Magic Moving Pictures Animated Illusion

We haven’t seen a good video illusion in a while. I noticed that bunch of you emailed me this YouTube video of some magic moving pictures. I didn’t have time to look at it until today. I must say it really is astonishing. The video shows you a continuous motion of chosen objects found in this funny booklet. It works in quite simple way, and I’m more than sure you’ll have no problem figuring this out. I also noticed some of you think I really am in prison, as my brother wrote on Magic Tricks website. As I already stated, this was all a gag done by him, and unfortunately for you, you can’t get rid of me so easily. New illusions are coming steady each day, and magic tricks are daily updated by my brother on this sister website. Enjoy this video below, and stay tuned for more soon!

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  1. I have a thing at that at my house. It hangs from the ceiling. It’s a cat. Awesome illusion! Love the sight!

  2. whoa rebecca…….you have a cat hanging from your ceiling?? that’s kinda creepy…….sweet illusion though.

  3. It’s a moire (MORE ey) pattern. The lines block certain parts so that you can only see part of it. As the guy moves it, the lines move, so you can see different frames.

  4. This isnt working for me at the moment. Maybe because its being filtered or something so I’ll try it at home later. But is anyone else worried about rebeccas message! Hanging cats from ceilings is not cool!

  5. THAT IS AWSOME!!!!!how did someone think of that???GEINOUS MUCH???whatever i just wana know where the hand dude got that book. when i first saw it my mouth wided and eyes were stuck to the screen….

  6. WOW…It’s available in Amazon! It’s called Magic Moving Images -animated optical illusions- $10.40
    ISBN: 1899618740

  7. Very cool, want to try it out for myself. ‘Magic Moving Images’ is by Colin Ord and the ISBN for the book is 9781899618743. The RRP is £3.99

  8. If you search on you can find it. Just search for Mighty Optical Illusions by Colin Ord

    That is all.


  9. It is NOT a moiré pattern. A moiré pattern, btw, is a much more intriguing illusion because the pattern you see is not actually there, but is caused by the interference of other patterns. Moiré patterns are commonly seen when you look through layered sheer curtains. Though the weave is rectangular, you see swoops and curves in the areas where they occlude each other.

    The illusion at hand is a “picket fence”. It simply blocks the portions of the image you don’t want the viewer to think about. Say you want to display three frames. You take stripes from three different pictures and alternate them. The “picket fence” has opaque lines 2 stripes wide. Only pieces of one picture can be displayed at a time, and your mind fills in what’s behind the blocked sections. As it turns out, your mind doesn’t need an awful lot of info to construct an image.

  10. I agree. It isn’t a moire.
    Look for the book on Amazon. I noticed it went to #3 on Amazon Japan bestseller list yesterday! Amazing!


  11. That is SOOO COOL! I want a book like that!!! BTW, I think the thing Rebecca is talking about is not a real cat.

  12. Cool. That the best optical illusion I’ve seen in a long while. Yeehaa, only 6 days to go until it’s available in the US.

  13. that waz awsome i thought it waz going to be boring but it waz as if it came out of the book thats some cool stuff that u dont see everydy u know what i mean!!!!!!!!!!

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