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By on February 3, 2010, with 47 Comments

Magnum Light Optical IllusionHehe, probably not as misleading as those Sexy Feet, Paper Breast or The Lamp Optical Illusion were, but still what we have here is one awesome poster created  by Miko for their popular ice cream brand Magnum.

Be honest, what’s the first thing you see when you observe the picture on your right? Is it something sexy by any chance?

If you like this kind of illusions, be sure to check the tags I added at the bottom of this post. There are much more similar ones included! Oh, and don’t worry – I was careful enough to make them safe for all ages! I remind you of my policy, that there is no explicit material on this site, and there will never be anything I consider unsafe.

Still, you should be aware that us Europeans are a little more liberal when it comes to drawing a line between explicit and safe content, though ;)


47 Responses
  1. peinN2070 says:

    jajajaja sup´errr!!!

  2. Eoin Davey says:

    second post ahhhh. cool picture. lol

  3. Heyyy~~ says:

    Thats so weird 3rd

  4. amanda says:

    I don’t get what this is and what it is supposed to look like. hahahhahahah

  5. Michel Carlini says:

    Here in Brazil, it’s not Miko, the name of the company is Kibon, but the ice cream is the same Magnum…
    Never saw this picture though…

  6. popcorn says:

    haha saw it straight away lol 4th?

  7. Care Bear says:

    Makes me hungry for–er–ah–ice cream. Yummy.

  8. Trixie says:

    I had to look very hard to *not* see the “something sexy”. Was driving me nuts until I finally got it. Well done, love this site!

  9. Julie says:

    i love it. so cute :)

  10. lydia says:

    uwahhh!! I dont get it!!

  11. I thought these were woman’s legs when I first saw this

  12. Beautiful picture of a pair of legs!

  13. Maybe I’m just super-pure, but I had to look closely for five minutes before I could see anything other than two Magnums.

  14. Stefani Katz says:

    for some reason i thought a Baboon sticking it booty out…

  15. jojo says:

    Ahhhhnnn???…am i the only one that isnt seeing anything wrong on it??…oh god please help me out…i feel weird now…;)

  16. Richard says:

    Vurdlak, how do I send you illusion pics? This illusion is cool.

  17. Richard says:

    Luv the illusion. How do I send you illusion pics?

  18. Enlay says:

    The first things are girl’s legs ._. …a really thin girl…

  19. Luka says:

    lol funny…ow and seriously do ya REALLY need to put first 2nd 3rd post?? its so patetic

  20. kim says:

    that’s cool…
    I do think it’s an ice cream.. not a sexy pic lol

  21. soldaut says:

    wow! in italy “miko” is named “algida”, that means very cool…

  22. Josh says:

    It took me some time to actually see the “sexy” image…

  23. NeeL says:

    I had to look three times for I could see the ass.

    Further, I don’t get it. Why would someone post the number of his post? And what makes you think it’s right? All these comments have to be approved before they get posted.
    Or is it the thrill of being right? I don’t get it.

  24. not as good as the others mentioned on d list….

  25. What don’t you get Neel?

  26. cody says:

    this doesn’t relate to this but i just think this is a really good illusion

  27. pengu says:

    it looks like Ice cream! YUM!!!

  28. jojo says:

    Annnnn????…i still dont get it..please someone give a clue cause i see absolutly anything???!!!..i dont even know how this pic was chosed to be on top site….really, it isnt obvious as you can tell ( i dont f+n knows waht iam supposed to see)…and iam probably one of the best persons lookin at ilusions…i see them straigh way..but wtf???….cant see wahts going on here????!!!…pair of legs??…an as+???…you guys insane??…cant f+n see anything…any help would be apreciated.

  29. Noelle says:

    I love this site. It makes you think outside the box. In Australia the brand is “Streets”.

  30. Wolfman2200 says:

    Ok, I think you’re really walking away from the “Family Content” here.

  31. ben says:

    its actually a womens bum!!!!!!!!!

  32. Bob Vernon says:

    Is this Magnum ad also meant to be an optical illusion?


    Are we meant to want to lick Liz Hurley’s dress off her?

    BTW, and for the record, Magnums are a British confectionery invention. The original company, Walls Ice Cream, however was taken over by the international group Unilever.

  33. brigzy says:

    its a mag-bum !

  34. brigzy says:

    Grace Jones ?

  35. Chinny says:

    It does look like Grace Jones

  36. coolkid mcawesome says:

    in my country i was born its walls in aussie its streets

  37. Daniela says:

    it lo0ks like an african-american women’s buttoX!!!

  38. Alice says:

    IT’S A BUTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Why would you see the poster, and then buy the ice cream?? Who wants to think about butts, while thinking of a butt?! I think it’s wrong!

  39. Alice says:

    Who wants to think about while EATING ice cream!!

  40. Kate Hatheway says:

    very humorous funny
    Ilove optical illusions

  41. Ryanna says:

    the first thing i saw was a butt

  42. TeeHee says:

    a butt

  43. cyril123 says:

    thats not a butt!! its an ice cream look its Selecta

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