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By on February 28, 2013, with 19 Comments

For those of you who never heard of #Manfred Stader, he is one hell of a talented chalk artist. If I remember well, he even turned his talent into a full-time profession – travelling around the world, painting streets with unique chalk drawings that appear 3D if you look at them from certain perspective. Here’s a cup of coffee he did for Costa:

Manfred Staders Cup of Coffee


19 Responses
  1. ? says:

    It looks 3-D!

  2. Not Telling says:

    that looks soooooooo cool!!!!!! i wish i could see what it looked like from another perspective

  3. z2d4th says:

    i thinks this one is not a chalk drawing, its a portable plastic drawing.

  4. Anonymous says:

    That’s scary!!!

  5. Josh says:

    I don’t think that is chalk. It doesn’t matter how good he is you would still be able to see the brick sidewalk under the drawing if it was chalk. Very talented indeed but not chalk.

  6. david Sherman says:

    This illusion looks real

  7. Phil says:

    That’s chalk?!?!?! If so then it’s amazing, I assumed it was a large photo stretched, before being printed out so could be stuck on the floor to give that perspective trick.

  8. Tom Diviney says:

    Mr. Stader’s COSTA coffee cup does not appear to be a chalk drawing. If it was, the texture in the street should show in the saucer and cup. Additionally, the cup is off center and the cup handle doesn’t look correct. Picture could use a more specific explanation.

  9. cam says:

    Nice but it would be cool if they could make it so it looks 3-D from all the way around that would be awesome!

  10. suor de sapo says:

    Wow, those paving stones look incredibly real! I like the green grass detail at upper let…

  11. Tim says:

    WOW! Chalk art with such delicate shadows, reflections and a hundred variations in whites—and somehow able to erase the uneven brick texture—WOW. I can believe Stader is that good. But my brain can’t, and it’s demanding photos from alternate angles. Really, it’s him, not me. Amazing.

  12. immy says:

    wow love em the best

  13. rozziewoo says:

    wow that’s chalk???? Guys DON’T DISS, this is just

    Raw talent!!!!!!!!!!!!! :):) xxx

  14. Toni Strang says:

    This is so
    awesome!!!! I wish I had such talent

  15. immy says:

    wow the best amzing

  16. stephanie says:

    it’s not a chalk drawing, it’s a painting that’s been placed on the ground and probably painted into the cobblestones… the frog is laid on top of the painting with chaff. go to his website if you want more details on it.

  17. Rene C says:

    Here’s the video that shows the coffee cup art being made, including seeing it from other angles.


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