29 Replies to “Mad Hatter Strikes Back”

  1. wow, now that’s just false. i used a ruler and on my particular moniter the hat is 4.5 cm accross and 6 cm tall.

    not an illusion, only a fraud.

  2. I would like to disagree with your wording the cylinder of the hat is not as wide as it is tall. the brim of the hat on the other hand is

  3. vurdlak: When you measure how tall a person is, do you stop at the shoulders? I’m with mrmojorisingi, this is just false.

  4. Witchcraft. Got to be. No other explanation. Simple as that. Your a brave website to be messing with the occult. occult, yakult… GEEPERS CREEPERS! They’re infultrating our supermarkets! Head for the hills ladies and gentlemen!

  5. some people are getting confused because vurdlack DIDN’T say the word “brim”. other peolpe have said this. it ONLY works counting the brim, as others said.
    vurdlack accidentally skipped saying “the [brim] of the hat is as wide as [the cylinder] is tall”
    He said ‘cylinder’ where I have ‘brim’ and ‘it’ where i have ‘the cylinder’.
    Nobody MEASURED WRONG, just were misunderstanding the error and/or measuring it the wrong way.
    no hard feelings vurdlack!

    Myself, I love this one every time.

  6. HIS COLLAR IS ALSO YELLOW if you look at it from the side, teven though it looks white…i just noticed that coincidentially.

  7. How Sad! You actually MEASURED?!!?!?!?! Jeez, guys! Can’t you just look at it, grunt in agreement and move on! Again, How very, very sad….

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