(out of Indonesia please)

  36. Xssmoke says:

    Its a skull. I saw it the other day and didnt really get it but i saw it fist glance today

  37. DivoiD horizon says:

    wow. . . .wow this is a film Indonesia but I think this movie is not good. . .
    but I was surprised there was the illusion of the movie covers also yes. . . we called this demon pocong

  38. maria says:

    this pic is from indonesia, in the middle is a ghost called pocong n kinda scary, n the movie quite bored but the ghost quite scary…

  39. Dimy says:

    this movie was made in estonia mati suri means matthew died

  40. Dimy says:

    sorry the director of the movie is an estonian

  41. cindy says:

    at 1st i didnt see it but then i seen a skull :)

  42. robby says:

    well this movie poster from indonesian horror movie. the nose of the skull is a demon named pocong

    the pocong is one kind of indonesian culture of funeral. the dead body is wrapped by white cotton cloth and the cloth is folded and bond tightly on top of the head, waist, and ankle. This bond is used to prevent the cloth opened.

    This kind of demon is very scary, because when the demon show up. It will haunt you for almost night when you are sleep.

  43. agk13 says:

    the nose in this skull is “pocong” (dead body). in moslem if you was die you will cover with white cloth before you buried

  44. imah says:

    There is a pocong in the middle of the skull.it is indonesian common demon :_
    It is awesome for optical illution

  45. Awesome says:

    holy crap thats cool just stare at it just focusing on the light without blinking then u will see it

  46. sfgj says:

    imagine waking up from a surgery and seeing that

  47. diti says:

    As first i saw the skull XD i did not now that it was an operation room

  48. Onta Mary Celeste Emo'zy says:

    oh yes mas rizal….
    i’m scareeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  49. AMANI says:

    i alredy knew it was a skull before i saw surgeons

  50. kaikaikai says:

    so cool
    i love creative movie posters like this.
    they are even more fun to shoot and to make in photoshop :]

  51. MyTeacherThinksI'mRetarded says:

    I Don’t Get It …

  52. Nasya says:

    I think it’s supose to be a skull????

  53. pinklove101 says:

    so freaky!!!!

  54. Rawr Reese says:

    at first i was: O_o
    then i was:AAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaa………

  55. Alma says:

    I would hate being the one who needs the surgary

  56. MYA says:


  57. Matjl says:

    I saw the skull first and only when i looked closer did i notice it was actully people

  58. Zeb says:

    The girl on the right looks cute.

  59. Toni Reed says:

    Wow, that was a trippy, mind-blowing, image 2 figure out.

  60. daneycoolz says:

    actually, I just interest for the pocong…..
    who cares bout skull or surgeon…..
    and for the main point, there is rizal mantovani there…..I like it even I know the movie was soooo suck….xixixixixi

  61. Hua says:

    Arrrrrgh!!! I’m scared!!
    There’s a POCONG right between their head,
    (which has become the skull’s nose)

    Anyway, it’s from Indonesia. Mati Suri is similar to Near Death Experience.
    Someone has died but come back to life again.

  62. Hua says:

    Anyway, if you can google what pocong is if you curious about what it is.
    I’m scared.

  63. Hua says:

    Anyway, you can google ‘pocong’ if you curious about what it is.
    I’m scared.

  64. Clifton says:

    Those who are wearing masks look like a surgical team, but the guy in the middle — not wearing a mask — looks like any random negro wearing a hoodie.

  65. Zein says:

    Yup Pocong is scary i see a pocong in my house ( i From Indonesia )

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