Magic Chair Optical Illusion

See the face that bumps out of this chair’s cushin? I see it too, but it isn’t acctually bumping out. The magic behind this illusion is in the way the cushin is painted, including painted shadow of the face. It gives you impression it’s some scary movie’s digital effect where the face is moaning and trying to escape from under the surface, where it’s beeing trapped. Nice. If Luj XVI had this in his castle, he must’ve had nightmares!

22 Replies to “Magic Chair Optical Illusion”

  1. lol thats good, a good way to tell for sure if something is popping out would be if a part of the feature overlappes the outside of the chair, in this picture it doesn’t.great illusion! -([]::)

    1. I don’t want to sound super mean, but “cushin” is spelled cushion, “acctually” is spelled actually, and “beeing” is spelled being. Just a few tips for future reference.

  2. ha ha that is funny but i see a whole person, like the arms are the arms and he is bending his legs…well its not very good. the whole person i mean – the illusion is real cool

  3. I want to buy that chair So i can scare someone! Reply If Thats What u would like to Do with This chair……
    Poor chair. ^-^

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