Mac Dashboards: User Submitted Screenshots

Let’s go a little off-topic… Few days ago, I asked you to submit your Macintosh dashboard screen shots. The only rule was to show your full dashboard with all your widgets visible, along with optical illusion of the day widget. Here are the submissions I received till today. It’s really fun to see what people usually have on their desktops, and can also give you ideas what other cool widgets exist out there. You can share your opinions, comment certain screen-shots, and post your comments below this post. It would also be interesting to hear which picture you like the best! Whose desktop is most fun, and whose is most tech advanced… If you also want to participate, and want your dashboard to to be included in this list, be sure to submit your screen-shot with illusion widget via email. Soon, I’ll make a similar post including Google homepage shots you submitted previously. You can also send yours, if you want to be included… Let’s go on with the list:
Update 11/4/06: 10 New Dashboards added!

Roman Kotecký: “I’ve got lots of useless
stuff on my dashboard, that’s why I like it
so much.”

Randy Smith: “A desktop shot of the dashboard
widget. A bit more functional than pretty.”

Marcus Inacio: “Here’s my Dashboard!”

Håvard Krøvel-Velle

Lee Nixon

John D. Crowley: “You have a great
site. Here is my dashboard page.”

Alf Williams: “Love your website,
keep up the good work”

Raphael Rossellini

Chriss Horgan: “I was on vacation and missed
your first announcement. Here are some of my
favorite widgets”

Caprice Castano: “Lets see if you can find my name…”

Regina Eberle: “I love your homepage!”

Adi T.: “…dashboard w/the illusion of the day widget on it”


Caitlin Parks: “I hope it’s what you’re looking for!”

Thomas Mallinson

Rhett Lee: “Here you go!”

Labaleineblanche: “Here it is! ;)”

Giles Crabtree

Patrick Bradbury

42 Replies to “Mac Dashboards: User Submitted Screenshots”

  1. Wow… people actually use the Dashboard? Seriously, mine is ridiculously sparse in comparison. And I don’t bother with the illusions widget, for just that reason. It’s unlikely that I’ll use the dashboard on a daily basis.

  2. allow me to explain, pandas, if you have heard of google gadgets that can be placed on the desktop, which are basically small applications, or something like that. gadgets are not new. they were taken from the apple widget, which shows up on your Dashboard. the dashboard covers the screen (like an application) in dashboard you can put a few widgets. the amazing thing is that there are thousands of widgets to choose from.

  3. I LOVE the 1st 2nd and 4th ones best, they are all so cool though i have a windows pc though so i cant do those things, i have a my link on my google page!!

  4. yay another whoppee cushion widget user out there!

    My dashboard is way messier than any of those. I have a 20 inch screen but think I need to go for a 30 inch because I’m forever running out of room.

    I can’t avoid using my dashboard. I’m always hitting that scroll ball on my mouse and opening up dashboard accidentally lol

  5. My PC desktop looks better than any of those messy cluttered abominations. Plus it’s more powerful (C2D @3.1) and totally upgradeable. Free ubuntu>OSX

  6. wow, these people must have a lo-o-o-o-o-o-t of time on their hands to actually use so many widgets! (personally, I think email, news, solitare and a ‘fun’ widget like the illusion of the day is more than enough!)

  7. There’s a cool widget called MultiDash 3.0 which allows you to have many dashboards and switch between them. This is for all of you dying to get more widgets but don’t have enough space.

  8. Widgets offer a sense of personalty you can tell exactly what a person is like, what there hobbies are and what age they are by their dashbord. awesome

  9. no, dont use multidash…it screws it up and makes you lose it! it’s better to just add and remove whenever you want….the little plus sign on the bottom left….

  10. I’m surprised at how many people feel the need to know the weather in more than one place.
    Then again, I have three clocks on my dashboard so I know when to call people.

  11. dude i have a ton more widgets than that i have like 80 but not all of them are on my dashboard right now
    oh and hey aerosquid your pc sucks macs are way cooler because they came up with the widgets idea in the first place
    my mac has 250 gb a 20 in screen thats probably only four inches wide thats the entirety of my computer. it doesnt need a to be connected to anything because it is so cool
    its no only a ton less bulky its got way cooler gear not to mention its kick ass design plus my ram is upgradeable as well not only are my entire software upgradeable i could totally start using windows on the same computer! but i have no idea why any one would want to…
    i love my mac. it has some pretty sweet programs already before i have gotten it totally out of the box. and the apple store so rocks.
    for those who use apple, i salute you

  12. For those who think the dashboard overclutters the desktop, it (the dashboard) runs in another layer ‘over the usual desktop’, and it only becomes visible when you want it to. I personally enjoy the rollover the corner option, which makes the dashboard appear when you roll over the mouse pointer over a corner of the desktop. Simple, quick and fun.
    For years I used windows and linux desktops, but Mac dektops just BLOW MY MIND!!!
    and by the way, WIDGETS ROCK!!!

    Illusion of the day: Keep up the good entertainment!!!


  13. Hey, AeroSquid, who ever you are, you’re an idiot!!! Windows has stolen a lots of ideas from apple, like spotlight and other, and who do you think came up with the idea of having windows on your computer??? (I don’t mean the os, I mean the thing that appers when you click some icon or anything…).
    I’d like to excuse the mistake that I made, I sent the screenshot that’s the top of this page, and there’s that it has been sent by Roman Kotedcký. It’s not true, Roman is my father, I’m using his old PowerBook G4 Titanium (I totally love it) and I use entourage (that is a microsoft application) to send emails. But whatever I do or change in preferences and so, somehow there’s still that the user is my dad. That is a good example that microsoft is useless junk for those who like puzzels.
    And please excuse my bad english, I’m Czech (I don’t even hope anyone of you knows where Czech Republic is…)

  14. Oh, yeah, and your PC’s not faster than Macs, Even the slowest MacPro is faster. It’s got the Xeon chip, which is more advanced than the Core 2 Duo, and there’s two of them, which means total of 4GHz. Not Counting that Macs have different, better and faster architecture…

  15. their is a guy near me that says on pcs power points and movies look better. he also its easyer to make movies and power points on a pc too. he has not heard of keynote of imovie and that stuff. :) btw who uses the go go redball widget

  16. morrons 8B* my mac is the coolest in the universe* 8D –lol !!get a life!!
    *YAY, widgets, how funny!!iupii*

  17. I got so many great games and applications that won’t work on a mac so I can’t bother switching from my pc even if I wanted to. Besides, Windows XP hasn’t caused me any problems plus there’s a program that I installed in which has disable every possible way for any virus to activate on my computer which means “it” doesn’t need to run in the background. Then again… my friends are programmers for windows who came up with a sorts of great apps and impressive games that didn’t take long for them to put together.

  18. i’ve never been on a Mac in my life so i have no idea wat’s going on.
    and how do people actually think they(dashboards) look good like that?
    (and wat’s the point of the ‘word verification’ when you post a comment?)

  19. If you like Mac’s better, that’s fine, but don’t bash pc’s or people with pc’s. I have a PC since I learned on a pc and would have no idea what to do on a Mac….I like PC’s…so what…I don’t think you can compare Mac’s and PCs because they are better for different things…cool dashboards by the way.

  20. DashBoard sucks so much!
    its cluttered,ugly,wont let you use them with out fullscreening the dash!
    if you have a pc then for xp, google sidebar. vista, then you HAVE a sidebar!
    (for both yahoo widgets is best)
    those dashboards ARE cool but… not as cool as my setup!(vista sidebar and yahoo widgets)

  21. to the czech kid, czech republic is right below germany in the center of europe… its not some third world country we go to school in america too you know

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